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There are many tools available for social and digital marketing. It is a tool that combines email commerce, content creation, and virtual stores.

Other tools include community management platforms, payment gateways. All these tools help to develop successful online businesses allowing an enormous scope of business.

Get the Longest Clickfunnels Trial Available

First, Some Bad And Good News

The first thing to mention is that ClickFunnels initially came out with a demo version. The version contained all the available Premium tools and allowed the user to test the application.

The bad news is that this version is not currently available, the good news is that there are new things possible.

However, there’s still a 14-day trial version; with this, you will be able to try the tools for free. The platform is updated continuously, and you will be able to test it with all features. In addition, you can buy it whenever you like; you will have that option from the beginning or when the test time ends.

How Does This Trial Work?

To access the trial version of ClickFunnels, the main thing is to enter the main website. Among the options, you will find a link that shows you the icon “Start Free 14 Day Trial Now”; click here to start the process. You first need to fill out the form with your data and access the platform to start the process.

When you enter your data and send it to the system, it sends a confirmation email to your email address. Once you receive the email link, click on it, and your account will be confirmed and validated. The trial version is now activated with all the functions inherent to the system.

What Comes With The Free Trial?

Here is another good news for you; the trial version includes all the tools available in ClickFunnels. You will be able to access the email marketing tools and distribute your brand massively.

Other tools you will find are the creation of content for your website and SEO positioning. You will be able to access multiple electronic payment gateways to make your sales faster and more effective.

With the trial version, you will be able to perform all the operations related to unified marketing. They range from the organization of customers and products and massive information broadcast to the sale of your products.

In short, with this version, you will be able to start your business for free and gain experience on the platform.

Optimized Design Templates

You can develop quality newsletters to distribute electronically to your customers and acquaintances. The design is interactive through high technology templates that the user selects and places in the process.

The newsletter can contain various elements such as images, links, text and videos. All the content is responsive; that is, it shows with a proper resolution on PC as well as smart devices.

The system guides you through each process, allowing you to modify each aspect, either with code or without it. The system automatically saves your progress, so as not to lose the development of your creation by accident.

Actionetics Access

It is a tool to execute a successful email marketing approach. The application delimits the scope of the mail to be sent. It even filters customers by their tastes and by the content of the newsletter developed in the system.

To filter the information, the system uses various data and tools, the first being the preferences written in the characteristics of the list of clients. The following data is the label of the publication, which specifies the type of market that the mail addresses.

The data allows the mail to be sent to the right people and not to overwhelm them or bore them with too much information.

Funnels for Webinars

You can create introductory videos for your products and services to offer to the public. These videos are called Webinars, and with ClickFunnels’ tools, you can create, filter and send them to your customers. The whole process is automated and user-friendly.

For the creation of the Webinars, you only upload the video snippets and proceed to combine them. You can also add sounds and effects, as well as the transition speed between graphic elements.

While creating, you can edit and send them to a specific group of customers and promote your products globally.

Backpack Access

Is a useful system for creating an affiliate system for promoting your products and services. The system allows you to create an application and software that will enable you to register your users and promote your merchandise. People can also help your products and make big profits.

The referral system allows a large number of Facebook-style profiles to register. Everyone can move a considerable volume of products and services and generate profits. You will be able to have the world selling your products, the help to earn money, and your income will multiply.


The pages contain encrypted codes to determine the number of people entering your pages. It is essential to know how many people access your pages. Another significant aspect is that it allows you to determine the preferences of your customers in your products.

Keeping a statistic of your site also allows you to evaluate the performance of your tools. It will enable you to know their behavior and make changes to improve the performance of your sales.

Shopping Cart Setup

ClickFunnels allows you to take advantage of electronic processors for accessibility and agility in your sales. You can pay using credit cards or payment processors like Paypal or Payoneer. Payments are instant and with low commissions.

Additionally, you can allow customers to make their purchases regardless of the country’s currency. ClickFunnels also manages Stripe, a platform that provides debit or credit card payments worldwide.

Final Thoughts

ClickFunnels is one of the leading marketing platforms today, and each feature it provides has the ability to boost your business significantly. Its trial version is all you need to decide whether or not it’s the last ingredient for success.

However, always keep in mind that the 14-day trial is the only version you can get; anything longer than that is surely a scam and you should stay well away from it.

Get the Longest Clickfunnels Trial Available

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