Bluehost Free Trial – Does it exsist? Find Out!

bluehost free trial

Hosting is the lifeblood of a website, and getting a reliable web provider goes a long way in making your venture last. Bluehost is one of the favourites today, and it’s probably on the list of options you’ve gathered.

With so many free trials available today, you may wonder if Bluehost has one.

It’s important to take care when looking for free versions in paid programmes and services. Many scammers and hackers take advantage of this demand.

Luckily, this article will answer that question so that you don’t end up falling victim to another internet hazard.

No, there’s no free trial, but…

First of all, Bluehost isn’t offering a free trial on their official channels; it’s been a long while since the last time they provided one.

The good thing is that their plans have a plethora of free features that you can exploit without limits. From free domain and SSL to the money back guarantee (for a full month!), you don’t need a free trial to feel like you’re getting one of the best deals available.

So no, there’s not a free trial for Bluehost, yet you will get many features and complements that you’d have to pay with similar services on the web.

Get Bluehost for a Special Discounted Price

Signing up: the process

The first step is to go to the Bluehost website and click the “get started” button. You’ll not only see the plans you can choose, but they also show you their latest special offers.

The plans aim to work for a wide user range, and anyone under the broad spectrum in each plan can benefit from these deals. For example, the “basic” plan suits all those with little knowledge building websites; it provides a lower price for the primary features you need while learning.

On the other hand, the “Plus” and “Choice Plus” plans are better for experienced users. If you run a company—or you want to build several websites—these are the plans for you.

Using referral links for Bluehost also lets you save up to half of the plan pricing. Again, you’re still saving money without free trials.

After choosing a plan, the next step is creating your website domain. You can also use an existing domain if you own one.

Finally, you need to create your account and enter your payment information. After creating your account, your domain gets assigned to that hosting. Mapping your SSL is automatic.

For closure, you can install WordPress for your website with a single click and have it ready in minutes.

Features provided

Uptime guarantee

You get 99.9% uptime for your hosting, and they guarantee website visibility for your audience. You’ll have to worry little over your website not being live for a moment.

Website crashes or service outages aren’t something you need to consider with Bluehost. Your visitors will always have access to your site!


All website owners can benefit from the plans in Bluehost. You only have to pay for the features you really need, so you don’t have to worry about paying for features you’ll never use or having to settle for less functionality because of your budget.

The rate for the fees are flat, and you get one of the longest initial terms available today: three whole years!

The hosting prices become even better when you compare them with similar providers on the internet. At worst, competitors are just as cost-effective, so there aren’t real reasons for you to choose a different hosting service.

Those reasons disappear completely when you find out you can upgrade your plan whenever you want and in seconds.

If that’s not enough, keep reading.

Bandwith freedom

With the flat fee you pay for your plan, you get all the resources you want. Other provides will likely require you to pay more as your traffic increase, but this isn’t the case here. You can trust your website can grow while your maintenance costs remain the same.

SSL for free

Website security is paramount—that should be an understatement—and Google does notice it when ranking you. Because of that, an SSL is a requirement these days, and Blueshot has one for you for free!

You don’t even need to know how to assign it; they do it for you. If you run into any trouble, the support team will handle it for you—again, free of charge!

Support all day, every day

You’ll get some of the best help in the market with Bluehost. They’re patient, and you can contact them through phone, email, and live chat.

They have a special team for the live chat, and they respond in seconds. You can also channel your inquiries to specialised teams, so waiting times aren’t an issue.

Money back guarantee for a month

You may cancel your plan if you don’t feel like Bluehost is what you need. You have a 30 full days to do that, and you won’t have you answer any questions.

If you see they fail to meet any of your expectations, you can skip them without any difficulties!


Website hosting is something you should never take lightly. Having the best-looking website, the fastest response times, and the best business idea will do little if you can’t get them on the internet.

They may have no free trials officially available, but a 30-day money back guarantee with zero questions sounds even better! And you still get tons of free complements and features to enhance your business.

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