Can You Blog On Shopify

Can You Blog On Shopify?

Can You Blog On Shopify? Can you even Publish Content?


As you know Shopify is one of the leading eCommerce platforms online. The easy user interface, affordable, and super fast setup make it difficult to beat Shopify in the eCommerce category. In the least possible time you can get your store up and running but does the multimillion-dollar shopping platform allow you to boost your search engine ranking?


It’s simple, using blog posts. In this age, it is not an overstatement that content is king. It can make or break your online image. So, to answer the question—yes, every Shopify store comes with a blogging platform. You can make use of advanced features like SEO to publish refined content on your store’s blog.

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For those who are still not aware of what blogs are, here’s a quick overview of what it is and what it does.

Blogging 101—A Quick Guide

Let’s keep this short because if you are reading this post most of you know very well what a blog is. For those select few who are in the dark, what you’re reading right now is a blog post. The internet is filled with blog posts and the websites that you find these posts on are called blogs.

In technical terms, a blog is a web page with any type of content. This content allows your audience to connect to your business on a deeper level as it is written in the simplest format in an informal tone (generally).

On the same page now?

Over the years blogs have spread all across the internet and help individuals and businesses around the world. Now let’s see some benefits of going the extra mile and writing blog posts to promote your products or business.

Reasons to Start Blogging Now!

Here’s why blogging has taken the entire Shopify community by storm:

  • Drives more traffic to your store

Take a look at these three instances and decide which of these lead generation tactics you may prefer over blogging.

Scenario 1

A person types your store’s name in the search bar. This is a client you already have, you cannot generate more leads as people won’t randomly guess your store’s name.

Scenario 2

You buy an email list and spam them with emails about your store and products. In this case, There’s nothing else you can do but hope that they open your email. The chances are pretty slim if you ask me and don’t forget that it is illegal.

Scenario 3

Before you counter my email tactic saying you can buy traffic using paid ads which are certainly not illegal, that’s what this instance is about. Paid ads are great if you have heaps of money because once you’re out of cash, the traffic is directed to someone else’s store who does have the funds.

What if I told you there was a simple and free way to attract masses?

You guessed it, the answer is blogging.

  • Increases lead generation

The Best thing about blogs is you can include a call to action button that gets you the customer details. Place the CTA button alongside an offer the customer can’t resist and voila!

They’ll fill out the form asking for their details to redeem the offer. However, make sure you hold on to your end of the bargain and not just lead them on.

  • Helps establish authority

If you constantly upload blog posts that answer your target customer’s queries, you establish authority in their eyes. This helps them generate trust and move forward in the sales process.

Blogging on Shopify

“Why blog on Shopify?”

You wanted the answer so here it is—customer acquisition. As a store owner, your primary goal is to acquire as many customers as possible without spending most of your funds on unwanted marketing techniques.

Blogs plus effective content marketing strategies make for a dynamic combination. This helps you drop all the unnecessary marketing campaigns that cost a fortune.  Blogging is a great way to gather a loyal following and increase conversion rates. Unlike paid advertisements, blogs promote your brand in front of interested parties only.

Now let’s see some advantages of a Shopify blog post.

Benefits of Shopify Blog Posts

  • You can provide insights and opinions on the products and services you offer.
  • Educate others about the functioning or usage of the product or service.
  • Interested people can register for offers from your store using their email address. This helps you generate a legal email mailing list.
  • You close more deals than the phase where you had no blog.

However, merely writing a blog is not enough. It must be enchanting, it must persuade the reader to purchase your services or commodities.

How to Create Compelling Blog Posts to Attract Customers

To capture the attention of most customers it is necessary to write a blog post that appeals to them.

When you sign up for a Shopify store, you get access to a new blog called News. You can keep the same name, edit it, or create a new name from scratch. To write compelling blog posts to grab the attention of people, stay true to the customers and speak in non-technical terms. Create lists, add images, make the post as simple and short as possible allowing the readers to skim through it without facing any trouble.

To conclude, Shopify’s built-in blogging platform can help you promote your business for the minimum setup charges. You can rope in many customers by writing and publishing relevant content on these blogs. So, start publishing blog posts and see your store flourish.

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