ClickFunnels for Supplements: Free Funnel For Supplement Business! (2021)

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ClickFunnels for Supplements

Many business owners spend hours giving tender loving care into growing their business from getting the product, creating the brand, into marketing and getting sales. If you’re a business owner and you don’t know about sales funnels, then you’re missing out. Sales funnels are a great way to target your customers and ensuring they have a pleasant customer journey throughout.

From the moment they get to know about your store, to after-sales service, your customers need to be nurtured into being paying customers. If you’re a busy entrepreneur, you might be wondering how you’re supposed to do all this on top of running your business. Today we’re talking about ClickFunnels, specifically the Supplement Funnel, and how it can boost your sales to make your supplement business successful overnight. Specific sales funnels are excellent as it targets your exact niche. So, what are you waiting for, let’s dive right in.

The Basics of The Supplement Sales Funnel

  1. The first step is making your first sale, your first bottle of supplement. 
  2. Then, give out offers of the same item to that specific customer. 
  3. Ship the item to your customer.

It’s easy as it sounds! It’s so easy, and you must be mad you didn’t come up with it yourself. This supplement funnel strategy from Russell Brunson is fresh, as it sounds very human. For example, if you click on the download link, a pop-up will appear saying, “Hey, tell me where to send the download link.”

How it Works in ClickFunnels

Once you click on this, hit the “edit page” so that you can get a closer look at what’s inside. Like everything on ClickFunnels, you can customize everything and add your personal touch. There are many things that you can do, such as adding more pictures, texts, functional buttons, video pop-ups, Facebook comment areas, or ever-helpful order bumps. How does this million-dollar structure work?

It’s just as simple as implementing the saying, “Hey, why don’t you put your supplement here.” This supplement model alone is helping people make millions in this particular niche. After going through and funnel hacking the supplement funnel, I thought I’d share it with you guys.

The first step of the funnel is filling out the order form. Customers do this and move onto step two. If customers aren’t familiar with these types of order forms, they can input their email addresses, and their emails will still be captured even if they do not move forward to complete the form. They also have the option to go back and click, “Hey, I want to talk to these people alone right here.” You wouldn’t want to miss out on these customers, as they might get retargeted by someone else, and they will make a profit out of your mistake.

Now, let’s go back to the uniqueness of the supplement funnel, and the reason its ability to generate so many sales. Let’s say you’ve sold a supplement to a customer, it then leads them to a page which prompts them, “Hey, why don’t you get more? Add an additional eight bottles,” or whatever you choose to show. This is an internet marketing strategy, or one time offers (OTO) that can get customers to get more than one of the exact product they are getting. This really works for the supplement niche, and you can increase order value by only prompting them, “Hey, you’re getting more bottles.”

Other OTO ideas are such as “Get three more bottles,” or, “Do you want even more of these?” Aim high for the second one, and bring it back down in the next. This is a sure thing that is guaranteed to work due to the structure of the funnel. Your video should be inserted right here.

If you’re looking to generate more leads for your business, leads that will generate sales and more profit, then ClickFunnels is your solution. It’s an effective solution that uses software to help you with marketing to capture leads for your business. It is not just simply marketing, they do it in an efficient and sophisticated manner than converts your leads into paying customers. It doesn’t matter what niche you’re in; ClickFunnels is a sure-fire way to multiply and maximize your profits. 

Everyone who’s looking to make it big in the eCommerce industry knows the importance of email marketing. Every big business or brand uses email marketing to have some kind of bond with their customers to generate trust and loyalty. Making a sale is essential, but keeping your customers satisfied, and keeping them as a revisiting customer is equally as important. 

This is pretty much it as the supplement sales funnel goes. Its quick, efficient, and straightforward. It’s also pretty counter-intuitive, but I guess that’s what makes it unique. Somehow, if you offer two separate OTOs, you can make more money by providing more during the first OTO, and less during the next.

Use This Free ClickFunnels Supplement Funnel

Want to have your very own supplement sales funnel? Click here or the image below to get started.

Russel Brunson, the owner of ClickFunnels, uses this exact same method to make over $17,000 daily! If this doesn’t motivate you to start a supplement business, then you’re missing out.

Watch Russell Brunson Build A Supplement Funnel Inside of ClickFunnels

Watch how Russell created his supplement funnel from scratch. You can also download the exact same funnel by clicking here or on the image below.

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