Cheapest Website Building And Hosting Solution. Get This

I can picture two case scenarios, now that you landed on this article. 

There is a chance you are a budding entrepreneur who is looking for a quality website building tool and hosting to start your digital venture. 

Or are you someone who is already running a website but struggling to keep at pace with the growing army of digital marketers? 

If none of the above, you are probably looking for a cheaper option that won’t make you compromise with the quality that you expect.

Whichever pickle you are stuck at, you are going to find a quick and easy solution here. 

Just designing a kickass website is not enough anymore. You would still strive to rank well and reach a wider range of audience unless it’s rightly optimized. 

A marketer should have a clear idea about the key parameters to consider before investing in a website builder. 

In this article, I will walk you through all that and give you an option that is undoubtedly the best in the market. And as far as pricing is concerned, how about if I say, you can start without spending a single penny?

Intriguing right? Let’s get started.  

GrooveFunnels: The Cheapest Website Building And Hosting Platform 

GrooveFunnels is recently a popular choice among digital marketers that has been around since


It’s an all-in-one funnel builder software incorporated with every sales and marketing tool that makes your life a lot easier.

The main idea behind GrooveFunnels is to cut all your extra costs paid to different marketing tools for different purposes. 

GrooveFunnels is the fastest growing digital marketing platform with a vision to reach the #1 position by 2023. 

No matter if you are a small independent business or already running a monetized website, having a well optimized sales tool will get way more paid traffic, almost five times the money you made with a website, a very organized business growing faster every day and a noticeable increase in conversion rate.

Mike Filsaime (the former CEO of Kartra) started GrooveFunnels as a page builder. In early 2020 the software was still in beta and they were offering three Groove tools for free: GroovePages, GrooveSell and GrooveAffiliate. Now there are a total of 20 tools in this.

GrooveFunnels replaces so many tools like ClickFunnels, MailChimp, GoDaddy, and itself works as a digital marketing hub for all sorts of resources. 

After all, you are looking for the cheapest platform, right? And you are getting one that is even accessible for free. I mean, sure, there are paid memberships, but the free lifetime deal is more than enough to give your business a rapid boost.  

See some perks of having GrooveFunnels:

  • Create full product funnels and fully navigated websites for your brand
  • Integrate a domain that you purchased elsewhere with their free hosting
  • Sell products with 1-click upsell, downsell and order bumps
  • Create your own affiliate program or be a member of GrooveAffiliate and earn commission
  • Membership of their private Facebook group, a community with over 100,000 members, to connect with marketing experts
  • No prior coding knowledge required
  • All the GrooveFunnels apps are integrated

How Do You Choose The Best Website Builder

While looking for a decent website builder, three aspects should be kept in mind: hosting, search engine optimized pages and reasonable pricing.

Many website building tools are available in the market like, Weebly, Squarespace, ClickFunnels but none of them fulfills this checklist. 

You don’t have to take my words for it when I say GrooveFunnels does. This article is packed with information that will support this statement to every bit. 

There are valid reasons why GrooveFunnels is facing all the hype and now let’s see why it is your best shot for website building purposes.

GrooveFunnels As A Website Builder: GroovePages

GrooveFunnels has its own website building tool called GroovePages, integrated with the other apps in the software. 

With GroovePages, you can design very effective, pro and crisp looking websites, landing pages and sales funnels.

Once you sign in to GrooveFunnels, you are taken to the simple and clean dashboard page. From here, you can quickly start building your website or landing page with the ‘drag and drop’ feature of GroovePages.

As they use pre-customized block technology, you can personalize your web pages by dragging and dropping page building elements (such as icon, content box, progress bar, headers, footers, navigation menus, countdown timer) anywhere you want them to be. Also, you can directly apply any template from their pre-customized template library.

Do one-click upsells, downsells, bump orders and make a profit from impulse purchases. It connects your landing page with an email provider so that it helps to generate leads.

You can customize the website differently as suitable for different devices like mobile, desktop, laptop, iPad etc.

Web hosting

One of the most vital reasons to choose GrooveFunnels is that they provide free hosting for up to three custom domains.

Knowing what hosting and domain name means and what they can cost you otherwise can help you understand the value of this offer. 

A web hosting provider is the storehouse of all the data and files of your website. And as it is not possible to remember all the IP addresses (which is a string of numbers), every website is assigned a unique domain name.

You can imagine the hosting service as the house of your website. And the unique URL (domain name) of your website is like the address of that house.

To start website building, you can buy a hosting and domain from the same or separate providers.

Here is a list of some hosting and domain providers, along with their pricing.

Domain name providers :

  •  NameCheap – $8.88 – $12.98/year
  •  GoDaddy – $1.95 – $23.95/year
  • Google – Starts at $12/year

Hosting providers :

  • Bluehost – $3.95 – $79.99/ month
  • SiteGround – $6.99 – $14.99/ month
  • InMotion Hosting – $23.99 – $99.99/ month

Doesn’t this free hosting offer for up to three custom domains seem like a jackpot, now that you know what it will cost you elsewhere on a monthly or yearly basis?

Most A-list all-in-one marketing tools suites like Wix, ClickFunnels, LeadPage, Builderall or Kartra offer this kind of service only to their premium members. In any cheap website building platform, you will have to outsource hosting and domain from providers like BlueHost or SiteGround.

SEO Optimized Pages

Because they are offering this kind of shocking pricing plans like a free account or lifetime platinum deal for a one-time payment, doubts might occur in your mind about their credibility.

It’s very natural to question the quality of a free or cheap service. Well, you have absolutely no reason to think of this as a scam.

They use top-notch Amazon servers as hosting hubs for their websites.

Creating an official website for your business is just not enough. It is important that it ranks in Google or Yahoo searches and shows up on the top search results.

For that, your webpage has to be search engine optimized with the right keywords targeting the right audience. 

The loading speed of a web page is also an essential factor. A slow loading site will never stand out in Google ranking.

GrooveFunnels here solves all that issues for you. 

GrooveFunnels uses an extremely progressive Javascript in its system, called Vue.js. This way, the full page is loaded in HTML and doesn’t call servers to load the pages. As a result, websites built in GroovePages load a lot faster than any other sites. The loading speed is almost 1.5 seconds, which is brilliant.

To rank in Google, mobile-first indexing is important. Mobile compatibility of GrooveFunnels products ensures SEO optimization.

GroovePages Pricing 

GrooveFunnels doesn’t yet offer any option to get the apps individually on a subscription basis. So when even if you need a website builder, you get access to a bunch of other GrooveFunnels tools at the same cost. 

As of the writing of this article, GrooveFunnels has listed two pricing plans on their website: Free Base Account and Lifetime Platinum Deal.

What is GrooveFunnels Free Base Account?

  • It’s a 100% free subscription deal. They won’t even ask for your credit card details.
  • This offer lasts for a limited period of time. 
  • The validity of the free account is lifetime. You can upgrade anytime later.
  • Now better than before, you get instant free access to 20 powerful Groove apps. 

To sign for free today, click here

Upgrade to Lifetime Platinum

For additional features like an email list of up to 25k contacts or 40% commission rate with GrooveAffiliate, you can upgrade anytime to their Lifetime Platinum Deal.

This costs a one-time payment of $1397. This is a lifetime Pro membership, available for a limited time. 

Benefits Of Getting A Free Account 

As I have mentioned before, GrooveFunnels is not all about funnel building and with this free version, you can accomplish a lot more. Other than GroovePages Lite, you get two more classic Groove apps, GrooveSell and GrooveAffiliate. And as all Groove apps are integrated, they work in a correlated pattern. 


As the name suggests, it’s a sales cart through which you can sell products, set pricing, customize thank you pages, and check out pages. You can sell  physical or digital products like courses, tutorial videos, offer digital services, design and sell your funnels. 


Even as an unpaid member, you can earn money being a part of their affiliate program. Here you promote GrooveFunnels products, and if any of your leads sign up with your referral code, you earn 20% commission per sale. 


So I hope this elaborate discussion clears up all your queries regarding website building with GrooveFunnels. 

And what is cheaper than free?

GrooveFunnels provides free hosting up to three custom domains, an autoresponder GrooveMail to create sequence automated mailing list and start email broadcasting, GrooveVideo, GrooveWebinars for video streaming, GrooveCalender to schedule your meetings and calls, GrooveBlog to start your personal blog, GrooveMember, GrooveDesk and a bunch of other useful services – all for free.

This is crazy! It’s even better than a regular trial because a regular trial eventually ends. But this is a free account for a lifetime; no need to worry about cancellation or auto-renewal.

So go ahead!