ClickFunnels For Online Personal Trainers: Utilize this Free Funnel To More Clients! (2021)

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ClickFunnels For Online Personal Trainers

If you have a skill such as being a personal trainer, you might be limited by the number of one on one trainings you have in a day. For example, a client might take two hours of your time each, which means you can only take on 4 to 5 customers a day. Is there another way for you to reach more clients in a day? Yes! With the boom of the internet, and everything going online, online personal training is becoming a thing. No longer will you be limited to your local vicinity; you can also have a global outreach of clients! With busy work schedules, most people are also choosing to opt for online personal trainers so that they can work out at their own time, without having to set an appointment. So, you’re providing a solution to a modern-day problem. With online personal training, you won’t have the excuse not to work out anymore. If you’re a personal trainer thinking of a way to start their online own training journey, you should give ClickFunnels ago! Learn how I went from my one on one classes to having an outreach of clients from all over the world. Not just that, I’m finally able to live my dream of being my own boss.

What is ClickFunnels and how you can use it in your online personal training business?

If you’re a personal trainer, chances are, your next step or goal would be owning a gym of your own. Although that sounds like a good idea, being your own boss and everything, you’re forgetting about all the overhead costs that comes with owning a physical gym. The same happened to me when I was aiming for the free and luxurious lifestyle of being my boss. Things didn’t go as planned, and I signed up for ClickFunnels while still having my gym. I was soon able to grow my Bootcamp to 100 over members paying $89 a month, with special campaigns such as a Fat Loss Challenge every few months to earn extra revenue. This became a more fulfilling and sustainable resource, so I eventually closed my real gym to join the online community full time. The first few months were tough, but I knew it was what I wanted to put in all the hard work and dedication. Finally, I managed to make over $5,000 a month in profits! From there, I knew what I had to do, so I multiplied my efforts, and now I make over $10,000 a month!

How I use ClickFunnels to sell online fitness programs

The way ClickFunnels work is fairly simple. Just create a digital program by creating engaging content on a blog, direct people to a landing or sales page, get their email or make a sale, and provide them with the program as promised. Even if you make one sale a day, that’s almost enough to keep you happy for some time. If you’re researching ClickFunnels, then chances are you already know what kind of program you want to teach. But a word of advice is to start big, and then narrow it down to something specific. For example, Weight Loss > Fasting > Intermittent fasting. From this flowchart, you can create a few pieces of high-quality content, use ClickFunnels to come up with a sales page, and start creating traffic. If you have the strategy locked down, you will be making profits in your sleep in no time.

Free Online Personal Training Sales Funnel

If you want to copy my strategy or just have a look at getting some ideas, here it is!

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