Beyond Six Figures Review

Beyond Six Figures Justin Woll Review

Beyond Six Figures Review (Justin Woll Course)

As you may know, dropshipping is relatively low cost business to get into and because of that there are a lot of courses out there offering training.

But, there are also a lot of crappy courses out there which promise alot but, deliver a lot of crappy results.

So, I understand why you’d look up a review on the course Beyond Six Figures by Justin Woll and today I will be going over if this course is worth it or not!

What is Beyond Six Figures?

Beyond Six Figures E-Commerce Profit University (which is the complete name) is Justin Woll’s course designed to show his students how to build and promote an e-commerce business from zero. It is divided into dozens of videos separated into different modules, which contain all the steps necessary to create your online store.

As the name suggests, Justin affirms that only by following his instructions, you can begin generating profits “beyond six figures.” From the moment you start the course, Justin teaches you crucial knowledge, like how to differentiate “old school” product pages from new product pages. Justin also remarks on why branding matters and why the “free plus shipping” method is now obsolete.

As you continue learning, the sections become longer and withhold more material. Justin shows how to set up and advertise your store, and which are the best products to sell according to your brand.

Make sure to check out the pricing on the official website since sometimes prices tend to change!

Make sure you read the entire review to make an informed decision if Beyond Six Figures by Justin Woll is right for you or not!

Who is Beyond Six Figures for?

This online course is straightforward, so it works for all levels. Generally, people who are new to e-commerce can feel a bit overwhelmed when dwelling into these courses; however, Beyond Six Figures starts out by helping you with the basics of building an online store, and then moves onto more complicated information, like business productivity and making your workflow a lot easier. That means that students can go at their own pace and take notes of every lesson.

Who is Justin Woll, The Founder of Beyond Six Figures?

Beyond Six Figures Author Justin Woll

Two Comma Club Members are a prestigious bunch. One, it’s not easy to make a million dollars in your funnel. And, two, making your second million is EVEN harder, making Justin Woll part of the elite of the elite business coaches in the industry.

Coming from a hard-working middle-class family, his family went through tragic times – losing all their assets. Having no home to live in, Justin moves in with his grandparents to
survive. Justin Woll’s is actually an impressive young entrepreneur. He studied business at Rutgers University, and since he started in the eCommerce branch, he has made a small fortune.

By earning around $200K within his first year with online sales, he received a spot on Entrepreneur magazine’s Top Entrepreneurs of 2018.

What is Included in Beyond Six Figures?

So there’s like two parts of this: first is the eCommerce University course and then there is the other section which is the 6-month Mastermind Coaching Program (You can’t get this anymore but, you can get the eCommerce University course.)

STEP 1: Store Creation

Beyond Six Figures University Step 1

This is where he welcomes to you the program. One thing to keep in mind is that each chapter has an introduction and sort of a general video to it which clarifies things and then there is the core training side to it which is a much longer video diving deep into the concepts, actually going behind the computer and showing things.

STEP 2: Product Research

Beyond Six Figures University Step Two

This essentially goes over product research. There’s video Q & A you can check out as well.

STEP 3: Video Creation

Beyond Six Figures University Step 3

Video creation shows you how to create video ads.


Beyond Six Figures University Step 4

They go over their Algorithmic Targeting Method. This is something they added more recently than the entire course so, Justin is actaully improving and updating the course as time goes on because a lot of other gurus just create a course and never update it.

STEP 5: One Click Upsell

Again the standard format of introduction and core training and there is the core training which goes over One Clickupsells and such.


Beyond Six Figures University Step Six

In this module you learn the process of launching a traditional Ad Campaign. Again guys, I am just summorizing these VERY briefly because again if you take a look this single video is 18 minutes and 47 seconds long so, there is a lot of things they cover in the course.


Beyond Six Figures University Step 7

In this module you learn about how to identify if the product is a winner or not, they go over Key performance indicators and branding.


Beyond Six Figures University Step 8

In this module you learn about how scaling to 7 figures works. They have 2 methods which is the slow cook one and the other one which is aggressive.

Now, you might be wondering, that’s it? That’s all I get? Nope, this isn’t even the Majority of the course…

eCommerce Essentials

So, you’d expect like 3 or 4 videos max in the last chapter right? I mean the other steps/modules had 2-3 videos. But, nope you get a TON of information in the last module alone. I mean take a look at this, It didn’t even fit the screen so, I had to reduce the browser page size so, it could all fit in one screenshot: (This is the majority of the course.)

Beyond Six Figures University eCommerce Essentials

The picture is sorta blurry because I had to zoom A LOT from the page size so, that it would all fit in one screenshot. But, essentially there is:


What to expect, every good course needs this. Consider it your manual.

eCom Philosophy:

  • Testing Is key
  • Who What Why
  • Detach From Products
  • Read Your Audience
  • Hustle Hard

Essentially this covers everything on branding and how powerful it can be to create it to take your business much higher.

Dropshipping 1×1:

  • Store Creation
  • Video Creation
  • Shipping Times
  • Think Like Consumers
  • Scaling & Building a Team
  • Tracking Business Bank Account
  • Daily expenses, Supplier Relations
  • Foundations Of Traffic

In this he goes over creating your store, handling shipping times, building teams, how to track business bank account (what other course goes over this?!?), daily expenses, supplier relations and foundations of traffic.

Facebook Basics:

  • Placement Setup
  • Budget & Schedule Setup #1
  • Budget & Schedule Setup #2

In here he goes over facebook basics. Nothing crazy here however, the next ones have a TON of info.

Facebook Intermediate:

Automatic Bidding:

  • General
  • Seasoning Your Pixel

Manual Bidding:

  • General
  • Lookalike Audiences
  • Custom Ads & Retargeting
  • Organic Facebook Posts Win
  • Bundle Marketing
  • Rapid Testing Method
  • Edit or Duplicate profitable Ads

This is the intermediate section, I love how he has split it into 3 sections where it’s beginners, intermediate and then advanced so that it’s easier to learn. Again, the course is well thought. So, here he goes over automatic bidding, seasoning your pixel, manual bidding, creating lookalike audiences, retargetting, and a bunch more.

Facebook Advanced:

  • Big & Budget Set up
  • High risk High Reward Bids
  • Watch This Before Manual Bidding
  • Launching & Editting Ads
  • Dealing With Ad Inconsistency #1
  • Dealing With Ad Inconsistency #2
  • Dealing With Ad Inconsistency #3
  • Dealing With Ad Inconsistency #4
  • Dealing With Ad Inconsistency #5

Here you will learn a ton of detailed information like THERE ARE 5 different videos JUST On dealing with ad inconsistencies!! If you have ever ran an ad you know most of the times they never perform consistantly and I am so glad he mentioned this.

Email Marketing:

  • Klaviyo Set Up
  • Abandoned Cart Flow
  • Post Purchase Upsell Flow
  • Welcome Series Flow
  • Browse Abandonment Flow
  • Email Broadcasts
  • 4 Day Email Cash Machine

You will learn everything about how to setup email marketing for your store. They go over everything like Abandoned Cart flow, post purchase upsell flow, welcome series and much more.

BSF Strategy File

This is an 11 Page Ebook going over micro budgetting scaling system. He goes over a lot of different advanced methods:

Average CPP Method, ROAS Correllation Method, Triple Threat Method, 6 Month Lifetime Budget Method and more.

Here is a small snippet of the ebook. (11 PAGES LONG):

“If your budget is less than X, stick with auto-bids for now. – Realize most MBs will only spend
around 20-40% of the budget, unless the product is creating heavy momentum within the pixel, and
the ROAS remains high as spend pushes full. (ALWAYS try and monitor your MBs).”

Student Interview

This the student interview section where the students actually are in a conference call with Justin and they ask questions to the students about their business and how they succeed and what strategies helped out the most. A MUST watch for this section which has 2 videos.

Personal Experience With Beyond Six Figures

Honestly, at first I thought the course won’t be good as a lot of courses are crap nowadays and I am not a fan of the sales page because it doesn’t show how much information your getting. Honestly, if you get the course you will see that there’s a TON of information.

Keep in mind this is not crappy 2 minute videos with very little content which you can find for free but, it has long and high quality information. It has a TON of testimonials which is a good thing about the course because when purchasing a course you want to know that it has everything you need because I understand spending 1000$ can be quite scary. But, Justin Woll actually provides great information.

There are very few good courses out there but, even the ones which are good they don’t really teach as well as in this course. For example, one of the things I love which the course has is how Justin has these homework sections to really drill in what the video lesson talked about.

Just take a look at how many videos there are going over Facebook ads. Over 20+ videos just covering facebook. Then on TOP of that their is the 11 page ebook that you get.

Beyond Six Figures Scam?

Nope, Beyond Six Figures is not a scam, it has helped a lot of other students succeed in dropshipping.

Is there a Discount Code?

There is no discount/coupon for Justin Woll’s Beyond Six Figures course.

There are other sites claiming they either have Beyond Six Figures Coupon or Beyond Six Figures Discount but, this is definitely not true. Also, Beyond Six Figures Nulled or Beyond Six Figures Free is not a thing.

Facebook Group

Now, you get access to a private members only facebook group where you will be able to get your questions answered by not only Justin but, other students who had great success!

Beyond Six Figures Final Verdict

So your probably wondering… Is Beyond Six Figures worth it? Should you consider buying it?

To keep it brief, it depends.

Now, if your willing to put work? Are yougoing to actually go over the  course?

If you answered yes, then it is definitely worth it because you can see from the testimonials that he just doesn’t go out there to preach their own success as many of these dropshipping gurus do but, Justin actually shows and focuses on student results from the course which is very important. I honestly, don’t know any course which has THIS many testimonials.

See the funny thing about the course is that a lot of sales pages actually promise you more than they actually have but, personally I think that Justin doesn’t do good job showcasing how much great information is in there. Not only that if you take a look at the course, the way structured it is, they really put thought into how to teach properly like putting in homework after each lesson. So, it’s not just a ton of videos thrown together but, it’s actually well thought out course.

The whole point of buying a course is so that you not only save time but, you also save money. Keep in mind that if you don’t know you what your doing and you end up doing paid ads YOU WILL end up losing a lot of money so, that’s the main reason why I recommend getting any course.

But, REMEMBER guys, this is a course. You are buying INFORMATION and not a lifestyle so, it’s important to take action and not just

If your not willing to put in the work this is NOT for you. Please don’t buy thinking you won’t need to do anything and you will just start printing money.

Check out Beyond Six Figures for yourself! It has a money back guarentee, so try it risk free!

My Exclusive Beyond Six Figures Bonus

Here is how it works, I am offering bonuses for anyone who decides to purchase Beyond Six Figures through my link here!
All the bonuses I offer are all extremely high quality and none of them are nulled or pirated.

Youtube Ads Excellence (Value 497$)

Snag Success Bonus Youtube Ads ExcellenceYoutube Ads Excellence is a program which comes an in the ebook where they cover all the youtube basics, linking your adwords account, setting up your video campaign, advanced techniques, youtube remarketing, creating stunning youtube ads, creating videos without a camera, and much more!

Split Testing Profits (Value 19$)

Snag Success Bonus Split Testing Profits

Split Testing Profits is a small ebook which teaches you about split testing. Split testing is a very important skill to learn especially if your internet marketer since, you can gather data from your split tests into improving your landing page and thus earning you more money!

WP Backlink Checker (Value 79$)

Snag Success Bonus WP Backlink Checker Plugin

WP Backlink Checker is a WordPress plugin which helps you check your backlinks automatically. You can monitor your backlinks automatically, monitor your backlinks with anchor texts and receive email notifications for changed or removed backlinks and set reminders to renew your paid backlinks!

Twitter Marketing (Value 197$)

Snag Success Bonus Twitter Marketing

Twitter Marketing is an ebook which teaches you all about marketing on Twitter. It covers why you get an advantage when using twitter marketing, learn how you can create effective brand awareness, and techniques and tactics you can use for twitter marketing!

The Expert Guide to PPC Marketing (Value 295$)

Snag Success Bonus Expert Guide to PPC Marketing

The expert guide to PPC marketing is an ebook which teachs you about pay per click marketing. It goes in depth with how you can create a profitable PPC campaign management, PPC Bid Management, PPC affiliate programs and much more!

Solo Ad Mastery (Value 249$)

Snag Success Bonus Solo Ad Mastery

Solo Ad mastery is a video course which teaches you about solo ads. It contains various chapters on Arcamax, Newsmax, Internet Markets, Demc which are all solo ad providers. It also contains a lot more information to help you master solo ads!

Social Media Authority (Value 497$)

Snag Success Bonus Social Media Authority

Social Media Authority is a program which has both an ebook and videos which include how you can build your social media authority. It goes over building your social media profiles, getting followers and boosting engagement, maintaining your social media profiles, social media automation with scheduling and how to leverage twitter, linkedin, google+, youtube, instagram and pinterest.

Snapchat Marketing (Value 297$)

Snag Success Bonus Snap Chat Marketing

Snapchat marketing is an ebook which teaches you about Snapchat marketing. It teaches you on things like why pick Snapchat, what exactly is Snapchat, basics, advanced features, how to get your initial following, building fans through stories, how to use live events to get followers, running contests & promotions on Snapchat, integrating Snapchat with your site & Social Media and MUCH more!

Six Figure E-commerce (Value 497$)

Snag Success Bonus Six Figure Ecommerce

Six-figure ECommerce is a video course which teachs you all about ecommerce. It dives deeper into the formula to succeeding with your own online ecommerce store, picking your niche (Three Different Methods for Picking the Right Niche), sourcing your products, how to choose the best units, dropshipping or Amazon, the importance of creating a brand and how to create a brand, how to drive traffic to your own website or leveraging amazon traffic.

Pinterest Traffic Ninja (Value 79$)

Snag Success Bonus Pinterest Traffic Ninja

Pinterest Traffic Ninja is an ebook which teaches you about pinterest. It contains the basics for pinterest, how to setup your site for pins, how to keep your pins interesting so you can repins, what gets pinned the most, powering up your pinterest traffic, finding out who is pinning your content and much more!

Marketing Lessons Taught by Psychopaths (Value 19$)

Snag Success Bonus Marketing Lessons Taught by Pyschopaths

Marketing Lessons Taught by Psychopaths is an ebook which essentially teaches you about marketing lessons which are taught by pyschopaths. This is valuable since a lot of psychopaths tend to be good in business and marketing. It goes over techniques such as flattery, favors & gifts, false intimacy, false expectations, silent treatment, over asking, false equivalence, fake normal and much more!

Killer Video Conversions (Value 197$)

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Killer Video Conversions is an ebook which contains 7 killer tactics on how you can make visitors who view your videos to go straight to your site! These are really great tactics you can use to improve your video conversions by a lot! Also, there are some tools and resources provided as well!

Invoice To Go Plugin (Value 34$)

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Google Position Checker (Value 29$)

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