Blog Not Making Money? Find Out Why! (2021)

Find out Why People Usually Don’t Make Money From Their Blogs Below!

Blog Not Making Money Heres Why

Anyone trying to run a blog and looking for money-making success knows how difficult things can get. You’ll dedicate hours you could spend with your loved ones to writing online articles.

Then, you need to ponder why you’re doing it. You could’ve started out of a wish to share your own thoughts on certain topics, but it’s likely just a matter of time until you wonder why you’re not using that same time to make money.

You then realize how much money other people make from their blogs. Some live off entirely from blogging, so why are you not reaping the same benefits?

It’s certainly a frustrating sensation. Even if you start working towards monetizing it, you could still fail to make a penny. Some people think they’re just about to hit the jackpot and then get their hopes crushed without knowing what they did wrong.

If you’re in this stage – and you might be since you clicked the title – then you’re likely also facing doubts like whether or not blogging is actually worth your time. However, successful blogs don’t build from sheer luck, but you might be ignoring something they realized already.

In fact, you’re likely closer to monetize your blog than you might think. Let’s take a look at what most people miss.

The main reason why most bloggers make no money

The main reason why blogs don’t make any money is because their owners simply don’t know how they’re supposed to do it. Sure, if you run a blog, you know how to do so, but there’s a difference in doing something and doing it properly.

It’s the same thing as singing in the shower. Yes, you know how singing works, but can you actually sing?

Countless courses focus on teaching the fundamentals of blogging. You’ll learn how you can build a website, how to add content to it, and even how to ensure it’s good by avoiding grammar or writing mistakes. All of these things are useful and great to know.

However, they fail to teach you what makes people spend money on blogs and websites. You can’t really make money until someone else spends some. That’s also why most bloggers don’t even realize their mistake: they simply don’t understand the concept behind their mistake.

Luckily, hope isn’t lost, and it might just be easier than you think.

The problem isn’t really the traffic

Many bloggers think they don’t make money because not enough people read them. It sounds logical as well; the more traffic, the more money you can make. Anyone can fall for that idea.

This is where people get really frustrated. Imagine you spend money to advertise your blog; you’re not making money from it, but you have hopes that you just needed more people seeing it. Then, you see your traffic increases dramatically, but your income remains the same.

That’s a real scenario for many bloggers, and it’s the last straw that makes some give up. Again, traffic isn’t the real problem most of the time.

It’s still a worthwhile test for anyone. If you have very few readers, then you might want to try spending a few bucks on ads and see if the problem persists regardless of your traffic.

Your blog is a service in the end

A lot of people see their blogs as a space where they’re free to share their own ideas and opinions on the topics they’re passionate about. If you’re particularly creative, you can even play around with your website’s design, logo and palette to match your own personality.

You get the point: people like to think about their blogs as a type of “home”. A place for them to hang out for a while and learn what you have to say.

What would you say if I told you that’s precisely the main reason why so many bloggers fail to monetize their content?

Your blog is just like offering any service: plumbing, driving a cab, running a store, etc. You have to think about why a complete stranger pay for your service.

It has nothing to do with you being a nice person, having a nice car, or interacting with your customers in an enjoyable way. These characteristics are a great way to make them come back to you, but it’s not why they go for you the first time. They go for your offer because they need something you can offer.

Even with recurrent customers, they’re only coming to you because you’re fulfilling a need. You’re fixing their sink, driving them where they need to be, providing them products. You’re a solution, and they go to you because you can benefit them.

Your blog is just the same thing. People read your content and stay around your website because they’re looking for a solution to their problems – not because they like the colors on your site.

Your blog is a service, and the topics you discuss and your insights are the solutions to their problems. You need to give your clients what they need, not what you want them to see, have, or learn.

Many bloggers fall flat when trying to entice their audience to do things they don’t care about. This can be clicking on links or giving away their email for an eBook. Once the audience doesn’t do that, frustration sets in, and the question of why no one clicks the links springs to mind.

The answer is disappointingly simple: they’re not interested. You could give a way an eBook for free, but if they don’t want it, they’re not going to get it. Chances are even lower if they have to actually spend money.

It’s the same reason why you can’t fix a toilet when the problem wasn’t the sink, drive someone they don’t want to be, or sell sunglasses to someone looking for a book. You need to understand what your audience wants and offer just that.

You need to really understand your audience

Most people think they know their target audience and their needs. If they were right, then there’s no need to read this article since they’d already be profiting from their blog. The problem comes when you assume you know your audience since it’s easy to mess up.

We can take this very article as a great example for that. Blogging for a living is all about making money, so that’s the topic I target.

Now, we can split the audience for this article into two groups: people looking to complement their main income source and people looking to work entirely from home. They sound like similar audiences, but when you really get to know them, they’re quite different.

Both groups look for similar things: freedom and making more money – becoming more independent from their current, time-consuming jobs. However, when it comes to who they actually are very different in what they really want.

People who want to work entirely from home want to have flexibility. They want more time to spend with their loved ones and the things they really like. They don’t want the stress of working at a traditional job, even if that means making less money.

People who want to complement their main income source actually want the opposite. They’re prone to work more and go through more stress to make more money. Their free time is an investment they’re willing to make, and they’re not looking for more time to spend on what they love.

Both groups might be motivated by temporary desires as well. Someone who wants more time with their family might still want to live a luxurious life eventually, and someone who wants more money might want to live completely on their own after a while.

If you treat them as equals, you won’t be able to accommodate to their needs. You’d end up providing general content that neither of the two groups actually need – or just appeal to one and ignore the other.

You need to understand their desires and reach out to them in ways that let them know you get their ideas and offer the best way to get them where they want to be.

It’s all about catering to them

If you run any business, the process is generally straightforward. You give them what they need, and they pay you in return. It even requires less effort than actually trying to convince them to pay for something they don’t need.

Again, it’s the same case if you’re running a blog. Giving your audience what they’re looking for is a lot easier if you’re trying to make money. If you cater to their needs, they’ll be ready to buy from you even before finishing your article.

That’s the “secret recipe” successful bloggers use to make large amounts from their blogs. They just learn what their audience wants instead of trying to force them to look for something else and getting no results in the end.

Yes, everyone advises you to understand your audience. However, some tell you it’s what you should do, when – in reality – it’s what you must do.

How can you understand your audience?

The first step is to simply ask them. You can use surveys or ask them directly on your blog or social media.

You also want to research that audience. Learn where they come from; sites like Google Analytics are great for this. You’re already fairly aware of what your audience wants if you target keywords, so use that to find where your audience interacts with each other.

You can find forums and groups where they comment and talk with each other. You can analyze their conversations to understand what they need and do as well as why.

The final step is to test that understanding. After learning what they want, empathize with these desires and find offers that cater to those. Try methods like A/B testing between offers to find which ones work best.

If you start making money, you succeeded. If not, you simply need to go back to the first step and keep researching them; everyone wants something, and it’s your job to find what “something” is.

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