ClickFunnels vs WordPress: Which One Do You Need?

If you’re looking to start your business online, you need a website. When it comes to creating one, it’s no secret that WordPress holds the edge. Over 70% of websites today are built on the CMS platform, and

Today, two of the most popular platforms for web owners to choose from are WordPress and ClickFunnels. Whether it being developing responsive web or build brand identity, both work great. However, which one do you need?

It all boils down to what you are looking to do online.

In this review, we will make sure to check all the positive and negative aspects of each platform, explain how they work, show their pros and cons, and finally make comparisons between the two services, Make an informed decision and choose the right one for you.

The most important aspect is choosing the service that will work for your specific results, and not only based on what you read here today. Let’s begin.

ClickFunnels: a tool for sale.Clickfunnels Homepage

Founded by Russell Brunson, clickfunnels is sales funnel software that provides digital marketing tools to online business owners. The services offered by the software include an autoresponder, email service, Shopping Cart, and more. It allows you to have a landing page that you can take full control of based on your requirements.Clickfunnels is indeed a very popular sales funnel software as the noted conversion rate for its landing pages is 2.35%. It is regarded as one of the most successful digital marketing tools to increase your reach and subscribers.

ClickFunnels is a tool designed to guarantee sales in electronic businesses using “funnels”. The principle is simple: many people enter the funnel, and the funnel will filter them according to the preferences of the customers.

The tool allows the development of informative blogs, virtual stores, newsletter, or online services. Each of these elements has tools and templates to make development simple, secure, and useful.

How to develop a business with ClickFunnels?

You do not need knowledge in programming of any kind to work with Clickfunnels.

The forms used are easy to configure. The templates have a menu where you can add content, change funds, and configure software that helps the business operations.

Each template has a responsive system. That is, each template can be viewed optimally on any device, whether it’s a cell phone, tablet, or computer.

Payment methods

ClickFunnels has a selection of plans that—depending on the package—have specific costs. You can check out clickfunnels pricing below:

In what languages can you find ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is only available in English. Therefore, it can become a challenge to use it if you don’t handle the language.

That has prevented it from having a significant impact on Spanish-speaking countries like Spain or Latin American countries. They then use other platforms in their native language to increase the chances of growing the business.

WordPress: a light and friendly development tool.

WordPress is a content management system initially used to create a blog, but it is used now for advertising pages, online stores, newsletters, and other online businesses.

How to develop a web page and its characteristics?

WordPress uses a system of templates for the design of responsive web pages, allowing you to design everything from web pages to landing pages. You can add elements depending on the template. Plus, there are plugins or programs that you can use for added functionality.

You can even embed your social media posts to the template in WordPress, which makes this tool very versatile.

While you can use WordPress to build websites without needing to code, you can also add in your unique programming to make your site more distinct. The CMS even enables you to create your custom templates, as long as you respect the design rules.

Languages and popularity of the application

WordPress is available in virtually all languages in the world, a reason it’s among the most popular CMS around today. No matter who your hosting provider is, you probably can install WordPress on it – quickly.

From Godaddy to Bluehost, most hosting services have offers like a free domain when you’re going for a WordPress site.

How do you get WordPress, and how much does it cost?

You can get WordPress for free if you want to use it for a blog. Just by entering, you can get a free domain for blogs only; but beware that the tools and templates for this type of package are minimal.

For other types of platforms, WordPress has a payment system, which can range from $12 per year to $30 per year, with annual or monthly renewal after the first year, depending on the manner and company where you acquired the domain.

Third-party templates and packages also have a similar system. The plugins have a free version, and there is a paid version with better tools.

Which one to use: WordPress or ClickFunnels? Let’s compare and decide.

We have seen the performance, cost, application, and business development characteristics with these two incredible web design platforms.  So let’s continue evaluating the next aspects.


The first thing to evaluate is their functionality. These platforms allow you to create a business on different types of models such as online stores, newsletter blogs, virtual classrooms, and others.

Interaction with mobile devices:

Another characteristic to evaluate in this era is their behavior in SmartPhones. WordPress and ClickFunnels work responsively, which means that they show the content perfectly on any device with an internet connection.


The intuitiveness is another critical point to compare. Both use template systems and programs or plugin to design e-commerce systems.

It’s good to notice that—in this regard—there are differences between both platforms.

WordPress allows you to make changes and even create your own template and plugins to customize your site.

ClickFunnels, on the other hand, does not allow to make modifications for the plugin or to create them. It only gives you the right to use what is already created, which is equally great since the tools are out of the series.


Another difference comes regarding the source of the plugins. WordPress supports third-party software to create more variety and options, while ClickFunnels focuses on agility in operations and uses its own applications to create online business systems.

Language availability:

Let’s see the issue of language and how it reaches certain groups and regions. In this part, both organizations are very different.

WordPress has a multitude of languages configured in its system, so it is widely used all over the world. It has been one of the most used platforms in Europe and America.

ClickFunnels is only in English, so it has only touched the North American market significantly, and it has not had a high impact in other regions of the world.

Taking that into account, we see that WordPress has a broader market worldwide due to its greater versatility and adaptability.

Payment methods:

In the methods of payments, the differences are evident again.

WordPress has different types of prices; it also has a free option for blog constructions. It has many national allies, where they offer multiple services, and each offers different rates and plans with all the advantages for any business.

Another feature is the option to buy “pro” versions of each plugin and template that WordPress has, adding more options and elements available to the developer to make more modern and versatile sites.

ClickFunnels is entirely a paid platform and has various defined plans. They are more expensive than WordPress plans, yet all the templates and plugins are “pro” elements.

The templates are standard. That is, they already have the highest functionality, and you do not have to make additional payments when buying them.

It is the same case with the plugins that have improved versions, and once the service is acquired, they are updated automatically, giving you the right to the full use of each of the available pieces of software.


Both platforms can develop elements and computer systems. They are excellent platforms which I have used for various ventures.

WordPress is a system capable of creating an online business system, with powerful tools like Magento and Woocommerce for the creation of websites and online stores.

WordPress has links with plugins for tools used worldwide, as well as international banks in different countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Spain, USA, among others.

It is ideal for creating Blogs, especially for students and universities, for its free features.

Clickfunnels is excellent for creating sales funnels, membership websites and much more. And it’s a lot more suited for non tech people.

Its platform guarantees sales and success in the businesses developed in this platform.

It gives security, tracking tools to customers, logbook, and everything necessary to keep control of the administration of your business.


Both platforms can be used to start a digital business. Each one has features that can be useful for you. Each tool allows developing a unique platform.

Each one has its qualities, pros, and cons. The differences can be crucial when deciding which of the two we are going to use.

KEEP IN MIND: With wordpress your going to need webhosting. I recommend bluehost for anyone planning on their own website using wordpress. You can get a small discount if you purchase it from this link.


Study the business you wish to develop. You must take into account the characteristics of the business scope and the population that you want to reach.

Another thing that we have to take into account is whether or not the tools or plugins we require are available.

Take into consideration that the tools must be adequate not only for the employer but also for the client.

An example of this is the use of popular payment systems. For example, some of my platforms work with Paypal. This platform is accepted worldwide, so it opens the market to any latitude that I want.

Another classic example is the language: make platforms that everyone can understand, or place a translator software embedded in your website.

Test everything relevant to your site before launching it. It makes it safe and prevents any technical problems at the time of release.

To finish, choose a method and plan that fits what you need or the vision you have for your business. If you ask for less than that, you put yourself at risk of redesigning the platform due to a lack of tools.

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