Commerce HQ Discount Code

Commerce HQ Discount Code

Commerce HQ Discount Code (2021)

Find out how Commerce HQ discount code works Below!


You are probably here because you have heard all the rave reviews about Commerce HQ. Commerce HQ is a platform where you can quickly build high converting online stores that will see results. Claiming to be one of the most robust eCommerce platforms on the market, Commerce HQ is the new and enhanced version of the already popular platform, Shopify.

With a reputation like this, I am sure you are here because you are curious if the platform is as good as everyone says, but signing up for Commerce HQ is not cheap. However, in the long run, signing up for Commerce HQ can be more feasible compared to having a Shopify store. Plus, there is something that will benefit you and your business if you continue scrolling and sign up with the link provided.

Commerce HQ Discount Code

The basic plan for Commerce HQ costs $99 per month to subscribe. Understandably, the platform is more expensive than Shopify, which is just $29 per month. Although many have argued that the value of Commerce HQ outweighs its cost in the long run, to some, it is still unaffordable. Therefore, this is probably why many of you are here looking for a discount code. Unfortunately, there is no discount code for Commerce HQ, but there is something even better!

3 Stores For a Price of 1

Typically, signing up for Commerce HQ will give also give you one store for $99 a month, and this is a reasonably good price considering all the additional apps and plugins integrated into the system. But even better, if you sign up with the special link, you will get 3 STORES FOR THE PRICE OF 1! This offer is way better than a discount code as a discount code is usually just a one-time thing, and you do not even get a significant discount. As for three stores for the price of one, this is invaluable, especially if you are interested in starting several stores at once. If not, it is merely good to have in case your first store fails to kick off, and you will have two other backups to try out for free! Furthermore, this is a lifetime deal.

How to get the offer

To get the offer, click on the link, and you will be directed to the Commerce HQ homepage. There, you will see the option ‘$99/mo for 3 Stores Referral Special’. Just click on this and sign up. You will also be entitled to the 14-day free trial AND 2 free stores.

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