BuilderAll Review

If you do internet marketing, chances are you most likely need to create funnels.

And there plenty of tools out there to create funnels! In this review I will go over whether or not BuilderAll is right for you or not!

Are you using the right online strategies in your business? Today, a business without online marketing is setting its path to failure. It is why you need to find the right online marketing tool for your business to be seen by potential customers.

There are a lot of online marketing tools out there, and a lot of them do a lot of things. You need one for SEO, then one for email marketing, and another one to design and build your landing page.

It can get messy, but some platforms allow you to do all that in one place. Today, we are going to review Builderall, an all-in-one marketing tool.

What Is Builderall?

Eric Salgado created Builderall in 2011 and launched it in 2017.

Builderall is designed for all those operating online and busy internet marketers. It’s known as an “all-in-one” marketing tool, and it seems to have it all; it offers a website builder with sales funnels, an email marketing tool which includes autoresponders, and you can create videos, manage your social post and push notifications.

Builderall sells itself as the platform that promises to be the only marketing tool you will ever need—and with great pricing.

Erick Salgado created a program back in 2005 that helped over 5000 local companies launch online. His primary mission was to create a worldwide platform that allowed entrepreneurs to make their businesses and dreams become a reality.

He came up with Builderall, and he created a low-cost solution that provides all the tools necessary to succeed. Builderall can be used by beginners with zero coding skills. It lets the majority of people be able to go online and start making money and producing results in the quickest way possible.

When you start learning about digital marketing, you begin to realize that what works best is marketing through email and sales funnels. Builderall allows you to do every essential and proven marketing task in an automated, fast and effective way all in one place.

The Good

Builderall is a cloud-based system; this means that you don’t have to download or install anything on the drive. You have to go to the Builderall official website and open an account; it’s that easy.

Builderall also has excellent connections with other sites and apps, and you can synchronize all the different online marketing platforms together with Builderall.

Lately, Builderall has an awesome community and a lot of people supporting each other. They have upgraded a lot of their digital marketing tools and continuously perfect them, making Builderall a marketing platform that’s always on-trend.

There are a lot of great companies that provide products like the ones Builderall offers. From beginners to entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers are looking for those, and Builderall offers it all with a flexible platform and budget-friendly prices.

Builderall has all the tools you’ll need to market your business online, and it even offers an affiliate marketing program. Also, Builderall offers three different website builders and hosting for your website.

It even gives you training and tutorials, so you can learn how to build them.

Builderall has a pretty responsive builder; it’s as simple as drag-and-drop adaptive builders. It also has a mobile website builder; that is something not many other platforms offer.

With Builderall, you get all the tools you need in one single place, without any complications.

You have an user-friendly interface, high deliverability with their mailing, and friendly training with high-quality tutorials. Besides, it’s more comfortable to use than WordPress.

You can also get 100% commission on direct sales and high converting sales pages for product creators. You’ve got the drag-and-drop builder, and you get to host unlimited domains and create email accounts with them.

A lot of other platforms don’t let you keep the domains of what you create with them, but that is not the case with Builderall.

With Builderall, you can also create apps inside your dashboard and make it available for download, you get a Facebook App builder, and an autoresponder for up to 10,000 subscribers.

The best of Builderall is that it sells itself as a proven system, with hundreds of excellent examples from their users, and this gives future customers the confidence to move forward and start with Builderall.

One of Builderall significant ideas is that regardless of his level of business experience, every entrepreneur can be able to manage their online presence, how their marketing

works and their sales process. All of this goes without the stressful and time-consuming tasks.

Erick Salgado says that, with Builderall, you can start with a simple test website and then start building it using the platform. It is equipped with advanced and sophisticated sales funnels and all the tools you need.

Builderall is excellent for small business owners, digital marketing professionals, service providers, coaches and even designers. Everybody who wants their business online with the right strategies can do it with Builderall.

The best part about Builderall is that it has grown using itself. It’s one of the most relevant examples of its success and results; this shows that anybody with the right tools can get where they want, and for your business, Builderall may be the right tool.

The Bad

Now that we are finished with the good things about Builderall and the platform focus, let’s talk about the drawbacks of it.

One of the major cons about Builderall is that it’s not WordPress. We can agree that it is better than WordPress when speaking of designs, but WordPress is still number one when it comes to building websites.

WordPress only runs more than 28% of the internet—yes, the entire internet. That is a massive share.

You have more options and flexibility with a platform that’s as big as WordPress rather than sticking with Builderall. There are so many tools and features that are related to WordPress itself that you will end up stuck with Builderall. It’s still a great tool, but it’s also a pretty small one.

Builderall has another issue, and that is that you are low-key forced to be a lifetime customer of Builderall if you want to continue with your business.

This lock-In issue is a significant drawback for a lot of people. If, in the future, you want to build your business with a different platform, you will lose all your previous work; that’s if you are not willing to move to WordPress or stay with Builderall. This lack of ownership is definitely a solid reason for current and new customers of Builderall to switch platforms.

Another issue with Builderall is its page builder. Yes, it says is responsive, and you create responsive websites and page theoretically. However, the reality can be different for many.

You must design your page in the three most used devices. Said devices are are desktop, tablet and mobile devices, so if you want your page to look decent on any device, you need to design it three times. That is not very simple and easy and straightforward.

This software is not built to be responsive, and here is the issue. If it were, you wouldn’t need to design and make the same page three times for it to look good. A real responsive page builder adjusts automatically no matter the size of your screen, and this is something that Builderall doesn’t do for you.

The last con about this platform is that it still falls short against significant competitors out there with prices very close to the ones Builderall offers or even better prices.


Builderall has a lot of high-end essential features; let’s start with the drag-and-drop Site Builder. This builder is one of the highlights of Builderall.

This website uses HTML5 to run. It is a sales funnel, blog and membership website builder that gives your audience a new and unique experience depending on the device they use to access your site.

One of the biggest elements of this tool is that it is SEO friendly, and it can make infographics, Pinterest designs, Kindle Covers, and even Google Plus headers. It can also create business cards, EBook Covers, blog headers and advertising and resume plans.

Inside the Builderall website builder, you will find drag-and-drop Pixel-Perfect Builder, the drag-and-drop Responsive Builder, and Mobile First drag-and-drop Builders.

The Pixel Perfect Builder allows you to make your website in three different formats, enabling you to control how your site looks on different devices, but, as said before, it does mean you will have to spend extra time doing the design for each device.

But Builderall has already thought about this, and if you want to save some spare time, you can use the drag-and-drop Responsive Builder. It works in just the same way, but you won’t have to repeat your designs so many times.

About the Mobile First drag-and-drop Builder, it gives you a user-friendly experience just like the other builders previously mentioned. This builder allows you to create a mobile-friendly website without having to do any coding.

This drag-and-drop technology enables you to build your website in a professional and outstanding way; you can also create virtual stores, sales pages, and any other kind of marketing page in the easiest way.

With Builderall, you also get the Blog Builder. This tool enables you to manage your pages in a short time. Your pages can rank in engines like Google and Yahoo thanks to this optimized system. And with this feature, you get hundreds of templates to use for most niches.

Another impressive feature that Builderall gives you is the massive range of templates you’ll have access to as a user. It doesn’t matter if you want to create a whole website, a standalone landing page, or a sales funnel; Builderall gives you a full selection of sophisticated and optimized templates. You can look for the right models through the categories, such as events, music, travel, design, educations, and more.

Once you choose your model, you can fully customize it with one of the mentioned builders. You can use them as a starting point for your design and ideas, and if you are more on the creative side, you can also pick a blank template and start from scratch.

Among these templates, you will find the sales funnel templates. These templates are designed with the purpose and focus of increasing your conversions and sales. The sales funnels templates come in a variety of different options, integrations and possibilities.

When we speak about design, Builderall doesn’t stay behind. It provides you with several tools and features to guarantee your images, videos, and other visual elements make an impact on your visitors.

The design features include Design Studio, which helps you create amazing photos and videos for your site, eBooks, social media, and a lot more. You will also get access to Photo Studio to edit your photos and add effects and texts, change the backgrounds, the size, and more.

Builderall gives you Builderall Images Spinners inside its design features. With it, you can make 3D images for your products; this can help you increase the interest of your customers and, with that, increase your sales.

Another design feature is the Video Editor. With it, you can produce animated videos, animations, text and sound; you can even publish them right from the editor.

By choosing Builderall, you also get a very cool feature: the floating video option. You can upload your videos made using a green screen, and it shows only the objects in front of the background. That is an enjoyable and entertaining attraction for your visitors if you use it correctly.

Builderall has the functionality to satisfy your design necessities.

Builderall has an eCommerce feature that allows you to create your very own eCommerce store to sell your products and services online.

You can add products to your Builderall Marketplace, and choose the payment and delivery options; that is it. Inside this feature, you will also find more elements like coupons, pop-ups, and a streamlined checkout process, and it doesn’t end there.

With the eCommerce feature, you can also set up an affiliate program so that others can sell your products for you. Builderall allows you to set up an affiliate website by yourself and promote products for a commission.

Builderall also has the Builderall Business affiliate program inside the Builderall Business plan; this way, you can promote Builderall and earn a commission from the sales you make.

Another Builderall great feature is its Membership Sites. With Builderall, you can turn your site into a membership website.

If you want to do this, you can create a restricted or private area within one of the builders and configure all the registration and login settings until it suits your project. You can even decide if you want it to be free or if you want to charge a premium version.

With Builderall you will get Webinar features, the eLearning app that can help you create courses and lessons, Email Marketing tools and a great autoresponder name Mailing Boss. With this last one, you can send unlimited emails to unlimited recipients.

Builderall also gives you analytics features, heat mapping and split testing. You can split test your website, your landing page and even your sales funnels designs so that you can find the most appealing one to your potential customers.


Builderall gives you three options: three different plans, so you can choose the one that fits your needs and your budget.

The first plan is Web Presence, it has a cost of $9.90 a month, and it gives you access to the site builders, templates, hosting and some other necessary but useful features.

The second plan is Digital Marketing; it has a cost of $29.90 a month.  With this plan, you get the tools to promote and market your business and products. You get unlimited use of the Mailing Boss email marketing service and certificates for your websites, and a lot more.

The last plan is Builderall Business, with a cost of $49.90 a month. This plan is the complete package for online businesses ready to launch or promote themselves. With this plan, you get the eCommerce and affiliate features, webinar platform, hosting and more to take your business to the next level.

Ease Of Use

Builderall sells itself as a very easy to use platform. You don’t need to download anything; go to the official website and create an account. Everything is user-friendly and not hard to learn how to use and manipulate.

From the set up to the final results, everything can be done fast and without many complications. Everybody can use Builderall, even if they don’t know how to code or ever built a page or website before.


Builderall it’s known for having a great customer support system from Erick Salgado. You will get your answer quickly, and your business won’t have to be stuck while you wait hours or days for someone to answer you.

The only complaint about the Builderall Customer Support is that there is no live chat support. Live chat support can be very comfortable for users and a quick way to get the answer you want without having to call or wait for an email.

Final Verdict

Builderall is an all-in-one platform, very complete for business and digital marketing. Even if it’s not as big as its competitions, Builderall is continually evolving and growing That allows it to stay up-to-date with its customers and users’ needs.

This system is a completely integrated platform to create and manage your business, even if it’s new or already existing. Builderall is worth to check out, especially for its incredible features at a very accessible cost.

If you’re looking to give Builderall a shot, don’t stop. It’s a good bet out there if you are an online marketer, and something you should try out.

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