Clipman 2.0 Review: Does it Actually Work? (2021)

Find out if Clipman 2.0 is worth it or not Below!

Clipman 2.0 Review

Video content and advertisements are essential if you have any business such as eCommerce, real estate, etc. Customers respond better to graphics or audiovisual content as it is more captivating as they scroll their social media feeds. If you’re promoting only with text-based content, chances are they will scroll past it, and your efforts go unnoticed. There are a bunch of video software on the internet that you can use. Nowadays, you don’t even have to outsource it to a professional, which saves you some money. Today, we will look into the Clipman 2.0 video software and discover if it works. We’ll breakdown the software and give you some personal opinions on whether or not its value for your money. Let’s get started!

What is Clipman 2.0?

Clipman is very compatible with Shopify’s dropshipping. This is probably why many people have heard of this cloud-based video editing software. It allows you to produce engaging and high converting videos that help drive traffic to your Shopify store. High traffic means high profits! It’s quite straightforward to use. Simply copy and paste your Shopify URL and paste it into Clipman. Clipman analyses your data and generates a video for you. You can then customize the video to add more details that you might want to display. It doesn’t only help you save on costs, and it also saves you time as it’s so simple to use.

Who is Josh Ratta?

Josh Ratta is an entrepreneur and the creator of Clipman. Being an entrepreneur himself, he knows what you need to produce engaging and high-quality videos. He’s created other marketing software such as Vidinfusion, VIDELLO, Vidgeos, iGloo, and many more.

Clipman Pricing – How much does Clipman cost?

You get a 7-day free trial, and subsequently, it’s a monthly subscription of $37 a month. It also comes with a 7-day money-back guarantee. So, if you’re unhappy with the software, you can get your money back.

Features of Clipman

  • Create high-quality videos in just a few clicks and under five minutes.
  • You get unlimited access for a lifetime with Clipman if you subscribe.
  • You get a large variety of professional templates as they are over 30 ready-made templates that you can personalize to add a touch of your branding.
  • Choose from a library of over 3,000 audio tracks that you can use for your free videos.
  • With just one URL, you can create as many videos as you like, which saves time creating ads for split testing.
  • You will be producing videos with HD quality, which will help you to stand out from the crowd.
  • Clipman allows you to publish your videos on Facebook on the same dashboard directly.
  • You will be saving a lot of time as you can do everything in a few clicks.
  • You will also save a lot of money as you won’t have to hire your videographer or get your video equipment.

Creating Video Ads with Clipman

Logging in to Clipman, you will first encounter the dashboard. You can choose to create your videos in two ways; URL link or starting with a new template. Let’s take a look at how you can create videos with the product URL link method.

Product page to video

  • Product Page To Video> Select a Product>(copy and paste URL)>Continue.
  • Choose your template and click “Continue.”
  • Upload the images of your product, and make sure they’re of good quality. Then click on “Edit Text.”
  • Choose background audio of your choice and click “Continue.”
  • Here you can add titles, prices, and call to actions. Click “Continue” when you’re done.
  • You are almost done! Next, go to Render your video>Promote on Facebook or share it on social media.

Pros and Cons of Clipman 2.0


  • Easily upload your videos to Facebook Ads as its integrated with Facebook.
  • Compatible with most eCommerce platforms.
  • Over 3,000 audio tracks that you can choose from.
  • Over 30 templates for you to choose from.
  • Save costs on outsourcing or buying video equipment.


  • Cloud-based software, so the page functionality depends on the number of users at the time.
  • Templates are quite rigid to customize.
  • Videos produced are not good quality as promised.
  • You can only upload images and not videos.


1. Is there any training included?

A video ad training will be given by John Hutchison, Australian Video Ads master.

2. Does Clipman work on Mac?

Clipman can work on a variety of devices, including Mac, tablets, smartphones, Chromebooks, and Linux operating systems. It’s a cloud-based software so you can create videos on the go, as long as you have access to the internet and a web browser.

3. How long does it take to render a video?

Since it is cloud-based software, rending a video will depend on the amount of traffic at the time. You’re likely to experience long waiting times if a lot of users are using the software at the time. Generally, the waiting time could take from 30 seconds to a few minutes.

My own experience

It looks like a promising and premium software from the outside. It’s especially great for eCommerce businesses as it’s compatible with Facebook Ads. You might also have seen quite a few YouTubers promoting Clipman. However, at the time, I did not realize that the software is still in its testing stages and that it’s a Kickstarter project. With so many positive reviews, my personal experience was unexpected. Quite a few elements didn’t work as well for me. For example, when previewing my audio file, it didn’t play until I’ve refreshed my browser for a few times. That was also annoying as it kept playing from the start. It was also lagging quite a lot, so my experience wasn’t as fluid as I would expect. As a seasoned user of Content Samurai, I don’t think I would be switching to Clipman.

What are users saying about Clipman?

  • Inflexible templates as its hard to edit fonts and position them on the screen.
  • Poor video quality. Some users also complain that their page freezes while videos are rendering, forcing them to start over.
  • Users have also complained that not all templates are free with the subscription and that Clipman requires you to pay more to unlock these templates.
  • There is no real person support as you will only get a low-quality video to help you.
  • Insufficient tutorials to get you started.


If Clipman were free software, I would rate it four out of five stars as you can still create videos for your products, and it’s compatible with most eCommerce platforms. But since its quite a hefty $37 per month for pretty low-quality videos, it only gets a 3 out of 5 stars. So, if you’re a beginner dropshipper with not much money to spare, I’d recommend staying away from Clipman. This is because most of the cons does outweigh the pros. And you might get discouraged when you’ve spent money to produce something you’re not satisfied with. And for something that costs money, you’d expect to get something high quality in return. Also, although they are many templates that you can choose from in Clipman, its no use if its rigid and non-customizable. Overall, I think the inconsistency of Clipman makes it an unreliable software to use. Maybe its still in its early stages and the software might improve over time. You can always test it out yourself for free with the 7-day trial, but remember to cancel it before it starts charging you $37 a month if you don’t like it!

Recommended Alternative – Content Samurai

If you’re looking for a reliable video editing software, Content Samurai could be the one you need. Its also a cloud-based software that can help you produce high quality videos that make you feel like a graphic designer. They’ve even just released a new update with templates in both landscape and square format. Create stunning videos in under five minutes with Content Samurai.

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