ClickFunnels vs GetResponse: Which Is the Best Option For You?

When we talk about marketing, it is hard to pick which platform will be better for you and will fit your needs. You can find many options out there, some good, some not so good and some great ones.

It depends on what you want to do with your business, what is your approach, and of course, your budget.

Today we are going to break down two of the best options out there and provide you with answers that will help you make that decision. You will get to check the good, the bad, and the ugly of it all.

What Are Getresponse and ClickFunnels?

Getresponse is better known as an efficient and straightforward email marketing platform; initially, Getresponse got its fame for letting you build landing pages, formulate webinars and make sure you have all your marketing automation needs on check.

On the other side, ClickFunnels is a website-building platform that lets you build and manage a sales funnel website that converts your visitors into sales.

With ClickFunnels you have to choose a sales funnel template, pick out the design that you want, and do some changes, so it looks and says what you want. You are then ready to watch the magic happen.

With ClickFunnels, you have several elements that you can use on your page. It ensures your sales funnel is completely customized to your ideas and business.

These are both practical internet marketing platforms: easy to use and effective. They may seem very different from each other, but the intention of both is very similar.

They both help you analyze your marketing strategies and tactics online without the help of professionals and third-parties. They are both designed to make out the most out of your business and help it grow in the best and fastest way possible.

The Good And The Bad: Getresponse

Getresponse was created by a multinational team of tech geeks; the current CEO is Simon Grabowski: one of the most famous entrepreneurs these days.

Getresponse is better known for email marketing, but today, it has become an all-in-one marketing tool with features that allow you to create landing pages and building a relationship with your customers.

More Extensive Features

Getresponse has a lot of unique features that make it stand out. It labels itself as the most accessible marketing platform out there when it comes to creating and tracking email campaigns, landing pages, and marketing automation; it enables you to target your customers with information that is relevant to them.

More Customers

Get response has grown to serve more than 350,000 customers in more than 180 countries.

Responsive email designs are what got Getresponse to the top; it was ahead of its competition for quite a while thanks to the functionality of this tool.

Adapt Quicker

The responsible email designs automatically adapt your email template so it can be optimized to the device where is being read. Nowadays, there are many competitors on responsive emails designs, but Getresponse is still at the top when it comes to displaying an efficient email.

A/B Testing

You can test how it will look on all devices and test its functionality; you can even try “flipping” the smartphone or tablet around to check how it will look. Getresponse also gives you a great tool, a landing page creator that is mobile-friendly.

You can create landing pages that are attractive to your customers and contain bright and clean information. They’re easy to read and to look pleasant to the eyes of visitors. The landing page creator is one of Getresponse’s more sophisticated tools; it looks great on any device where is displayed.

Easy Integrations

With Getresponse, you also get an easy to use CRM to keep your connections and contacts in place. One of the things that let Getresponse stand out is their marketing automation platform and tools.

Conditional Emails

This tool allows you to create “if-then” type of emails for a series of email communications. This way, every customer gets the right message according to their response. This way, a customer that didn’t open your email for a week will get different follow-up message than the ones who did.

The tool helps you get customers, win them over and create a relationship with them that allows you to keep a connection. Using this tool, you can do a lot to increase the loyalty from your customers.

What’s Not as Good?

However, Getresponse has its cons. For example, the data capture forms provided by the platform are not the prettiest, and you can not control when they displayed on your site.

The CRM option is very basic, and it needs improvements to replace a standalone CRM. You don’t have that much flexibility when it comes to using fonts in e-newsletters, because it only allows you to use “web-safe” fonts; your templates won’t look as slick as the ones provided by the competition.

All That You Will Love About GetResponse

GetRresponse is as answer to this and one of the best auto responder today. It is one of the most popular implements or tools used for designing and sending HTML e-newsletters. In this Get Response Review, we review this world’s easiest email marketing tool.

  1. Easy to Do What You Want

If it’s economics you are looking at, Get Response is the answer. No more paying for designing costs and you do not compromise on the design quality and on the whole, Get response is cheaper than a lot of its key competitors. There are over 700 templates to choose from.

  1. Helps you organize your mail list

It’s your option if you’ve already done your marketing research and identified your subscribers. You can choose whom you want to send your emails to, and for a mailing list containing between 9000 and 10,000 records, Get response will cost you around $65 per month.

  1. Cheaper than most alternatives

It’s the cheaper option for you. You’d pay a lot less than what you’d have if you used Aweber and Mailchimp. It is not just a cheaper option today, but also provides just as much functionalities as its competitors.

The pricing does vary though with the number of customers, just like many of the other marketing tools out there. For instance, you have to pay $450 a month if you have subscribers between 50,000 and 100,000. While there are no free options like Mailchimp, you end up paying only $15 if you have less than 1,000 subscribers.

You can try it out for a month without even entering your card details.

The Perfect Marketing Tool

You get the templates and newsletters created by default and you just have to put in the content in the layout. The marketing tool wizard does all the hard work for you – no more paying the designing team!

Try out Getresponse Free Trial Here

The Good And The Bad: ClickFunnels

Created by Russell Brunson, one of the smartest entrepreneurs out there, ClickFunnels is one of the most straightforward and better systems out there. Russell Brunson has a created a following of over a million people. He’s sold hundreds of thousands of books, sales funnels, and so much more.

It provides a secure all-in-one platform that enables you to create funnels that generate conversions. That means that—with these funnels—the numbers between visitors and customers will get closer and closer by the second.

ClickFunnels gets you ready within minutes; once you start. you’ll be prepared to watch your numbers go up and your profits follow suit.

ClickFunnels is a complete platform to get you where you want to go, and it allows you to have everything in one place without having to use third-parties systems or add-ons. This way, you will be organized and overseeing your business to take care of your customers’ needs and your sales.

ClickFunnels gives you sales funnels that spread awareness regarding your product, create interest in the visitors, and gain leads. Later on, it makes them decide to become a prospect, and finally, this prospect converts into sales.

With ClickFunnels, this has never been easier; you can create sales funnels on your own without having to know any tech language or having the help of programming professionals. You can even create your sales funnels from pre-built models that are proven to be highly converting.

This software is easy to download, easy to set up and very easy to use. ClickFunnels simplifies how to get started with your sales funnels in a ridiculous way. You don’t even have to know how to code: you grab and drop the gadgets, add or remove text, colors, fonts and buttons until you like it.

Everything is pretty much self-explanatory and fast to understand.

You don’t get just a couple of templates for you to use; it has hundreds ready to maximize your site conversion rate so that you can boost your numbers.

ClickFunnels also makes it easy to manage your strategies, especially upsell and downsell methods. This way maximizes your profits, without having to use an untidy software.

However, like everything in this world, ClickFunnels has its cons.

One of the most significant drawbacks that ClickFunnels users talk about is the lack of page ownership. ClickFunnels owns everything you create; you don’t have the property of the page you build. If you ever want to leave, you will need to start your business from the basics again.

ClickFunnels also keeps the code to itself, so if in any case ClickFunnels gives you low quality or you start seeing bugs, you are mostly stuck with that; you will not have access to the code.

When it comes to traffic, SEO blog-content is essential and an excellent way to grow, and ClickFunnels has no blog functions.

When it comes to supporting, ClickFunnels doesn’t have 24/7 customer support; you may have to wait for hours before you get in contact with the support team or agents.

To help with this drawback, they do have an active Facebook page, where you can get help faster.


Talking about features, ClickFunnels and Getresponse share some similar ones; let’s break down all of them so you can understand the differences and pick the best one for you.

When it comes to autoresponders, their importance relies on the sale funnel itself. Think of the autoresponder as the base or the backbone of a sales funnels.

A Unique Autoresponder

ClickFunnels has its own autoresponder, Actionetics. It’s a fantastic email autoresponder, and like everything in ClickFunnels, it’s very easy to use.

Actionetics is a powerful tool that you can use without having to pay for a separate service. It allows you to create personalized sales funnels for your targets and email sequences that will give your conversion the boost it needs.

Keep in mind: you do have to upgrade to a higher plan to have access to it.

Helps Make it Easier for Subscriber Engagement

On the other side, we have Getresponder’s autoresponder 2.0; it’s created to increase your subscriber engagement. With autoresponder 2.0 you can send messages based on particular factors, you can set it up to send newsletters on a specific day or date, and even send promotions emails to your subscribers on their birthdays.

With this tool, you will create a relationship and the connection you want with your customers to keep them loyal to your product or services.

A/B Testing the Smart Way

Now, when it comes to A/B testing, ClickFunnels lets you create different landing pages and check which one works the best for you. On the other hand, Getresponse allows you to test a lot more than just landing pages; you can test newsletters, subject line variants, the content of your emails, and even the time for sending.

A Cool Email Creator

About templates, Getresponse’s Email Creator provides you with more than 500 models.

Moreover, you can also edit the HTML code to customize them a little bit more. ClickFunnels doesn’t let you write or edit any code, but it comes with a lot more templates, and even some more sophisticated and slick to fit your business.

Getresponse has a great Email Editor; you can create and compose messages from scratch or pick from the more of 500 pre-designed templates, and again, you can edit HTML code and preview the message before sending it. It offers a great spam checker tool.

If you want to create an email template with ClickFunnels, you can do it in Actionetics using one of the hundreds of models.

A Cool RSS To Email Feature

With Getresponse, you also get the RSS to Email feature; it automatically sends emails to your blog audience when you post a new article. With this tool, you can create more engagement and boost conversions if you use it properly.

The Backpack

If you want affiliates to sell your product or service for you, ClickFunnels has a built-in tool: BackPack. BackPack will help you create your affiliate program so you can manage all your affiliates in the most organized and straightforward way possible.

Both of these platforms have amazing features, some with a lot more flexibility and some with less; it is your choice to check them out and pick the ones that are best for your business and how you want to approach your customers.

ClickFunnels offers a full package of features ready to get you where you want when it comes to numbers. Getresponse may give you a lot more flexibility when it comes to customizing your content end messages.

Better Adaptibility

ClickFunnels offers you a more sophisticated and high-end finish, Getresponse lets you get there with your abilities at coding. You can get the results that you want with both of these platforms, and it depends on how much you want to change them at the end of the day.

ClickFunnels allows you to have a close gap between visitors and customers within minutes, Getresponse helps get you to maintain the loyalty of your customers throughout the sale process and even afterwards.

Both of these platforms offer free trials for you to test them out after you are finished reading this; this way, you get to measure which one fits with your business and ideas the most.

Try out Clickfunnels Free Trial here


Getresponse has a variety of plans, from Email and Pro to Max and Enterprise. You have the option to pay them each month and also paying for 1 or 2 years, this way you can save up to 30%.

The initial email plan with 1,000 contacts has a cost of $15.00 a month. You can get the email plan with 2,000, 5,000 and even 10,000 connections, the last having a cost of $65.00 per month.

The pro plans have a price of $165.00 up to $280.00 depending one more time on how many contacts you want; you can get up to 50.000 contacts with the pro plan.

The same goes with the Max plan, starting at  $165.000 per month. You can get up 100,000 contacts for $580.00 a month.

Finishing up with the enterprise plan, it has a cost of $799.00, and it gives you 100,000 contacts.

With ClickFunnels you have two options: the ClickFunnel basic plan, with a cost of $97 per month, allows you to create 20 sales funnels, and 100 landing pages. You can drive a maximum of 20,000 visitors to your funnel.

Second comes the ClickFunnel Etison Suite plan with a cost of $297 per month. With this plan, you get to create unlimited sales funnels and landing pages and send unlimited traffic to your sales funnel.

Ease of Use

Both of these platforms are known for being incredibly easy to set up and use.  ClickFunnels simplifies everything in one place, and gets you started quickly. ClickFunnels does all the work for you; you have to move around some gadgets and templates and get it done.

You can even choose the right ones according to your business category, such as fitness, medical or e-commerce.

Getresponse is also a straightforward system to use, and it comes with detail guides that will allow you to learn everything about the platform very quickly. You’ll soon be able to start with your plans.


Both of these platforms have issues when it comes to customer support.

As mentioned before in this review, ClickFunnels doesn’t have a 24/7 support team, and this can become very frustrating. In many cases, the customers complain that they don’t have an answer for days, and this is a big problem when the issue can be causing losses to your business.

Getresponse, on the other hand, has a handful of negative reviews about customer support, but the vast majority of customer agreed that the service is generally useful.

You can get in touch with the support team via phone, live chat and email every day of the year. You can also get support on social media and their blog; they sometimes respond to comments and questions on facebook to help their customers with everyday problems.

Final verdict

Both Getresponse and ClickFunnels are great options to grow your business.

If you have not started your business yet, don’t have a core website, and you only want to build your email list, I will recommend Getresponse as the best option for you.

If you already have a business, and you want to improve your opportunities to monetize and create sale functions for your services and products, ClickFunnels is the option for you.

On the budget side of the story, Getresponse has fantastic pricing and offers many features with its plans. ClickFunnels may seem like a lot of money upfront, but it is proven to be worth it at the end.

Both these platforms are great to make your business grow and succeed, but they do different things with different approaches.

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