ClickFunnels for Dentists: How Dentists Can Grow Their Business With ClickFunnels! (2021)

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ClickFunnels for Dentists

Being a dentist is tough, but being a dentist with your practice is even tougher. This is because you’re essentially forced to be excellent in two skills for your business to succeed. Not only do you have to be a good dentist, but you also have to be a great entrepreneur. If your dental business is failing, this brief review in using ClickFunnels for dentists will help boost your business.

Businesses use sales funnels to guide their customers along the journey of your business. The start of the funnel is usually when the customer learns about your business, and in this instance, your dental practice. It could anything from word of mouth to paid advertisements. But essentially the journey along the funnel goes like this: your patients learn about your practice; they become interested in your business; once they’re interested, they decide to interact with you and leave their contact details and finally at the end of the funnel, they become your patient. We call this a positive conversion as you’ve successfully converted the prospect into a paying patient.

When this occurs via word of mouth, you’re limited to only your local area. It’s also very tiring, and not everyone is kind enough to refer you to everyone they meet. But if you take this to online marketing, you will be extending your reach to the most extensive platform ever, the internet. So obviously, this means a higher chance of getting high-quality prospects for your business.

Ineffectiveness of Traditional Methods

Traditional marketing methods are expensive and time-consuming. Word of mouth and paid advertisements can only go so far, and you will also be old and grey by the time you start seeing some traction. For example, with traditional paid ads such as billboards or newspapers, most people don’t even visit these media anymore. On top of that, if a potential customer wants to know more about you, they need to call your number and set up an appointment. And as for the word-of-mouth method, if the potential prospect learns about your business via a friend or family, they’d still have to look for your number or visit your practice to learn more about you. All of this still requires you to have someone (maybe yourself) to answer phone calls or emails on potential inquiries.

As you can see, this can only go so far. And if you want to expand your business, you need to think outside the box. Smart business owners know that if you want to see a difference, you need to make some changes. Smart business owners also know that digital marketing is the way to go.

ClickFunnels to Grow Your Practice

Using ClickFunnels will solve all the pain points that traditional marketing brings. Firstly, funnels will save both your money and time as you have everything in one place. You also get a broader reach of potential prospects, and you’re not limited to your local area. And most importantly, you will have the upper hand of targeting the right candidates that you want for your business. Gone are the days of wasting precious time on nurturing low-quality prospects.

You can imagine this scenario by picturing an actual funnel. The start of the funnel would be the wider part where you can take in hundreds of prospects at a time. Then, as the candidate goes along the funnel, the funnel gets smaller, and eventually, the winner (most potential candidate) is squeezed towards the end of the funnel. And the end of the funnel is successful when there is a sale or when a prospect successfully becomes your patient.

Design a high-performing funnel for your dental practice

You can use funnels to get whatever you want for your business as you have the authority to compel them to do what you want. For example, if its more patients you want, you can curate your funnel that way. Or, if you want to build your email marketing, you can also use a funnel to do that.

Here are the things you need to build an effective sales funnel with ClickFunnels:

1. Attention

As mentioned before, the start of the funnel begins when the prospect learns about your business. With ClickFunnels, you can get the attention of potential candidates by using social media such as Facebook and Instagram ads. These have been proven to be very successful in getting people’s attention. What would help even more is if you get creative with your advertisement material. You can use compelling video advertisements or pictures, or even special discounts and offers. Your goal is to get the prospect interested that they will want to know more about your business. If they’re interested, they will click through to the next stage of the funnel, which is your landing page.

2. Landing Page

Your landing page is like your website. But unlike a website, you only get one high-converting page that has all the components for a successful conversion. Your landing page should have your selling points, and you can even include a lead magnet that will compel prospects to leave their contact information. Thankfully, ClickFunnels come with useful tools to help you customize your landing page. You can also include useful tools and plugins that will further help you make a sale.

3. Deliver

The last step, of course, is that you need to deliver whatever you’ve promised on your landing page. This could be anything from the special offer that you’ve advertised, or just giving killer service as you’ve advertised on your page. If you do a terrible job at this stage, it can make or break your business.

4. Call To Action (CTA)

Call-to-Actions or (CTA) should be included somewhere in your sales funnels. It would help if you created a sense of urgency for your prospects to do something. Otherwise, all your efforts will go to waste. These CTAs could be anything, such as entering their personal information or opting for your newsletter. You can offer these CTAs in exchange for something that you want.

5. Retarget

The best part of having a ClickFunnels funnel in place is that you can capture prospect’s information for email marketing. Lead nurturing is when you continue to nurture a lead who’s not been successfully converted. If a prospect visits your page, they’re probably already interested but don’t need your service at the time. By retargeting them or nurturing them by sending emails or follow up with newsletters, they will remember you the next time they need some dental work done. With ClickFunnels, you can export this list of prospects and create a separate email campaign for them to encourage them to take action.

Why Dentists Should Use ClickFunnels

Having a sales funnel in place for your dental practice is the best way to get high-quality leads. What this means is that you won’t have to waste time and money on traditional measures that either don’t work or take a very long time. If your dental practice isn’t seeing any growth recently, its time to make some changes and jump on the ClickFunnels bandwagon. Let ClickFunnels be your one-stop marketing platform to grow your dental business.

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