ClickFunnels for Photographers: Improve Your Photography Sales Funnel! (2021)

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ClickFunnels for Photographers

If you’re a photographer, what are you doing to get exposure for your business? How many gigs are you booking in a week and does it help your business to grow? ClickFunnels is a great way to get high-quality leads and convert them into paying customers and boost sales. It’s a great way to get the word out there about your photography business so that you can book more gigs.

If you think ClickFunnels sounds scary and complicated, it’s easier than you think! You don’t have to be a marketing or website guru to create a sales funnel that works. Let’s dive deeper to help you understand sales funnels and how they can work to maximize profits for your photography business.

What is a Sales Funnel? How Can it Help Grow Your Photography Business?

A sales funnel takes a customer along a journey of your store, which eventually leads them into a buying decision. This is important as it’s a process of getting the customer hooked, and your end goal is making a sale. The beginning of the sales funnel is when a customer learns about your store. This could be anything from word of mouth, a customer seeing your ad for the first time, or if a customer stumbles upon your website.

Most business owners neglect updating their websites, and they lose out on customers who visit their site as they are not taken to the next step of the sales funnel. With ClickFunnels, customers will be directed to the leading site, showing them information that will increase the chances of converting them. ClickFunnels will also be able to track the customer’s journey using Facebook Pixel, which we shall unwrap further along with this article.

A sales funnel is made up of three components that all have the same function, to convert the lead into a paying customer. Its made up of three phases, the Squeeze page, Sales page, and Thank You page. The initial Squeeze page aims to build value by having them fill out a simple form, and in return, we provide them with something of value such as free samples.

Getting the customer’s information is very important. A simple email will help as it can increase engagement with the customer for after-sales service, making them a recurring customer. The sales page is where you make your pitch and build more value by helping them understand why they need your product or service. Lastly, the Thank You page is where you deliver your promises as advertised on your Squeeze page or Facebook page.

A Successful Photographer Business Using ClickFunnels

A photographers’ main problem in getting business has to compete with other photographers to get business in a local area. You can spend a lot of money running advertisements without getting even a single lead if this is the problem. There’s just too many people competing for the same job and being ‘the best’ might not help you stand out. Instead, you need to know and learn about your area and who your competitors are. You should ask yourself questions such as what sets you apart from your competitors besides your skill.

What is their pricing structure? How far do they travel? What style of photography do they sell? It’s advisable to create a master spreadsheet with all this information. Then, you can move on to researching other businesses that could relate to your profession. Think about creating a partnership with them so that you can offer more value and service to your customers. All this information will help you learn where you stand in the market, and establish authority. 

The mistake that most photographers fall prey to is not able to target a specific audience. Offering services to an undefined audience is tiring, and they might not want your service anyways. Instead, try picking something special that you’re good at, and aim to be the absolute best at this one thing. This is what will set you apart from your competitors and put your business on the market.

An effective way to collect leads for your business is by using Facebook. Your Facebook business page should exclusively advertise your business and not your personal page. It should tell a story of your brand and offer valuable content that will keep your customers informed. Here are some things that you should note to maximize leads:

  • Using a vanity URL will make your brand look more professional.
  • Use the “About” section to maximize SEO by being as descriptive as you can.
  • Use engaging and high-quality images on your profile.
  • Customer reviews are critical to build trust and credibility for your brand.

The Execution

This refers to the photoshoot session itself. You need to be able to deliver what you have promised them, especially after building so much anticipation. You need to maintain professional and remember that it’s all about creating memories for the client and delivering what they want. Everything matters during this phase, from the way you communicate with the client, to taking their pictures. It should be more than just a photoshoot session. Think about this, will you remember a photographer if he’s just silently taking your photographs? Or would you remember a photographer who adds value to your photoshoot, and communicates with you to make the best shots?

The latter, of course. It shows that you care about them, and not just their business, you want to help them create an unforgettable memory for their big day. It also helps to add a more personal touch, which creates a professional bond between you and the customer. Doing all this will not only make your customers feel satisfied with your service, but chances of them recommending you to another client or using your service again in the future will also be very high. This is one of the ways you can set yourself apart from your competitors. If it’s just blindly shooting photos, anyone with a camera can do that. But its how you treat your customers and give them more value for what they are paying.

Using ClickFunnels for your business

ClickFunnels is an excellent funnel building software that will help you to set up your landing page and generate great leads. What’s great about it is that it’s so simple to use. And if you do get stuck, their customer service is ever ready to help you out. Not just that, they come with a bunch of excellent templates that you can test out yourself. You won’t have to worry if you’re inexperienced, it’s all about practice. You can also just add a page to your current website, which will look like an opt-in page. But, remember to remove navigation buttons so that they can’t browse within your site.

Here are some Landing page ideas or lead magnets that you can use to maximize leads for your photography business:

1. Wedding photography 

  • Include a wedding day checklist
  • Include a printable Honeymoon pack
  • Offer tips on how to take great wedding day photos
  • Pre-wedding shoot preparations
  • VIP vendor list
  • Questions you should ask your photographer

Seeing all these value-adding elements creates some kind of trust between you and your customer, bringing them to the next journey of the sales funnel.

Free Photography Sales Funnel via ClickFunnels

Use this free sales funnel to boost your business today!

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