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Clickbank Alternatives

If you are an experienced marketer, then you would be no stranger to Clickbank. Many marketers use it as a platform to find the best affiliates for high-converting products. Many marketers also recognize Clickbank for its impressive number of products, but recently, you will find that most of them are no longer there. For example, there are specific niches that do not have enough products for you to market. Unfortunately, also not everyone can have access to its other great benefits due to its restrictions. For example, it isn’t available in certain countries. Therefore, today we will look at some alternatives that will help you excel as an affiliate marketer without using Clickbank. In fact, you might even find some of these alternatives more useful! To help you excel, we will be discussing these alternatives, including how you can sign up.


WarriorPlus is a free platform where you can find affiliate products to promote. You can also sell your own products or even buy products for yourself. Products on WarriorPlus are mostly online marketing products. If you join as an affiliate, your payment will come in commission from the sellers upon completing each sale. There are also no fees, so you can assure to get your refund in full. One of the attractive points for WarriorPlus is that it is pretty flexible and doesn’t require commitment upfront. I mean that you can simply just join the platform and only apply for an affiliate if you are interested. Or if you don’t find anything, you can also just search for products that you might want or even sell your own.

What if I don’t like WarriorPlus?

And if you don’t find anything that tickles your fancy, simply switch all notification settings off at ‘Account Settings > My Account, and they won’t be bothering you any further. Nonetheless, from my personal experience, WarriorPlus is an excellent platform for sellers to promote products. You can set for yourself how much percentage commission you want to pay to your affiliates.


JVZoo is a platform that is popular in the online money making scene. What you can find on the platform are software or products that mostly centre around the remote working or work from home sector. In fact, you can probably also find affiliates or vendors that are also on Clickbank and WarriorPlus. In general, the products range from writing and business to spiritual, health, family products, and products that entrepreneurs can use for success. Products on JVZoo usually start as very affordable products, but once you delve deeper, you will be met with funnels and upsells. Overall, JVZoo is also an ideal platform for Launch Jacking because it focuses on the big hype launches. If you’re not familiar with Launch Jacking, it is a technique used to drive a lot of sales in a short span of time and usually done during initial product launches. The methods used usually include scarcity techniques and other sales tactics.

Signing up for JVZoo

The signup process for JVZoo is seamless and straightforward. You just need to apply for each product that you want to promote and provide some information on how you plan on promoting them. To go about this, you can simply explain some simple techniques, such as using social media or email marketing. These are generally quite good answers that will get you accepted, and you can start promoting your affiliate products! You can find some products that will get you automatic approval, but this is only for unique products. It is also important to note that you might be subjected to late payouts of up to two months if you have a bad previous track record.

Commission Junction (CJ)

Commission Junction, or as its widely known abbreviation on the market CJ, boasts itself as the largest and most established platform for affiliate marketing. CJ’s primary specialty is in promoting mostly physical products for established companies via discounts, coupons, and other sales tactics. Some of the notable companies that they’ve partnered with include GoPro, Barnes and Noble, J Crew, and much more. While the commission payout on Commission Junction isn’t as significant as other platforms, many marketers use it for its authority and reputation that can effectively convert customers who land on their site.


AWIN has been in the game for quite some time. You probably might remember them under their previous name, Zanox, that has been around since 1997. Having years in the game, the platform currently has offices around the world with approximately 1,000 employees, 13,000 advertisers, and more impressively, 100,000 publishers on its platform. AWIN also has a global presence in 180 countries and counting. To give you a taste of how successful AWIN is in the industry, the company managed to rake in 12 billion pounds in advertising revenue and another whopping 540 million pounds for publishers. Today, AWIN specializes in a bunch of niches, including finance, retail, travel, telecommunication, and much more. They also have partnered with notable companies like Asos, ESI Media, Business Insider, to name a few. AWIN is an excellent place if you want to search among an extensive list of great products to market.

Signing up for AWIN

The signup process for AWIN is easy, and all it takes are four simple steps. The first thing to do is set up your account with your complete information. Then, choose which country you wish to promote and the marketing strategies you want to use. After this, you need to input a promotional space that can be either your website, blog or social media. Lastly, there is also a two-step verification process and a $5 screening fee, which will be refunded to you once your account has been approved. However, as with most affiliate programs, you need to meet specific criteria like having an existing (quality) website in your niche.


Digistore24 is a new kid on the scene, and as the name says, they focus mostly on promoting digital products, including courses, ebooks, training that surrounds the online money-making niche. While they specialize in promoting digital products, topics for these products can range from food and drink, to things like social media and photography. One thing that sets Digistore24 apart from its competitors is that they have live seminars for specific products that they promote under their own category. The main reason people sign up for Digistore24? Juicy commissions of up to 90% for some of their products!


Kartra is a little more robust as it’s not just a marketing platform but also a funnel builder, an email autoresponder, and other relevant digital marketing tools under one roof. What’s excellent about Kartra is that affiliates will never run out of product ideas to promote. Niches on the platform range from Business, Finance, to even religious products. You can simply just go on the platform for product ideas.

Signing up for Kartra

Applying to Kartra is easy, but getting approval can take a few days. One way of speeding up your approval is to provide as much information as possible so that they know that you are a serious marketer. If you don’t seem credible, you might not get approved, so you will not reap the many benefits of Kartra.


ShareASale is another platform that focuses on marketing physical products. Just like the AWIN, as mentioned above, the platform partners with notable product stores ranging from clothing to pet food. ShareASale also aims to promote smaller scale eCommerce stores or sites that are slow moving. One downside is that commissions on ShareaSale, like with most physical product platforms and smaller scale eCom stores, are slightly lower. However, you can sell more expensive items that get you $500 in commissions or even $100 per lead. You can also find online products on ShareaSale such as website building tools, domain registrars, and even hosting providers. To discover what else you can market, just head on to their platform to get some ideas.

Signing up to ShareASale

The only hassle for signing up with ShareaSale is that you need an existing website to complete the signup process. Then, your first step to working with ShareaSale is to head to their website and click on the ‘I’m an Affiliate’ button to initiate the signup process. Doing this, you will be automatically directed to a page where you are required to fill in your login details like username and password. After this, click ‘move on to step 2’. The next step will prompt you for your website details, including the URL and site language. To complete the signup process, you also need to input other information like your address and also payment information. Unfortunately, the platform doesn’t use PayPal, but you can opt for a physical check or ACH, which will also take a few days to be approved.


MarketHealth, as the name suggests, is in specific wellbeing, weight loss, and health niche. They have physical products such as supplements, teas, and creams. If you are marketing in this niche, you would be missing out if you don’t sign up for MarketHealth! This platform generally works if you have a platform to advertise these physical products like a website or social media account. Displaying these products can boost sales. On the downside, most of these products do not have paid-per-click or paid adverts, which means you can only use social media accounts or your website to boost visibility. However, if you do have a website or social media with decent traffic, the payout is quite significant, and you get paid twice a month.

eBay Affiliate program

Large sites like eBay usually have their own affiliate programs. However, the eBay affiliate program is not an affiliate network, and people generally don’t use it as their primary affiliate marketing program of choice. However, it is worth noting as it is one of the first programs on the market, and the site does have authority when it comes to generating traffic and increasing conversions. Many people enjoy using eBay due to its comprehensive option of niches that will satisfy everyone’s wants and needs. However, another downside is that eBay is also usually not the first choice due to its lower commissions of around 5%.

Signing up to eBay

Since its first launch, eBay has come a long way as they have been improving their program. All you need to do is sign up using your eBay account and follow their simple steps to begin promoting their affiliate products. Unlike some other platforms, eBay has lesser restrictions.

Amazon Affiliate Program (Amazon Associates)

Everyone in the whole world recognizes the power of eCommerce giant, Amazon. The platform is so extensive and spans multiple countries across the globe. Therefore, you can only imagine how successful the Amazon Affiliate Program can be. Initial commissions can seem quite low for some marketers as it is often capped at 12%. But after using the Amazon Affiliate Program for some time, I learned that it is more significant in the upselling of products, which can increase the volume of products in your customer’s carts! What this means is that you get to sell more of your products and earn more profits! For example, if a customer is only searching for one product, Amazon’s upsell techniques can influence customers to pick up more items that will go hand in hand with their initial product. This sales tactic has been proven to work! Amazon Affiliate is the best and most straightforward way to monetize your blog or website.

Signing up for the Amazon Affiliate Program

There are four steps that will bring you closer to earning big bucks. To qualify for the program, you need to have an existing blog, website, or any platform where you can build traffic. If you don’t, don’t worry as you can create one in no time and with a bunch of free help online. Once you have your site, head to the Amazon Associates homepage to start building your profile. Lastly, start creating your affiliate links and begin promoting them! As easy as these steps might sound, to truly excel and see profits coming in, you should focus on building authority so that more traffic comes to your site. The more traffic you have, the more possibility of earning big profits. Having a general idea of promoting traffic is also something Amazon wants to understand, so it’s best to have a marketing strategy in place to boost your chances of approval.


Today, there are gazillion opportunities to make money online, and affiliate marketing is one of the industry favourites besides eCommerce.

Why? Because affiliate marketing is a simple, yet highly rewarding business opportunity.

Nevertheless, what can make or break your business depends on the right research, and also the right products and affiliate program to join. One thing that you can learn from this review is that there are many more alternatives than everyone’s favourite Clickbank platform.

This list of alternatives can help you find the right affiliate program for your niche, and to help kickstart your affiliate marketing career.

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