Debutify Theme Review

Debutify Shopify Theme Review

Debutify Theme Review: The Best Shopify Free Theme?


Choosing a theme for your Shopify store isn’t something you should take lightly. The looks in your store give it the personality you want, and it makes it much more attractive and likeable for your customers.

Shopify offers several free themes, but finding a good one can be tough. Amongst those themes, we have Debutify.

Debutify sells as a free theme with regular updates that keeps it fresh and competitive. At first glance, it’s a great choice: it’s mobile friendly, and its simple code makes it fast and efficient.

However, are those claims true? That’s what we’re going to find out in this review. You might have checked its demo already, but we’re going to dig deeper. Read on and find out about its features, how to use it, and what you get if you decide to shell out some money.

What features do you get?

Their demo store gives you a good first look at the features if you want something quick. However, it’s not a complete view, and you can do better if you want more details.

First off, they don’t quite tell you which features are free and which are premium. Installing the theme is necessary if you want to find out.

But that’s why you’re here, right? Is it free for real?

Well, you do get a basic theme with its layout and style. That’s when it begins to change: seventeen features require you to get the premium plan. The pricing change with the number of features you get.

With $5 monthly, you get 3 features. $13 means you have 7, and the full package costs $20 monthly. The good part is that paying yearly translates into a 40% discount.

Debutify: plans and pricing

Talking about prices, we should explain the deal a bit further. You get three plans:

  • Starter plan
  • Hustler plan
  • Guru plan

The starter and Hustler ones give you 3 and 7 features for $5 and $14 respectively. Additionally, you get English support for five days a week and access to a private Facebook group. The yearly updates and support comes for free.

The Guru plan is the full package, with all the add-ons available right now and in the future. You also get the other features from the other plans.

As you can see, the plan isn’t entirely free, but it’s not an expensive plan. You also have discounts for yearly purchases and updates are also free.

The premium features in Debutify

If you’re interested in knowing the 17 features before deciding which ones you want (if you’re getting the limited plans), then we’ll explain them briefly.

5 of the features refer to your cart functionality. You can have animations when you add a product to a cart, and the “add to cart” option under the items is also a premium feature. You can have a sticky bar for adding products to the cart, and upsell pop-ups are also a premium feature when filling your cart. The fifth feature is showing your trust badges in your cart and checkout pages.

Other features include adding product tabs and videos to your product pages. You can notify sales for your other buyers and have a coupon newsletter as a pop-up.

Other additions include the approximate delivery date, a store FAQ, mega menu with advanced columns, and chat boxes for support.

You also get a couple of security features: EU visitors can have the GDPR Compliance cookie box, and you can lock down the content against content theft.

Is it worth it to get Debutify Premium?

Buying a premium theme can net you over $100, and getting other premium features can raise that significantly. However, you can get the basic features for free, and getting the full package costs much less than buying a full premium theme on Shopify.

What’s even better is that you can pay for what you need. If you feel like you don’t need all the addons, you can trim them down to the essentials. that’s a great way to keep things simple while your store grows and you can get a better income.

Installing Debutify: how to

Debutify is a one-click install theme, so you only need to enter your store’s URL into the box and log in. After that, the theme installs.

After the installation, you only need to activate it and customise your store.

This straight-to-the-point approach also translates to how they handle your personal data. Shopify themes are well-known for being occasionally carefree when handling your data and keeping spam at bay.

However, Debutify has more than 8,000 users, and no one has complained about that issue. Personally, I haven’t received many emails from the developers, and I’ve had this theme for quite a while now!

Debutify: final review

The theme provides you a dashboard for customising your store. It’s in real-time, and the platform is intuitive.

You only need to click on the options to your left to expand the choices you have. It’s a very responsive platform, and using it is seamless. Someone with zero knowledge on the technical side of things can set up their store without too much effort.

The theme settings let you get more in-depth and customise everything you want. That’s also where you can configure your premium add-ons.

The results are clean and look very stylish. The basic plan offers you a functional and simple store, and the premium options take that to the next level.

Overall, the Debutify theme looks amazing, and the premium features are much more accessible than other plans out there. Even if you pay for the add-ons, you’ll still save a lot of money!


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