Clickfunnels Discount: How to Get ClickFunnels at a Discount?

Clickfunnels Discount

The internet has been a huge game changer for virtually all sectors and industries around the globe, and if you’re looking to sell online, now is the right time. Most businesses have taken a place online today to increase their growth exponentially, and having it on the web makes it available to everyone everywhere.

You can sell products and services to anyone without knowing where they are, and it’s thanks to how the internet made the entire planet feel smaller.

Regardless, setting up an online store will guarantee nothing but chances. It’s up to you to take advantage of those opportunities by working hard; it’s still venturing after all.

Thankfully, there are many platforms that can ease the odds in your favor by also letting you skip a lot of preparation and knowledge that would’ve been essential a few years ago. ClickFunnels is one of the most popular today, and it’s easy to find people stating how they made thousands (or even millions) out of this program.

Running a business will teach you how hard it can be to get sales and profits. ClickFunnels was created to handle your marketing professionally, and it’s designed with a focus on getting potential customers from seeing your advertisement to clicking “BUY”.

There are tools available for everything, and ClickFunnels goes straight to the point: getting you sales.

Russell Brunson developed the platform almost 6 years ago, and it now ranks with top-tier solutions for your marketing. You can use it for creating funnels for virtually anything: webinars, sales, opt-ins, lead capture – you name it.

However, many small businesses and beginners may wince at the $97 minimum price tag, and many entrepreneurs had to skip it or delay their plans due to this price.

Don’t worry, you can get it at a lower price thanks to discounts, and there are several ways you can get one. Of course, there are many scams around, looking to take advantage of gullible newcomers, but many take the chance because of the huge amounts of money they can save while using the software.

I’ve compiled the legitimate ways you can get a discount and wrote them down below. Before you read, keep in mind that getting discounts do place limits on what you get with the platform, but you’re still getting enough for creating your first store and making the necessary money to pay for a full plan later on!

Funnel Builder Secrets

The FBS package is probably the most common deal people find today. It’ll net you between $1997 and $2997, and purchasing this offer gives you access to a special membership and training on creating and employing these funnels.

Having a successful business online can be tough due to the fierce competition everywhere, and you already know that. The FBS kit aims to give you all the tips you’ll require to gain a significant edge over other entrepreneurs.

The training will boost your skills and knowledge above most of your competitors. You’ll learn how to create, design, and exploit the different funnels, all explained from scratch and into professional level. You also get access to the platform that’ll teach you the latest in traffic direction.

That training alone plus the 6-month access is more than enough for the price, but you also get a plethora of bonuses to complement the huge value. Let’s go into the different ways you can get it.

Half a year

This package is the best if you’re just starting out. It’s the lowest price in the deal, and you get a massive amount of content that will set you up on the right track towards success for $1,997.

Besides the 6-month subscription to ClickFunnels’ Enterprise Account, you also have a free membership to Traffic Secrets and a masterclass (Funnel Hacks). You have a year of access to funnel scripts and funnel bonuses. It closes with the Funnel Builder Secrets course.

If you feel dissatisfied, you can ask for a refund within the first month.

1-year discount

You can also pay $2,997 for a full year discount on the same account, and it’s a common choice thanks to how much you save and the bonuses you get.

Besides the subscription, you have The Funnel Hacks and Builder Secrets masterclass and training, the unlimited funnel bonuses, the year access to funnel scripts, the membership to Traffic Secrets.

And you also have your 30-day guarantee in case you aren’t happy with it. It’s almost $1,000 cheaper than renewing your 6-month account.


For a $5,997 investment, you can get all of the previous features: the masterclass, the Traffic Secrets, training, your unlimited bonuses and yearly access to funnel scripts.

However, with the additional investment, you’re also getting coaching skills to ensure you can’t fail with whatever business you start. You also have the same money-back guarantee in case none of this was enough.

Funnel Hacks

It may seem like the same Funnel Builders Secrets package, and people tend to get confused between the two. However, Funnel Hacks is one of the additional bonuses inside the FBS offer, and it’s still a great offer on its own, letting you access to great training plus subscription to ClickFunnels with a significant deal.

You can access the Etison Suite by paying $167 instead of the standard cost, and you also get the Inception Secrets package, a 6-week masterclass, and 6 months’ access to the suite.

Secret 3rd method

You basically have two plans when you sign up to ClickFunnels: either $97 or $297. This third method will help you pay $37 instead of $97 every month. If you’re interested, I’ll break down the steps below.

First, you need to sign up to the platform here. When you create your first account, it’ll net you the usual monthly $97. However, the next step is what will give you your desired discount.

You want to cancel the account subscription. This may be confusing to some of you, but bear with me. It’s not actually cancelling the subscription, so don’t be scared.

You see, after you decide to cancel, the platform hits you with two new deals: $37 or $9 each month. Of course, it’s a marketing tactic to make people stay and not cancel the subscription, but it’s still something that you can exploit for yourself.

$37 monthly is over a 50% discount, and the plan is just what you need for testing the platform and its features. You get all the main functions from the platform, but you do have limits regarding its functionality.

This wouldn’t be my first choice, but you still have more than enough to play around, and it may be perfect for you if you’re a beginner.

Shared Funnels

The shared plan is the last legitimate method for getting ClickFunnels at a discount price, and it’s a fairly common trick for entrepreneurs with trustworthy acquaintances looking to get the platform as well.

From that description, you may have an idea of how it works by now, but you’ll be signing up for the platform with someone else, sharing the subscription. After you sign up, you get 2 weeks to try the platform for free, and once that’s done, you’ll be paying $19 each month for all the features.

As you may notice with simple math, $19 each month is almost an 80% discount from the cheapest plan. However, you do have a few shortcomings when choosing this. First, the discount limits your reach to 3 funnels you’re receiving. You can also edit only the funnels shared with you.

You can’t add other pages, but you’re still capable of creating single pages to use yourself, which is already a good start. However, if you need numerous funnels, then you should think about the other packages available.


ClickFunnels has become one of the most popular platforms since its inception, but the recent years have skyrocketed its fame according to the evolution of online marketing. Sales funnels are a famous and growing trend, and this platform has become the reference to how you should build them.

The only issue is the relatively high subscription prices, which tend to push smaller entrepreneurs away. However, there are still ways to access it and start building your business with a lower price, or with huge long-term savings.

Just stay clear of scammers. This article should be more than enough for that, so avoid falling for fake offers just trying to mess with you.

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