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Are you planning on getting Blinkist? Is it a truly better alternative to Mentorbox? Read below for a full Blinkist review to see if it’s for you or not!

Most people don’t read. Even now, when e-books and reading apps have replaced the ink-and-paper books, there are not many out there with the need for reading.

There are many reasons for that, but one of the most important ones is time. They are too busy to spend a few hours daily, weekly or yearly, to dedicate time to a book. An average person may read up to one or two books a year and probably won’t remember what they read by the end of the year.

The pursuit of knowledge isn’t the same priority for everybody, but there are many people out there that would like to improve what they know,maybe because it’s a subject they have an interest, or because they want to be able to have intelligent discussions with co-workers, family, and friends. Perhaps they want to impress their bosses and aspire for a better job. There are many reasons for wanting to learn; reading is a handy self-learner tool, faster and less expensive than taking courses.

The question is, how can you dedicate to the expansion of your knowledge when you only have a few hours a day to spare in leisure activities? There’s no way you would be able to finish an entire 300-page book in a week, others not even in a month! However, with Blinkist, this may be not an impossible goal to achieve.

In this review, I’ll explain a little bit about this app and give you a wide angle before you can decide if this is for you and if you should invest in it.

What Is Blinkist?

Blinkist is a useful book summaries app for those who like or need to improve their knowledge but don’t have the time to do so. It has a library of more than 3000 non-fictional book summaries that increases monthly.

This app allows you to read, or listen as an audiobook, the key points inside the book you’re interested in, making it easier to acquire the knowledge you are looking for or ensuring you that it is the kind of information you want to learn.

It was created in 2012 in Berlin, Germany; today, the Blinkist team has about 60 members. This team reads and summarizes a significant number of books, selecting key points of the lecture, called “blinks”. It allows you to go through the summary and look for a specific subject without having to read it all.

These summaries condense the information, turning long books to an easy-to-read version that will only take fifteen minutes of your time. That’s less than the time you may spend during lunch break! Imagine you can read one book daily, or weekly; it’s quite an improvement from the average number of one book and a half you might read yearly.

You can have this app on different portable devices so that you can read anytime you want, anywhere you are. You can also download the summaries, so you won’t need to be connected to Wi-Fi to be able to read them.

Everybody can have at least fifteen minutes of their time to read; you could read a book summary and learn new information—instead of the newspaper—while you drink your morning coffee. A break during work can be a great time to improve yourself, or while you wait for the oven to finish that particular dish you prepared for your family.

For those who maybe can’t take the time to stay seated and read, or their eyes get quickly tired when reading, there is the option of the audiobooks, where you can listen to the summaries while walking, cooking, driving home from work, and many other activities.

It’s a more practical way to spend those long waits in the traffic instead of listening to the radio, to podcasts, or music. Turn on the radio or plug the earphones, and learn about Roman History or the French Revolution while sweeping the living room, or just lay on your bed before going to sleep, and instead of wasting an hour on the TV, get some knowledge!

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Summaries Versus Complete Book

Summaries are not perfect. Although they try to give the more essential points and learnings from the book, there may be a lot of underlined information that only by reading the entirety of the book can be understood.

Nevertheless, a resumed version of a book can save you from making a purchase you might regret. The synopsis of the books you may find on the e-book stores or the backs of physical books doesn’t always tell you the information you’re going to find inside it, forcing you to buy it and read it. Even the index inside the books that show the titles of the chapters may not give enough information.

The book summaries that Blinkist offers are complete, and you can move through them without much effort.

By using the “blinks” system, you can read specifically the information you are looking for without having to read all the summary. You will gain the knowledge you wanted, and you won’t be spending many hours to do so. You can also make highlights on the text to point out those things that called your attention, making it a useful tool for studies and memorizing information.

Also, reading summaries can help you to retain more information than reading the complete book. If you can’t read a book in a day, or a week, you’ll probably need to go back a few pages every time you retake the book, and that will take extra time.

With summaries, all the information is fresh and new in your mind, so you’ll feel you can talk with more property about the chosen subject.

Is good to remind you that this doesn’t work for everybody. Some may prefer to read the complete book, finding summaries insufficient or dull. It will depend on your preference in reading books to say if this app would be useful for you or not.

Who Should Use This App?

There are many kinds of people who can benefit from Blinkist. Those with busy lives that work from morning to noon and have very little spare time, non-stop housewives that have to take care of the house, the children, and the husband, and only have 24 hours to do so.

Even for academic and scholastic professionals that may want to know if the book they are looking for will have the information they need before buying it.

You don’t need to be a book-worm to enjoy this app. There are so many options to choose from, either if you’re studying for a test next week or if you are in the waiting room for your routine doctor appointment; you may find what you need and make the study faster, or the waiting time shorter.

Students will also find in Blinkist a powerful tool; some school subjects ask for book essays as final assignments, and many of them don’t have the culture for reading. Sometimes, the books are complicated and lengthy, and for the anxious young adults, it can be hard to prepare them on-time.

Some rely on information they may find on the web instead of reading the book, but that information is not always trustworthy. Many of the summaries on web pages are subjective information based on what the one who wrote it learned with the book. The summaries on Blinkist are objective and on-point, and they use the key points; it would be more comfortable and faster to finish the assignments, not to make a copy and paste but learning about it.

The audiobooks make it even more comfortable for all kind of people. Put on your earphones and spend the next fifteen minutes learning and enjoying a pleasant good reading, eyes closed and relaxed; or listen to them in your car, and make that annoying rush-hour an educational experience.

There are many different kinds of learners; while some of them need to read so they can understand the information they are obtaining, there are also learners that do better with audio material. For their learning process, the option of the audiobook of Blinkist is precisely what they need.

What Does Blinkist Have To Offer?

There is a massive list of books you can choose from: from history to science, art, psychology, and much more.

You can be as prepared as you want to be, and fulfil the need for the knowledge you’ve always had, but didn’t have the time to do something about it. It has at least over 40 books added to the library every month, so there is plenty to choose from.

New Books Everyday

New non-fiction books are published on the site’s market every day, and now that the e-books are more popular than the physics books, there may be many of them you haven’t even heard about and may go unnoticed if you’re the kind of person that look for books on bookstores and not online book stores. Blinkist shows you all the books they have related to a specific subject you would like to learn so that you can choose wisely the one for you.

Read Where You Want

You can download your chosen books’ summaries to your offline library—either in text or audio format—so that you can use them anywhere and anytime, without being connected to the internet to do so. A cabin in the woods or places with low phone reception won’t be an issue for your need for knowledge. If you use a kindle, you may export the summaries to it, too. Save energy on your phone for calls and messages while reading and learning more comfortably.

Integrate with Evernote Easily

Another exciting feature of Blinkist is that you can associate your account with the app Evernote. This is an app where you can make and share notes with others from your computer or mobile devices.

Do More Academically

Academic professors can use these apps in conjunction to make homework interesting and fun, assigning groups for projects where they must read a specific text. The students won’t need to find time in their schedules or bother their parents to get together with the rest of the group; they can work from their homes together, reading the summary of the book with Blinkist and sharing the notes using the Evernote App.

Read Together

How about creating a reading group? Share the summary of the book you want the group to read; talk about it during the week, and if your job or your chores at home prevent you from getting out of your house to get together with your friends, you can all meet live through these apps and discuss your impressions about the book.

Learning doesn’t have to be a solitaire quest; join friends and family together and share the delight of reading with them.

Blinkist also gives you the option to highlight the information you find relevant in your readings, so you can go over it every time you need to. Together with the “blinks” option, this will prove to be a great way to keep the information you always need at hand.

This is an app you can use in many different devices, such as your pc, laptop, smartphone, and tablet so that you can always use it any time you like.

How Is Blinkist Different From Other Reading Apps?

Reading apps and summarized information from books is not something new. Many web pages and apps can give you a summary of different books that may vary in longitude and objectiveness. Not all of them succeed at pointing out the essential parts of the book or are based on the writer’s interpretation of the information, giving you an incomplete version of the book instead of a summary.

Blinkist is not a person, but an expert team of writers that read the complete book for you. They evaluate the essential facts on the book and separate them in blinks or key points, so you can go through the summary without getting lost in unnecessary information. They are objective in their summaries and procure to offer you the best experience while reading.

To be able to download these summaries and read them anytime is also a big plus. This allows you to read and re-read some information without needing a Wi-Fi connection; also, you wouldn’t have to pay extra for it. It’s yours to keep and use in whatever form you would like.

Want to go through some specific procedure, or need a refreshment on a subject? Just thumb your way to your Blinkist app and select the summary you want, or look directly on your phone, tablet, laptop, and pc.

Costs Of The App

For all the features and full service, you will need to subscribe and buy one of their packages. You can subscribe to Blinkist monthly or yearly in their premium package; if you pay monthly, it will cost you $12.99, but you can save more with the yearly package of $6.67 per month. Depending on your interest, you may find one more appealing than the other.

Not sure if you want to buy yet? Then you can try their 7-day free trial. During that week, you’ll be able to read the pre-selected summaries that they offer as a taste and experience the interface of the app.

It may not seem like the best option for some of the new readers. For one, they won’t have the option to read the book they want. Instead, they have to settle with the one the Blinkist app offers you that day. However, is a great way to get to know the app and discover if this kind of book summaries interest you. You’ll be able to try the blink system, and you may also learn something new about a subject you didn’t know anything about.

If you put everything in perspective, you will find that paying for the Blinkist app is more rentable than buying books. Books can go over $10 or more, and you may not know if it was worth it until you read it.

Using the Blinkist app, you will have access to many more books in a month, spending a lot less than if you buy two books monthly, which you don’t even know if you’re going to be able to read them. Sure, they will look great on your bookshelves or in your Kindle, but you may not be able to read them at all.

Pros And Cons of Blinkist


Easy to read: These summaries are complete and don’t take more than fifteen minutes to finish. They are objective and let you go through them by using key points or blinks; you can jump to find the information you want to know. You will be wondering why you didn’t use to read more often! Short and precise, the book summaries will help you have fresh information that’s easy to explain so that you can prove your knowledge to friends, family, classmates, teachers, co-workers, and so on.

Learn more in less time: Instead of struggling with a book for months without feeling you have learned anything at all, you can spend a few minutes of your day or week and learn all the information you want from it, improving your knowledge and giving you some extra topics for the next family reunion or bar encounter. Stop making empty promises about reading ten books a year, and read one book summary a week!

For the busy life: Time won’t be an obstacle for your learning. You won’t need to spend many hours trying to understand a book, tiring your eyes and mind while you worry about many other important things. Transform your leisure time in educational time, and start feeling more proud of yourself by doing so. The improvement of your knowledge gives you tools for your social relationships and expands your business goals, so start reading!

Learn by listening: The audiobooks option is excellent for those who don’t feel they have the time to stop what they are doing and read. Maybe they get tired quickly or need special glasses to be able to read the small letters. The light of the screens in phones, tablets, laptops, and PCs, can be annoying and bothers the view, making the action to read an unwanted task.

By listening to the summaries instead of reading, you may find it easier to catch the key points of the books while you’re doing other activities, becoming a multitasking person. You can also read and listen at the same time; this will also improve your vocabulary, as you learn how to spell and pronoun uncommon words related to the knowledge you are acquiring.

Some people feel they can learn better while sleeping; why don’t you try it? Plug in those earphones and take a nap while listening to one of the many audiobooks, and you’ll see how it will be easier for you to understand the new information you are receiving.

To read and listen wherever you want: The Blinkist app gives you the option to download all your book summaries and audiobooks on your different portable devices such as phones, tablets, laptops, Kindle, and music players.

It allows you to go ahead and read any book in your library list without paying extra or without having an internet connection. Take a trip to a solitaire space for a weekend, far from the civilian world so that you can spend your time enjoying a good book. Make those annoying waiting lines and long traffic hours a learning time, becoming a more productive person.

To gain knowledge is to grow, so what are you waiting for to become a better you?


Summaries Format: There is a kind of people that don’t like summaries, no matter how well organized they are. For those people, this app may not be recommended, for they are not going to be able to benefit from it, not finding the book summaries loyal enough to the original written document.

But even if they could give Blinkist a chance, these people may be able to find it as a useful tool to classify the books they may be interested, so in the future, they can make an intelligent purchase of the books they want to read after evaluating the summaries about them.

Limited version of the app during the trial: The free 7-day trial is an excellent way to testing Blinkist before deciding to buy, taking notice of the way you can navigate through the information in each summary to get to the parts that may interest you the most. Still, it can feel a little limited; you can’t choose the book you would like to read, but you have to settle with the pre-selected book that Blinkist has to offer you for that day.

These are not unknown and bad books, but if you are looking for a specific subject, you may find that this trial can’t offer you what you would like. Nevertheless, it’s up to you if you decide to give it an opportunity despite that and purchase a premium package to enjoy the benefits of the app entirely.


Blinkist is a fantastic app that can be very resourceful, either as a tool for your studies, or to use it on your leisure time. The summaries that this app provides are full of the essential facts, so you won’t have to waste time on great euphemisms and useless information that comes in some of the books to make them longer. You will have the best short version of the text you want to read, and you won’t feel that you’re missing important things.

You will be able to learn about anything you like, having a long list of categories to choose from. All those books that your friends and family recommend you to read will be literally at the palm of your hand, and you won’t have to expend hours and days trying to finish them.

Are there too many books related to the same subject, and you can’t be sure which one will be useful? You don’t have to worry about it anymore! The blinks on each summary will help you find out if the information you are looking for is in one or another. You may even learn things you didn’t think you would need to know, yet are precisely what you needed.

Although it is a pity that the trial version of the app is not as full as you would like it to be, the small taste it gives you surely will be enough to make you try the rest of it. And when you compare prices with the benefits you’re acquiring with the app; you’ll see that is a service you must have, whether it is only for consulting already known information or learning new things and expanding your knowledge.

Blinkist is easy to use and very reliable. Its features, such as the audiobooks, makes it an excellent option for everyone who wants to learn more or need to prepare for tests and even job appliances.

People will appreciate the fact that they can read wherever they are without needing a Wi-Fi connection, only downloading the summary they want and need. Listening and learning at the same time can save so much time that you can spend in other activities, as you become more and more prepared for the world outside.

Prove your value to your family. Have an enjoyable and insightful conversation with influential people. Show them your passion for knowledge, or become a home erudite by reading 60 books a year or more! Education is at the tip of your fingers, so go ahead and take it.

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