Commerce HQ Review (Is it better than Shopify?)

Commerce HQ Review

Commerce HQ is an ecommerce platform just like Shopify. But, Is It Better Than Shopify?

Are you interested in the platform but don’t know if it’s for you? Well, that’s what we’re going to find out today.

What Is Commerce HQ?

Commerce HQ is a platform also known as CHQ; Jon Mac is its creator. He’s also head of Teespring, a platform that has managed to raise over a million Dollar in profits after only years from its launch.

The reason why Commerce HQ is so similar-yet-different from Shopify is that Jon was an avid Shopify user, but he moved on to create his own platform after realising the limitations of the latter.

The result is his own vision of how Shopify should work, and many users have agreed with him.

Its success can be attributed to how it focuses on providing more advanced functionality to be a platform that helps better with conversions.

Commerce HQ VS Shopify

In more than a way, both platforms are very similar, except what Jon saw missing in Shopify.

Commerce HQ includes many tools for marketing that are available to you right from the get-go, and they’re built to aid with traffic and conversions, which result in sales.

That’s the biggest difference between the two platforms, all the tools you need are already built into it, and you don’t need to acquire them from third parties nor pay extra for them; the app store is free, and you can integrate whatever you want.

With Shopify, the same extra functionalities need to be acquired by looking for apps (and paying extra subscriptions).

While Commerce HQ is priced a bit higher than Shopify, the tides turn quickly as soon as you realise how much extra money you need to invest if you want to optimise your Shopify store.

Who Is Commerce HQ For?

Commerce HQ is great for many types of entrepreneurs—I’d even go as far as saying that’s great for everyone!

First, beginners are given a highly-intuitive platform that they can learn and understand very quickly. Even if you’re barely starting out, the Commerce HQ makes it easy for you to create an advanced store without taking too long.

Nevertheless, advanced users can also exploit this platform in its entirety, for it offers advanced tools that aren’t easy to find (or can be costly on similar platforms) and that let them build their stores to the next level.

And those on a restricted budget can also save up a ton with it. You do need to pay a bit more upfront, but you can save up at least hundreds of dollars thanks to not having to buy each app separately.

Commerce HQ Features:

Now it’s time to delve into the functionality of the platform itself:

1. Single Solution For Everything.

The building thought for Commerce HQ is to eliminate the need to acquire separate apps so you can optimise your store. The result is an internet swiss army knife, which gives you all you’ll ever need right from the start.

While you won’t use the unlimited space for a while (for example), you won’t need to purchase it once you need it.

2. You Only Need To Pay Once Per Month.

Each app and theme is part of the platform itself.

As such, with your monthly subscription, you’re already paying for all of the features you need to make your store successful.

From the beginning of your career to its peak, you will be able to scale it and make it evolve with the same fee you were paying when starting out.

3. One Account Works For All Your Stores.

The team behind the Commerce HQ platform is aware that the chances are high that you’ll want to create more stores after your first one becomes profitable.

With CHQ, you can manage all of your stores without having to change (and pay) an account for each store.

Did you find success with a general store and want to start moving into niches? Just create another one with the same account.

4. Apps For Boosting Conversions.

The array of conversion-boosting apps is wide and includes timer widgets for scarcity, upselling, apps to count your stock and scarcity, promo bars, and many more, all built into a single platform.

All of them are apps you’ll need if you want to scale your store and give progression and follow-up to your success.

The best part is that—as I said—they’re all free.

5. Intuitive Interface That’s Easy For Everyone.

One of the best parts of Commerce HQ is how easy it is to use. It ensures that you can quickly learn how to use every function regardless of your experience and regardless of which function.

The course comes with a tutorial to help you set everything up, and there’s a single support team for customers.

6. Themes And Conversion.

Here, you are given a large number of different themes so you can make your store look as good as you can.

With Shopify, you have free themes, but they’re limited and honestly, don’t look the best.

However, Commerce HQ provides a huge amount of themes, all of which provides a different feel and enough options for you to make your store a better experience for the user and stand out among your competitors.

7. Building Your Store.

Commerce HQ Drag and Drop Builder

The store-building options in CHQ are simply amazing. They work like Shopify, by offering a clean and simplistic drag-and-drop process for building your business and including each feature.

As a bonus, the platform offers pages that come pre-built so you can set up your store even quicker, by customising them or merely use them as a guide to creating your own page layouts.

8. Zero Transaction Fees.

This is one of the best features about Commerce HQ: you save up a surprising amount of money that you’d otherwise spend on transaction fees in other platforms.

If you’ve been a Shopify user, you’ll definitely back me up when I say that transaction fees are one of the most frustrating parts of running a Shopify store.

With Commerce HQ, you have to worry about having to pay the platform for each sale you make, and after you start gaining a good volume, it won’t take long before you realise how much you’re saving up.

9. Free Trial For 14 Days.

The platform includes a free trial that lasts for two weeks.

If you’re a beginner, you can try the platform and see if you can use it correctly and if you like it. There’s more than enough time for you to mess around with its functionality and practice building your store.

On the other hand, expert dropshipping entrepreneurs can build their test stores quickly thanks to its easy building functionality, and then you still have over a whole week to test the different tools and apps that CHQ offers.

Commerce HQ Pricing

Commerce HQ Pricing

There are 3 different pricing plans for Commerce HQ. Stick with the Startup plan until you plan on having more stores or you reach a certain sales goal on your store.

Commerce HQ Video Review

Personal Experience With Commerce HQ?

I’m also an avid Shopify user, so I was really excited to see how Commerce works and how it differs from Shopify.

I was surprised, to say the least.

Seeing the building interface was a pleasant first sight; building a basic store took me almost half what my last Shopify store took me.

But, after doing that, I saw the apps and themes.

To say I screamed in excitement would be an understatement.

Commerce HQ Final Verdict.

Commerce HQ is a magnificent platform, as simple as that.

It can be weird to move from Shopify to it, but I can guarantee that it’ll be pleasant. You’ll love the lack of transaction fees.

Sure, it’s not for everyone as the taste is extremely subjective and there’s always going to be someone who doesn’t like something, but I highly doubt that you’re not going to love it if you read this far.

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