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Are you planning on getting ConvertKit? Are you wondering if it’s the right email autoresponder for you?

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How do you increase your web presence online? Are you looking at just looking for more sales conversions or building your brand identity as well?

Today, brands and companies use different techniques to communicate effectively with clients or an audience through email. The approach, called email marketing, allows users to connect and communicate directly; it also improves feedback about services and products.

Email marketing also helps brands to promote their products and services to increase their sales and the opportunity for others to get to know the brand.

ConvertKit, one of the more popular software out there, aims to make email marketing a successful tool for these brands, businesses and companies that are looking to increase their audience and their sales over time.

What is ConvertKit?

ConvertKit is an email marketing software. This software helps any professional who provides a service or a product online. Bloggers, entrepreneurs, authors, brands, businesses, and companies can establish effective online communication.

It establishes relationships with their users or subscribers through email. It counts with multiple functions that allow you or your business to achieve its goal, which is to increase audience and sales.

The software manages essential functions like creating or improving websites, organizing users and subscribers through tags. It’s excellent for visualizing a brand’s marketing before making the next move, and all these functions help the brand to get recognized by others and to grow their selling opportunities.

Through ConvertKit, you can promote and educate your customers about your services and products directly with them through an email. You also avoid annoying advertising or any social media algorithm changes.

This email marketing software was created by Nathan Barry, who used to be a blogger. After learning about the power and success of email marketing, he decided to develop ConvertKit. Now, this software counts with more than 22,000 customers that have had a favorable outcome in sales and audience growth, making around 1.3 million dollars in revenue each month.

The Good

Here are some of the pros of using ConvertKit as your email marketing software:

If you’re a beginner and don’t understand much about concepts such as email, autoresponders, and others, ConvertKit offers you features that are easy to understand. It’s straightforward to use and manage compared to other marketing tools. It also has articles, guides, workshops and online support if there are any doubts or questions about the software.

Create Forms Easily

ConvertKit makes it easy to create your forms and landing pages from predetermined templates; they are customizable depending on the product or service that you are offering.  You can create more than one for many different products and customize each using various features.

You Have Just One Email List to Work With

This software uses one email list, unlike any other mailing software that is list-centric. ConvertKit is subscriber-centric. This marketing platform helps you to save money in the long term because it charges you per email. Other email marketing platforms charge per email on each list, even if the same email appears in different directories. It generates a higher cost at the end of the day. In conclusion, the platform won’t charge you twice for the same subscriber.

Easy to Create and Follow-up

ConvertKit makes it easy to create and to follow up sequences. This software makes the whole process intuitive: you can send relevant information about specific products to interested subscribers. You can also welcome new subscribers by sending educational emails about the website, brand or product.

Easy to Integrate

This email marketing platform provides a substantial amount of integration with other software apps and platforms. It can help you improve how your content looks on your website or your blog. ConvertKit integrates with other relevant partners such as SUMO, LeadPages, Privy and Bloom; it makes it a useful tool to create your ideal content to reach more people and grow your audience.

Know the User Needs

It also makes it easy to tag users based on their interests and needs. It allows you to send emails about specific products to those who are interested; you may also exclude those who have already purchased the product or didn’t show any interest in a particular item.

Remarketing Done the Easy Way

ConvertKit, among all the other great features, lets you resend an email to those users that did not open a previous email. It means that if you broadcast an email about a product, this platform checks the statistics and resends it to those users who did not open the email the first time.

Did You Take a Look at Visual Automations?

Visual Automations is one of the benefits of this platform; it comes with an effortless way to set automation using items such as events, actions and conditions. It means you can send appropriate and engaging content to those who are part of your audience; the result is loyalty from your customers and growth for your business.

CovertKit makes it easy to understand analytics. As soon as you log in, you will notice a subscriber graph that will help you know which forms are making your subscriber list grow.

Try it out first!

ConvertKit allows you to try out the platform for two weeks before you buy the plan that suits you better. It offers you to pay a monthly or annual amount. By paying the annual amount, you are saving money.

You get 12 months to use the platform for the price of 10 months. Unlike any other email marketing platforms, ConvertKit doesn’t charge you twice for the same subscriber. This feature makes it more reliable to those who are looking to grow their audience without spending a lot of money.

The Bad

Although there are tons of benefits by using this platform, there are some downsides to it. Some of the cons that might affect ConvertKit are the following:

Could be a bit pricey

Although this platform doesn’t charge twice for a subscriber, its plans seem to be a little pricey for some users. It is especially true if they’re beginners or users that have a really small list or a small number of subscribers. There are other competing email marketing platforms on the market with lower prices.

Given the strong competition ConvertKit faces, this issue becomes easy to notice for a lot of people.

Not that attractive to look at

The format which shows the sequence layout isn’t very attractive; some users dislike how they’re in boxes. It makes it hard to search for a specific sequence to edit. Some users have argued about changing the sequence layout from boxes into a list.

Doing so would make it easier for users to find the exact sequence they want to change. Users would also save the time they spent browsing and finding.

Not as many functions

There are limited actions when it comes to dealing with subscribers that haven’t read automated emails in the last three months. You can delete these types of subscribers manually, but there’s not an option to remove them all in one click.

Not that great many options

There are not a lot of options to customize templates. To make some changes, you have to create new models using HTML. It’s not difficult to recommend other options for creating better templates and generate better content. It makes the users more satisfied with their work.

There is a limited A/B testing for headlines. Although you can A/B test headlines for broadcast emails, there’s not an option to A/B test the sequences. This issue may be a downside for many customers.

Landing Pages Could be Better

Landing page features are lacking. ConvertKit offers landing pages features that are free and work effectively. However, some users complain that they are too basic, and they would prefer new templates and options for them to choose which ones they like the best.

Having more options would be an improvement for this platform. To get attractive features for landing pages, you would need another landing page builder, and that would cost you more money.

Has an Initial Learning Curve

The time for setting up is long. Some customers are not very familiar with the technology. As such, a learning curve can be an issue; this curve influences the time required to set up everything.

Tagging, segmenting and using visual automation and other features can take longer. It takes some trial and error to learn how to use the software successfully.

Third Party Tools Integration Can Go Wrong at Times

Yes, there are guides, workshops and live chats with the customer service team. However, some users need to rely on third-party developer tools to get some things done or to learn how to use the platform.

Just as landing pages and sequence layouts, customers often complain about the lack of features that the platform presents to make an excellent newsletter. The platform does not come with lots of features and templates to design an ideal newsletter. It may seem that this service is too basic and has limited features for some.

Could have done with More Variety

Overall, the platform does lack some variety for people when creating landing pages and newsletters, and they are really important for users to create better and more satisfying content.

The pricing is a big downside for many customers since there’s not a lower price for those who are starting their business or have a really small list of subscribers. This lack makes them question whether or not to purchase the platform. There are lots of email marketing platforms in the internet with similar features with lower prices.

It might affect the sales for the ConvertKit platform.


This email service has features created to fit any brand and company. Anyone can build a successful online audience.

This platform offers easy and straightforward opt-in forms to help you create content to turn occasional readers into constant users or customers. You can choose from three main styles depending on what you’re looking: full, minimal and clean.

Record Keeping Done the Easy Way

It also allows you to keep a record of your audience growth displayed as subscriber data in the homepage dashboard. These are essential aspects for growing your audience and making your brand or product known by others.

Easy Workflow Automation

This platform performs simple workflow style automation for users to be able to create their own customized rules. It also has a drag-and-drop sequence builder. The sequences help customers to design personalized emails to be sent at the right moment. You can send timely targeted information and content to those who subscribe to your homepage.

Centred on Subscribers

As mentioned before, ConvertKit is a platform that is centered on subscribers.  It helps you create tags and segments to manage your subscribers depending on their interests, needs, location and other vital data. Organizing your subscribers may help you understand your audience to elaborate and send targeted content to which they can relate.

Partnership Integration

It supports partnership integration. You don’t need to build every feature from scratch. ConvertKit has come up with a feature that involves connecting and integrating other brands, members, online commerce and landing pages. These integrations are available for you to use them to have a successful platform.

Send Emails to Those You Need To

One-of emails are available. This email marketing service allows you to send one-off emails that are usually called broadcasts. The process of broadcasting to all your subscribers is straightforward. These one-off emails can work at their finest when a brand or company has time-sensitive information or content that may be of your subscribers’ interest.

A Customer Support You Can Trust

It has honest and stable customer support. ConvertKit has developed a reliable Customer Success team; it is ready and determined to answer any questions or doubts related to the platform and features. They also created an online platform to host live training, live chats, weekly workshops and open office hours. If you want to contact someone from the team personally, you can do so through a phone call or video chat.

Moving Lists are Easy

If you already count with more than 5,000 subscribers, ConvertKit makes it easy for you to move that list. You can transfer contacts from your previous email marketing service provider to their platform; it requires no additional costs. This platform has developed an option for those who want to change services. It eases the hard work of moving a list from one service to another, and it makes an incredible feature for its users.

The Reliability You Need

This platform offers reliable deliverability to make sure your subscribers get your valuable content in their inboxes. This useful feature ensures that you get into your subscribers’ inbox and gain their trust and recognition. That way, they can spread the word about you in the online industry.

ConvertKit only focuses on being an email marketing platform. As a result, it has come with an authentic features that benefit that relationship you and your brand have with your users.

A/B Test the Easy Way

A/B testing is also available. It is an essential feature for any email service; it’s mainly because it helps the businessmen improve their conversion rates. ConvertKit allows a handy tool to split-test the subjects. However, it does not allow split-testing for the delivery time, automation or emailing body content.

Build Brand Identity

ConvertKit not only gives your brand or product a personal feel through emails; it helps you start increasing the number of people who read the email. That quickly turns into more conversions. That’s because ConvertKit avoids spam filters. It is an essential feature for those users that want a higher conversion rate and to grow their businesses faster.

ConvertKit counts with three templates: In-line, Modal, and Slide-in. Although it shows predetermined models, you can duplicate and add edits to these templates; you may customize your account as you wish. This platform offers guides and workshops to customize effectively and as much as you need.


ConvertKit has come up with plans depending on the number of subscribers. You can also try it for free for 14 days.

  • From 0-1,000 subscribers, you pay $29 a month/ $290 a year.
  • From 1,000 – 3,000 subscribers, you pay $49 a month/ $490 a year.
  • From 3,000 – 5,000 subscribers, you pay $79 a month/ $790 a year.
  • From 5,000 – 8,000 subscribers, you pay $99 a month/ $990 a year.

When you pay for the annual amount, you get 12 months for the price of 10. If a company or business has more than 8,000 subscribers, the ConvertKit page allows you to calculate the pricing amount depending on the number of subscribers.

Ease of use

Email marketing platforms often have no easy way to learn or manage some of their features. That is not the case for ConvertKit. This platform allows the simplicity that the users need to start. The features are natural to use . It is an outstanding email marketing service if you are new to these types of platform.

ConvertKit may have a noticeable learning curve at the beginning. However, customer service is always available, and it’s determined to help you to understand the platform and its features. This way, they ensure you can use it successfully to grow your business.


ConvertKit counts with a small but determined group of people ready to help their customers to use the software successfully. The support team counts with personalized help through contact support via email or live chat. It offers guides and articles with ConvertKit tips and information as well as online and live workshops.

It also offers a Concierge Migration Service. It moves your lists, automation and autoresponders from a previous software provider into ConvertKit. This service is usually provided for those customers that have 3,000 subscribers or more.

It is included in the pricing bill, so It does not have an additional cost.

Final verdict

ConvertKit is a successful email marketing platform with all the features expected for it to grow your audience list and increase your product sales.

It is a simple yet efficient service for those users looking to reach out to more people about what they have to offer. Their customer service is positive and helpful, which makes it easier for new users to learn and start to use this platform. Anyone can create content to share with others.

Besides the cons like pricing and lack of some customization features, ConvertKit is a great tool to start your online business.

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