Can You Get A 60-Day GetResponse Trial (Read Here)

“Wow, email marketing is still popular!”

Believe it or not, just $1 spent on email marketing could yield you a return of $38!

Many online businesses now realise the importance of keeping contact with their customers.

Email marketing lets you set a steady influx of information for your clients. It’s an excellent way of increasing awareness for your offers, discounts, and new products.

When it comes to optimal email use, GetResponse is one of the best tools available out there. You can categorise your lists, use optimised email templates, and automate your email process.

Now imagine having it for two months entirely without costs!

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Is There a 60-Day Trial?

Well, that question might catch you off guard. Why would tease you about it and then question it?

Well, trust me: you’ll rather I did that instead of what happens the most with that type of offer.

You see, GetResponse released with a 60-day trial offer. The promotion aimed only towards an exclusive list of people, and it’s no longer possible to acquire it.

Today, you can find many people offering the precious 60-day offer. However, they’re often just trying to trick you into giving them your valuable info. They’ll send you suspicious links or ask for your email and personal data; it’s quite sketchy.

I know it sounds like a bummer, but you’d be glad to know that there’s still a trial available. Even better, it’s for 30 days.

How Can You Get This Trial?

The first clue that this is the legitimate offer is that you get it through the GetResponse official website. Once you enter the Trial Page, it asks you to set a name, email address, and password.

Once you do that, click the activation link and your trial will be active for 30 days. You’re free to do whatever you want with it for a month.

You don’t commit to anything. You can cancel the trial at any time. In the end, it asks if you want to pay for a plan, but you can choose not to if you don’t want.

What Do You Get With The Trial?

GetResponse offers an extensive list of tools aimed towards email marketing. The platform strives to provide all the solutions you need for a practical email marketing approach.

GetResponse offers templates, response automation, list categorisation, and many other features. The best part about the 30-day trial is that you gain access to all features included in GetResponse.

Additionally, you have 1,000 spaces for contacts in your mailing list. It’s more than enough to start, and it’s all available for a full month with zero costs.

If you wish to learn more about the platform, here are some of the features you’ll get.

Building landing pages

You can build landing pages quickly with a drag-and-drop editor that requires zero knowledge. Anyone can exploit this feature for creating responsive pages throughout all devices.

It gets simpler: you have full access to optimised templates. You can use these for reducing your landing page creation to a few clicks and changes.

The drag-and-drop editor also makes GetResponse useful for more than email marketing. You can use this functionality for opt-in forms, individual pages, or even one-page websites.

The tool comes with several functions for measuring the performance and conversion rates of your pages.

Automate your marketing

As your business grows, you’ll find the need for having your processes automated. Luckily, GetResponse helps you by making the process straightforward.

You can use the platform for building workflows and set them for specific visitors that act on your landing pages. These work as triggered auto-responders, and you can set them up to contact visitors who do certain things.

You can customise the messages to your liking. That way, you can make them feel more humane and increase customer experience.

Additionally, you also have the option of grouping your subscribers. That way, you can specify which messages you want them to receive and when.

Creating webinars

GetResponse supports webinars, and the best part is that anyone can create them without a lot of effort.

You can use the system to create schedules for your webinars and create more leads through email invitations. You can remind your subscriber lists of the upcoming dates, and anyone attending can join through any mobile device.

If that’s not enough, you can load your webinars without having to install any software. The options are to download and playback. You can use series for follow-ups and keep track of the attendance; you have all the tools you need to start and improve your webinars.

Analytics and testing

It doesn’t matter which marketing approach you’re using; if you can’t monitor the results, you’re hardly accomplishing anything.

Thankfully, GetResponse lets you analyse the results and gives you all the data you need.

The analysis and report functionality for the platform is outstanding. You have little limitations regarding how you can manage the data it shows you. You can use charts, visualisations, many types of graphs; all of them show you from clicks to bounces and customers who unsubscribe.

The reports reach you instantly, and they work in real-time.

Closing Thoughts

Not many marketing approaches have the same efficiency as email marketing. Likewise, not many platforms have as many functionalities as GetResponse.

The best part is that the 30-day trial lets you use every feature on the platform. You have zero limits for a month, and you can drop-out or renew it with a paid plan if you liked it.

Just keep in mind the first words you read: this period is the only real trial version available for GetResponse. Anything longer than 30 days available in any other site than GetResponse’s official website is something you don’t want in your life.

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