Can You Cancel Bluehost At Any Time?

Can You Cancel Bluehost At Any Time

Bluehost is probably in your mind if you’re looking for web hosting –you’re reading this, after all. Now, before signing into it, it’s natural to wonder whether or not you have to commit fully or if you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Well, the short answer is yes. You can cancel your plan during the term established in your contract. In fact, you can get a complete refund if you do so during your first month after signing up.

You only need to contact their support team available at all times. If the time expires, you can still cancel your subscription, but it’ll run until the end of the term; you can still ask for prorated refunds, however.

Bluehost is an excellent choice for any website you want to run on any business. As such, let’s go over all you need to know before cancelling and see if it convinces you.

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Policies in Bluehost

You can cancel the service anytime you want for the duration of your contract. If you do so 30 days from the time you hired them, you can get a full refund.

If you cancel your plan before you finish the term, you won’t have to pay anything for renewal. That means you can take your money and pay for another hosting that suits you better after using Bluehost for a bit less than a month.

You can also receive a noticeable discount if you pay for a long-term subscription. Discounts usually increase with the time you pay, so paying for a 3-year plan will be cheaper than just a year (regarding monthly payments).

Do note that the refund only applies to what you paid for your hosting; additional costs like buying a domain won’t be refunded. If you only got a domain besides your plan, then you might be fine since many domains come for free.

You only need your Bluehost password and email address with you if you want to cancel. You also want to keep some backups for your website, mostly your databases and files. Bluehost’s cancellation includes deleting all your data from its platform.

How do you qualify for its money-back guarantee?

As stated, you can get your hosting money back if you cancel during the first month of the service. That applies to all new plans, whether new customers or taking out a new subscription.

You want to consider that you must not go over the 30-day lapse. If you do, you can still ask for a refund, but only a prorated one for your hosting term’s remainder; you also have to deal directly with the Bluehost staff.

Again, you won’t be refunded your domain registration; luckily, that means your domain remains yours even after cancelling your hosting service. You can leave it on the platform, but you can also move it into another register.

Your initial agreement and terms mark the start and the end of all cancellation obligations and related fees, so make sure you read that as well.

Cancelling your plan

You have several channels you can use for cancelling your hosting plan. The easiest one is the webchat online, followed by calling the team directly. You can also submit a support ticket, but that may take significantly longer. Finally, you can simply skip renewing your contract once your term ends, but that means you won’t get a refund.

Once you used one of the channels for submitting your request, you’ll be contacted to confirm your petition. The email sent to you will give you a link that takes you to the page where you can confirm the cancellation of your plan.

That’s where you must update your account information.

If you wish to cancel your plan directly from your account, then you must access your control panel and hit the “account” button at the top-right corner; there, click on “Products” inside the drop-down menu.

Next to your account, you’ll see a button that says “Renew”. Click on it and then on “Do Not Renew”. Finally, provide the reason why you’re cancelling your account if you want to offer some feedback and hit “Continue”.

Considerations before you cancel

Backup your website before you cancel your plan and store them offline; you don’t want to lose anything. You should also point your domain towards an alternative hosting service before you cancel so that your website stays live.

Make sure all your information is updated, and think about any products you might have registered with the platform. Think about what you have to do with them.


There you go; you can cancel your Bluehost subscription at any time. If anything, now you know you don’t have to commit to something you may not like at the end.

You even get your money back after a full month of trying it if you didn’t like its service! At least, it means you should give it a try! Click here to try it out!

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