Clickfunnels Vs Samcart – Which is better?

Clickfunnels Vs Samcart

If you want to sell some products or services online, SamCart is a great website to start your business. The website provides quite a user-friendly experience and has pricing options that cover most people’s needs.

However, SamCart’s price range can seem intimidating to a lot of people. The website does provide options for pros at hundred dollars a month but some of the starting ranges on the website cost as low as $20.

Plans that SamCart offers

SamCart offers a basic plan for $19 a month that includes checkout page templates and coupons but it misses out a lot of options like subscriptions and upsells plans. Therefore, the $99/month plan which comes under the “Pro” category actually seems a lot more beneficial. The cheaper plan does not include the processing fee and therefore, you might end up paying a lot more money if you have a good volume in sales. The $99/month does not have a processing fee at all.

Branding by SamCart

If you have taken the basic plan with SamCart, each of your products on the site will have a SamCart branding attached to it, making it look a lot less professional and cheap. Therefore, if you end up taking the pro plan ($99/month) or the premium plan ($199/month), the SamCart branding wouldn’t be there to distract the customers.

Customer Support with SamCart

SamCart offers customers support to all of its users. However, the level of support and its competency will certainly differ based on your plan with the website. For example, if you’re on the basic plan, you will be catered by the lower tier of customer support and would most likely wait a lot for the same as well. But if you’re on the pro or premium plan, you will receive priority support and dedicated support. Customer support is one of the major problem areas for SamCart users with the basic plan.

Best Features of SamCart

  • If you ever get distracted in the middle of your online shopping and forget to buy the things you have added to your cart, the Cart Abandonment feature (Prospectus) helps you a lot. This feature helps you send a reminder mail to your customers so that they will buy the items resting in their cart, resulting in more sales.
  • You can also get more templates from the site, 1-click upsells, advanced level statistics and even more subscriptions on your Pro plan.
  • If you have a business that relies heavily on its subscription and affiliate model, the premium plan can come handy for you as it offers a Dunning Subscription save feature.
  • If you want a limited set of features for a specific purpose, SamCart can help you a lot.

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Drawbacks of SamCart

  • The Cart Abandonment feature isn’t available for the basic plan users and can be a problem.
  • You also won’t be able to get great customer support.
  • The basic plan is good for individuals who are just starting out, but neither is it a great option in the long run nor is it suitable for any serious business.

Therefore, if you’re looking for another online checkout platform that would be great for your business, you can certainly try out ClickFunnels instead.


ClickFunnels is also a platform that allows you to sell your products online. It offers everything that SamCart does and some more. However, it is a lot more versatile when compared to SamCart and may offer better value for money as well. The platform also comes with a 14 day trial period for you to check out all of its features and be satisfied with them before you proceed with buying their $97 a month plan.

Most users usually feel limited by SamCart $19 a month plan and therefore, like more features for their money. However, if SamCart’s basic plan meets all your needs, ClickFunnels’ plan might not work out for you. But if you need to put in more money, here’s where ClickFunnels differs from SamCart.

Features of ClickFunnels against SamCart

  • ClickFunnels offers a plan for $97/month compared to SamCarts’ $99/month.
  • SamCart offers its own shopping cart platform whereas ClickFunnels’ cart integrates with several other services to provide you a seamless service channel.
  • ClickFunnels’ data is optimized to make the experience as user-friendly as possible for your customers so that you never lose them out.
  • It also helps you find buyers that aren’t that deep into the process and therefore, find you possible sales at even research stages.
  • They help the buyers through the whole process so that when they’re ready to put items in the cart, they would easily be able to find you.
  • SamCart thus is only able to help you in the final stages of purchase whereas ClickFunnels supports through the whole journey of the buyer.


ClickFunnels and SamCart both offer trial periods on their plans so you can check both of them before finally making a decision. However, if you are looking for a plan that is customized to meet all your needs, ClickFunnels is a much better option compared to SamCart. You can also get your buyers back by sending them emails if they leave their items in the cart. The simple move is integrated into both ClickFunnels’ and SamCart’s plans that can bring back around 30% of your sales.

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