ClickFunnels Vs Zipify
Which Is the Best Option For You?

ClickFunnels Vs Zipify

Looking to go online and open up your own business? You need to set up an e-commerce store, the best way to deliver a product or service globally. However, just going ahead creating an online webstore isn’t the right way to go about it. You need the right tools as well- and that’s where ClickFunnels and Zipify comes in.

Sales funnels help you get better conversions, guidinh customers and guaranteeing the sale.

Sales funnels: what are they?

Selling products with funnels is among the most effective forms of digital marketing. These platforms – or websites – allow guiding potential buyers through the buying process. Send information about the benefits of the product, and increase engagement.

Funnels allow you to focus your efforts on the people interested in your products.


It is one of the best marketing programs, with high-quality tools and easy implementation. You can make various websites for your funnels with design templates and menus for editing them. Social networks that you can integrate to share your publications and add more confidence in the client.

ClickFunnels manages a subscription registration system to send information and get loyal customers.

The functionality of ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels works to gain the customer’s trust and ensure the purchase. For this, you have various tools such as the template system for website design or registration systems and sending information through massive and self-programmed emails.

Each one of its tools works with a menu for easy implementation. It is a platform that doesn’t require programming knowledge.

ClickFunnels: What do you get?

ClickFunnels offers some amazing advantages if you are a marketer.

Sales funnels blueprints.

There are a lot of templates you can use to create your funnels successfully. Each model is associated with a specific type of business in a unique environment. For example, you can find templates to promote and sell electronic products; another is to offer services as lawyers through a funnel.

Some templates are free to use, and others cost; that will also depend on the type of package purchased.

Drag-and-drop editing.

To create your template and add the elements, you need to select and drag the items. The model provides several options that you can place anywhere you want for your funnel. To remove it, select it and click the delete button on the screen or the keyboard.

Many page elements for you.

The template editing system is easy and straightforward to use, with menus for each action. You can create a photo gallery, or import a single image, create sliders, add headers. You have available social network incrustations and control the number of publications to show.

As denoted, you will have many content options to publish, including your videos as posted on YouTube.

Share Your Funnel

When creating the funnel for your product, it is essential to share it so that your acquaintances can find out about it and even publicize it. ClickFunnels establishes a link for the funnels that you can share through social networks tools from the platform. You can use the mass email messaging system for advertising the new site.

It is important to share each funnel created:  the more you share it, the more sales you will have.


In ClickFunnels, you can find tutorial videos and manuals on how to use the platform in your first days. Each video shows how to perform a specific action within the system step-by- step. The videos are from professionals in the field and include several from ClickFunnels founder Russel Brunson.

Extra features

You can find other tools that will optimize the operations within your business. The most important are the shopping carts with the checkout process and third-party electronic payment processors. Other advertising tools are YouTube embedding, sliders and even WhatsApp embedding.

ClickFunnels: pricing

The price of ClickFunnels depends on the package you choose on the web portal. Each plan has a limited number of templates and subscribers, so keep this in mind when choosing. The first package is Share Funnel; it is a restricted plan that only allows you to access one funnel. It has a cost of $19/month and is a package only for customers.

The standard package costs $97/month. It allows you 100 funnels and traffic of 20,000 people. The Etison package costs $297/month and is an unlimited package for funnels, websites and subscribers.

You can try out Clickfunnels For Free Here


It is a platform that allows you to create your virtual store seamlessly. Zipify is a web design platform oriented to digital marketing with a CMS development system. The system uses templates and third party tools for developing your site and all the features you want to add.

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