Can Shopify Handle High Traffic?

Can Shopify Handle High Traffic?

Can Shopify Handle High Traffic?


Shopify is a multinational e-commerce company based in Canada and has headquarters in Ottawa. It is one of the largest e-commerce sites and hence is programmed to manage high traffic. The company has over 1,000,000 businesses in about 175 countries. With such a broad spectrum, the website is sure to face some significant traffic during a Black Friday Sale or Cyber Monday sale. How does the company manage heavy traffic? Does Shopify go down? How can you get organic traffic to your Shopify store?

Let us take a closer and look at how does Shopify handles massive traffic and how your store responds to the heavy traffic.

How does Shopify work?

Working under extreme pressure can be a tough task, but how does Shopify handle your store under heavy traffic conditions? The easiest way to open your own Shopify store is to sign up with Shopify, start setting up your Shopify store, choose a theme, add your products to your store, and voila! Your store is live! Setting up your store is that easy peasy. 

The critical feature of Shopify is that you do not need knowledge regarding programming or coding to create your site. With Shopify, you need to follow a few easy steps, and then your store is live. You can even customize your, add payment options and other exciting features so that you can run your store online. Shopify gives you the user the liberty to create your online portal to thousands of people from across the globe. With the different payment options, you even get to avail a lot in just a few dollars. 

Shopify manages to strike a perfect balance between simplicity and strength and brings in the best of both worlds to its user.

Can Shopify handle heavy traffic?

Online stores are created to handle massive traffic to your server in case of the holiday season. An abrupt crashing of your site can incur huge losses to your store, and your store will perish in the flood of sales. Shopify is created to manage heavy traffic, especially during the holiday season. Its ability to handle extensive trafficking comes with the company’s meticulous efforts to handle the influx of sales during the sale season. The company uses a global network of state-of-the-art, blazing fast servers combined with a best-in-class Content Delivery Network (CDN) to ensure that the site performs even under extreme trafficking. CDN is a global network that is positioned around the world. With CDN, you can achieve maximum availability, and high performance as the network is spread across the globe. A large number of users thus can access your network at the time, and your system won’t crash. Even with heavy traffic, people from around the world can access your network in the comfort of their homes.

Shopify also has an unlimited bandwidth that ensures protection to the user in case of substantial trade.  You also need not keep an eye on updating the store, as with Shopify, all your updates are made automatically. Shopify also has a team of hackers that try and take down the platform.

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How can you attract traffic to your Shopify store?

Creating a Shopify store is an easy task; the actual hurdle comes when you do not get enough traffic to your store. The overall aesthetics and your products play an essential role in online traffic. The sales are the golden opportunity for you to spike traffic to your store. Here are some ways in which you can boost sales and traffic to your store at the same time.

1. Monitor your site uptime to avoid crashes

If your site crashes down during peak hours of purchase, then not only will you face severe losses but will also lose your trusted customers. To avoid such situations, run mock tests in advance to ensure that your e-commerce platform gets accustomed to handling high traffic during the busiest shopping days and time. While you may experience short outages, this will prevent a more extended period of crash time. You can also install an uptime monitor so you can be duly notified if your site suffers any crashes and immediately consider necessary steps.

2. Speed up your pages for higher mobile conversions

A majority of the population uses their cellular devices for purchasing a product or making a payment. Since this is the era of mobile devices, attracting a more significant portion of the community can prove to be beneficial for you as well as your trusted customers.

You can speed up your pages so that they load easily and quickly on mobile devices as well as desktops or PCs. With mobile devices, the major problem that occurs isn’t crashing of your site; it is slow loading of your pages. As the proverb goes ‘drop by drop makes an ocean,’ taking small steps and increasing your page speed even by a meager 2% can uplift your sales. You can test your site speed on Google’s Page Speed Insights and then optimize your page accordingly.

3. Use predictive searches

Predictive searches not only make it easy for the customer to find their desired item quickly and effectively, but also make your customer stays in you’re a little longer on your site. You can fast lose your customers because of bouncing or unnecessary pop-ups. Using predictive searches can increase your functionality and can guide your customers easily through your site. Adding live chat can also help increase the interaction between your customers and you.

4. Boost security

Improving security for your website can prevent hackers and fraudsters from hijacking your site during the holiday season. Since they target vulnerable and weak sites, you can manage the risk of losing your money to fraudulent orders.  You can even use Shopify’s feature Shopify Flow to save your money and also save time looking out for fraudulent orders. Once added, you will receive an email to your registered email prompting you to analyze high-risk warrants.

Does Shopify go down?

While Shopify can handle heavy traffic, can your Shopify store ever go down? Just like any other technology, your Shopify store can sometimes take its own sweet time to get back on track. While this happens rarely and briefly, it isn’t usually due to the high traffic to your store but because of technical errors in the system itself. The prime indicator that your Shopify store is down is when you are unable to load your page, or an error page appears on Shopify. You must be aware and keep an eye on your website to know what the problem could be. In some cases, your page may be down for some other non-technical reasons. Since your Shopify store isn’t wholly based on servers and also tales themes, various templates into consideration, your page could be down because of the themes and customizations you have used.


If you want an e-commerce company that gives you the right platform and resources at an affordable price, then Shopify can be your best bet. The company offers themes, customization, and other benefits that you can avail of to prevent trafficking to your store. It is built and designed to handle high traffic. You can also contact the support store in case you need an extra hand with a sudden hike in your system.

Even though the Shopify site can rarely go down, a little patience and help will reboot your store again. Try to determine the reason behind your server crashing and then find a solution to your problem. Shopify will do their bit in case the servers down, and you will have your store running within minutes.

The company provides its features at an affordable price and has a contingency plan to resolve your money in case of need.

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