ClickFunnels Demo: See How ClickFunnels Works

ClickFunnels Demo

ClickFunnels was designed as a digital marketing tool.  The main objective of this platform is to turn each visitor you have on your website into a lead, and thus a constant customer. This platform was designed so that small entrepreneurs who do not have much knowledge about programming can easily create their pages.

Using ClickFunnels for building a sales funnel

Funnel setup

For this process, you have to follow three simple steps.

First, you have to log into your ClickFunnels account. Then, you have to click where it says Build Funnel. Another option is to click on “ClickFunnels” and look where it says “Build Funnel” in the menu.

Second, you have to click where it says “Classic Funnel Builder”, and there you have to select the features for your funnel.

Finally, you have to choose the name of your Funnel, and you can select a group tag. Then click on “Build Funnel”, and it will be created in your account.

Adding templates

The first step to add your templates, you have to look for the page “Funnel Step”, which is to the left side of the dashboard. There, you can observe the available templates. You have to click on the “+” symbol and select the button to add the model you want to your page.

Then you have to click on “Edit Page”. There, you will be able to personalize your card for your clients and businesses through the construction page.

Finally, with the help of the Edit Page, you can customize precisely as you want your page, and you can easily add or remove the element you want.

Adding products/integrations

If you want to add extra tools, go to your profile and click on “Account Settings”. When you are in this page, click on “Integrations”; you can see it on the left side of the menu box.

To choose your sales funnels, click on “Launch Checklist”. There, you get an option to register a website address.

You will continue adding your funnel email. You need to add Actionetics or a third-party SMTP integration.

Finally, to accept payments: if you created your sales funnel to sell any items, you have to create a Payment Gateway.

Why should you use ClickFunnels?

This platform was designed for digital marketing so that people can increase their sales by presenting various offers to their visitors.

This platform will allow you to convince users towards conversion subliminally. Through ClickFunnels, you’ll see your sales go up quickly. It gives you all the tools from a top-tier marketeer without you having to learn half of what they know.

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