ClickMeter Review (2021)

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ClickMeter Review

ClickMeter is a one-stop-shop that monitors all your traffic sources and tells you which one is giving you the most results so that you can opt-out the methods which aren’t benefiting you. It is perfect for any Agencies, Affiliates, Advertisers, Publishers, and Developers to manage and track online campaigns effectively. For setting up the platform, you don’t require any coding nor any insight knowledge of programming. It is fast and easy to operate. Now with ClickMeter, you can easily understand which media channels or ads you should better invest your time and money.

How does it work?

ClickMeter lets you create ‘tracking links, ‘ which are generally connected to the ads. Then post it on social networks, blogs, newsletters, pay-per-click campaigns, or any other sources you think will benefit you.  Now when someone clicks that link, they are directed to their destination. During this redirection process, ClickMeter derives information like which site the user came from, the approximate geographic location of the person, and others. But the process is so quick that it becomes invisible to the end-user. And with this set of information they received, they make detailed, real-time marketing reports to help you get a better understanding of the data, traffic, clicks, and conversions.


Set Up and Interface

Since it is a web-based service, all you have to do to set it up is to choose a plan best suited for your business and create an online account. They have an elegant and user-friendly interface that gives well-structured elements to make all your works easy. To make a tracking link, put information like campaign name and destination URL, and it will take the user to the ad.


As soon as users start to click the click, data shows up on your ClickMeter dashboard and create reports accordingly. Being a detailed report shows information like the number of visitors for each domain, geolocation,  device used, and more. Moreover, these reports are easy to understand, so that you can know where you need to make optimization and changes for the marketing campaign. Based on their real-time activity reporting, you can make quick decisions as it gives the most up-to-date data.

Click Fraud Alert & Redirection Rules

ClickMeter has a strong click fraud detection feature. Nowadays, it has become important for any paid advertising activity to have it. It helps to differentiate between negative and positive ROI for the campaigns. And the redirection rules let you show particular web pages for different visitors, based on their location, language, and device.


ClickMeter consists of three pricing plans. The first one is Medium, that starts from $29/month. The second one is Large, which costs $99/month and the last one X-Large that starts from $349/month.


ClickMeter is an amazing tool that is perfect for both beginners and experts in digital marketing. You only need to have a vague notion of digital marketing, and you can easily set up your account. They have various types of powerful features to optimize your marketing campaigns at the best level possible. This reliable tool perfectly tracks events, monitor your links, redirections, and campaigns.

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