Clearing Up GrooveFunnels Confusion: A Detailed Look Into The Current Offer (2021)

Find out GrooveFunnels Pricing & A Detailed Look Into The Current Offer Below!

Clearing Up GrooveFunnels Confusion: A Detailed Look Into The Current Offer (2021)

GrooveFunnels has been making a lot of noise lately: former Kartra developer Mike Filsaime and members of the same platform’s team launching a new platform. There’s definitely reasons to feel excited about the new offer, specially considering a few amazing offers related to the platform.

For instance, you can sign up for a free GrooveSell account: a shopping cart app like SamCart but completely free. You also get GroovePages Lite, a page builder, along with the offer: free forever.

But what’s the complete offer? Well, let’s take a look.

GrooveFunnels overview: what exactly is it?

GrooveFunnels is a full marketing suite, which could be compared to Kartra: an all-in-one marketing solution with all apps you need in a single platform. However, it’ll integrate even more tools than Kartra into its full package.

You’ll be able to build websites, funnels and checkouts, host video and webinars, create customer support hubs, host courses and membership sites, sell products along with affiliate programs, automate your email marketing, and more.

It’s basically a toolkit made up by GrooveApps; these apps are the solutions for every marketing process. GrooveMail handles email marketing, GrooveWebinars handles your webinars, and so on.

I’ll detail the most important GrooveApps when I get to the overview for the Platinum plan.

How does the backer program work?

The backer program is how you get access to the lifetime offer for GrooveFunnels, and it’s part of what’s made GrooveFunnels grow so much in such a small time. It lets you save up well over $3,000 or more in similar platforms.

Besides, you’ll have access to the $299 plan—which would be $3,600 after a year—for as little as $1,397 and as much as $2,256. It’s an amazing chance to save quite a bit of money for anything else you want.

You’ll also get all future updates, new templates and GrooveApps, and more well after you’re done with any payment. You won’t have to pay anything during the beta trial, either; you can effectively use GrooveFunnels for free right now.

Can you become an affiliate?

The basic commission for GrooveFunnels is 20% on all plans up to Gold users. This commission is both for the initial payment as well as all recurrent subscription renewals, so you might be set for a good while after a few years even if you get just a couple of customers each month.

What’s amazing about this program is that free users still get their 20% commission for all referrals to the platform. Not only can you promote GrooveFunnels for free, but you can even use the tools available in the base account—like GroovePages Lite—to promote the platform.

If you need another reason to consider the lifetime offer, then what about getting double commissions? That’s right, Platinum members will be able to sell GrooveFunnels for a 40% rate on all plans and recurrent payments.

You could even make your money back—the one you spent on the lifetime deal—in less than a year depending on which plans you sell and how many customers you get.

Then, there’s the virtually automatic commissions for your emails.

How does that work?

Well, GrooveFunnels will likely implement smaller branding to its products: things like a GrooveFunnels link on your email or page footers. This is often removable for premium accounts on other platforms, but you might want to keep them.

That’s because GrooveDigital will pay out commissions to its lifetime users just because of that branding. You’ll be able to turn it off if you want, but leaving it on will basically give you some free money.

Let’s talk about prices

GrooveFunnels will be released with 4 account types after release: from a free tier all the way to the premium Platinum version. They’re all monthly subscriptions.

The free account is actually the current GrooveSell deal with GroovePages Lite and GrooveAffiliate.  The Silver and Gold accounts are standard upgrades for $99 and $199, and each one will implement more GrooveApps into the package, like GrooveMail, GrooveQuiz, GrooveDesk, and GrooveVideo, among others

The Platinum account is the full version of GrooveFunnels, with all current and future GrooveApps included. This plan is special because of its offer, and I’m not talking about its $299 monthly price tag.

The Platinum version of GrooveFunnels is the lifetime offer for the beta tester program. Let’s take a look at it now that we’re here.

The lifetime deal

If you sign up for the free account with GrooveSell and GroovePages lite, you’ll be a member of GrooveFunnels. You then have the option to use GrooveFunnels for free until its full release.

If you decide to upgrade to GrooveFunnels, then you’ll be categorized as part of the backer program, and you’ll get the platinum version of GrooveFunnels for a single fee. You can pay 3 different prices:

  1. You can pay a single fee for $1,397.
  2. You can pay 3 fees for $497.
  3. You can pay 6 fees for $288.
  4. You can pay 12 fees for $188.

Naturally, paying in installments will be a bit more expensive, but it’ll still save you money in the long-term by letting you skip the monthly subscription all together. After you’re done with either of the 4 payments, you’ll never have to pay anything ever again.

GroovePages overview: both Lite and full versions

GroovePages Lite is the current free version of the platform you can get with GrooveSell: you can use wireframe blocks and edit all of your pages and templates extensively. You get your own premium blocks and templates from the main library.

You have full access to all the templates in your starter pack, and you’re free to build a limited amount of funnels and pop-ups. Hosting is completely free with both GroovePages version.

However, your GroovePages Lite creations will be hosted as a subdomain, which can be annoying because of the longer URLs, like You’re also limited to 3 sites.

If you upgrade to GroovePages Pro (the complete version), then you’ll have unlimited access to all current and future templates. You also get premium blocks and all future types to be added into the platform.

You can host all the websites, pages and funnels you want with the Pro account. Hosting is completely free for your custom domains, too. You’ll also get unlimited bandwidth and pop-ups as well as access to royalty-free visuals along with your free SSL certificate.

What do you get with the Platinum account?

As I said, this is the full GrooveFunnels experience: all the apps and features you’ll ever need from a single package. Let me explain the Platinum plan at once since it also means describing the most important GrooveApps anyway.

Email marketing

With GrooveMail, you’ll have your own CRM solution without needing any integration. People could compare it to MailChimp, but it’s a much more complete solution like Infusionsoft.

You can automate your email marketing using behavioral tags for a much more personalized experience. You can send specific emails depending on whether they watched up to a certain point in a video, clicked a link, attended a webinar, and more.

You can have up to 25,000 contacts—as well as import them—without any extra fees other than your GrooveFunnels subscription (or lifetime account). I could save you up to several hundred dollars every month.

If you need even more contacts, then don’t worry. There’s not an official price yet, but Mike Filsaime has already stated the goal is to keep GrooveMail cheaper than its competitors. 

Membership websites

You’ll also be able to host entire membership websites for your courses with GrooveMember. It’ll work like Kajabi or Kartra’s membership solutions, with different membership tiers.

You can restrict content for specific membership tiers, and you can offer specific bonuses and downloads for your members. It’ll also integrate seamlessly with both GrooveAffiliate and GrooveSell.

Video hosting

GrooveVideo is basically an in-built Vimeo: you can host your own videos with your GrooveFunnels account. It’ll save you the stress of having to manage 2 different platforms while still loading a lot faster than its competitors.

The video player will also be fully customizable with a marketing orientation. You can split-test different pages and players for your videos, change the look of your player, and even display offers and CTAs during the videos.

It’ll also integrate with other GrooveApps, the most exciting being GrooveMail and its tagging functionality. You can create special tags for people who watched the full video or only up to a certain point for followups. If they didn’t see the special offer, you can email it to them.


A common complaint with Kartra and similar solutions is the lack of a blog feature. Well, GrooveBlog will be a solid alternative to WordPress and other platforms.

Sure, it won’t have the sheer amount of features and customization as an open-source platform, but not everyone needs that. You’ll be able to create a blog, new posts, and enjoy excellent in-built SEO features from the GrooveFunnels platform.

You’ll also be able to edit the format for your entries: paragraphs, up to 5 heading types, lists, fonts, alt tags, meta data, and more.

Calendar and help desk

GrooveCalendar and GrooveDesk are 2 smaller apps that can still make a big difference for your user experience.

GrooveCalendar will let you display a real-time calendar based on your own availability. Your customers will be able to schedule their own appointments with you, so it’s perfect for consultants, coaches, teachers, and similar occupations.

It’ll also integrate with GrooveSell, so your customers will be redirected to your checkouts as soon as they schedule the appointment.

GrooveDesk is basically a help desk app built into GrooveFunnels. You can offer ticket support, live chat, and more, as well as a knowledge base—like a product wiki—with tutorials and FAQs in case your customers want to troubleshoot themselves.

Quizzes and surveys

Both GrooveQuiz and GrooveSurvey will let you create different forms and tests for your customers. They’re basically 2 iterations of the same platform for different purposes, and both will integrate with GrooveMail if you want to collect leads from your quizzes.

If you want to create smaller quizzes to attract people to your business, then these are everything you need. You can ask for their email address at the end of the quiz and followup on them with your different products and services related to the quiz they took.

Page builder

GroovePages lets you create all the pages, funnels, and even entire websites you need. The Lite version is 100% free, and you can use all of its features for a limited amount of websites and funnels.

The full version lets you do everything you want, as well as include your own domains. It’s an incredibly flexible solution with plenty of templates and features to let you create stunning pages and funnels.

It also integrates with GrooveSell, GrooveMember, GrooveWebinars, and other GrooveApps that require you to build special pages. You won’t have to worry about getting used to different builders.

Platinum users will also have access to GroovePages for Shopify. It’s basically an app that will be released to the Shopify marketplace, and it’ll otherwise cost $49 monthly. If you get the lifetime account for GrooveFunnels, you’ll have full access in case you already have a Shopify store—or want to build one.


Finally, GrooveWebinars will be a solid competitor to platforms like WebinarNinja, GotoWebinar, and even Mike’s older platform: WebinarJam.

It’ll work just like those platforms while including more modern technology and features from several competitors into a single package. You’ll be able to host live webinars as well as webinar series with a flexible scheduling tool.

However, you can also display pre-recorded webinars during live events and even host completely automated webinars. For the latter, you’ll be able to simulate live chats by receiving notifications every time someone makes a question.


Even if you don’t want to spend money on the platform, I must recommend you try out GrooveSell. It’s completely free, fully functional, and you’ll even get GroovePages lite for your funnels and pages.

Besides, you can start promoting GrooveFunnels right away even with the basic plan.

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