Demio Pricing: How Much Does It Cost? (2021)

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Demio Pricing

Demio is one of the best platforms when it comes to hosting webinars and live events. With all the benefits you can get from hosting webinars, there’s no reason not to consider implementing this marketing approach for your business.

Today, I’ll take you through the features you get from Demio as well as how much you’ll have to pay for each account tier. Demio’s plans are quite flexible, and you can always find something for your business needs without breaking your budget.

With that in mind, we can now begin.

Demio: overview and features

Demio is a webinar tool that you can use to manage your webinars from their marketing to the actual event date. It’s easily one of the best solutions available right now, and it has plenty of features to rival many of its largest competitors.

You can organize, promote and run your entire webinars to grow your customer base: from registration page customization to event reports to assess how all your events performed after they’re done.

Let’s have a look at some of its core features.


Demio is a great solution for beginners without any experience running live webinars. The user interface is quite simple, and the entire experience is as pleasant for the host as it is for its attendees.


Regardless of the plan you get, you can host all the webinars you want. You can also record your events and keep up to 100 recordings within your account.

Registration pages

Your registration page is one of the most important elements of your webinars—even outside the event itself. You need a good design if you want to collect as much information as you want from your registrants.

You can customize your pages with your own branding, including visuals and your business logos. Once ready, you can embed all pages on your website to leverage your main traffic source.


Demio also lets you integrate several other platforms to its main package in case you want to add any features you’re already paying for. Furthermore, it supports a huge amount of indirect integrations via its Zapier support.

You can add Demio to your marketing toolkit without too much effort.

Replay automation

Demio also supports automatic replays, and you can use this feature to share your events with your attendees. They can keep a copy of the webinar for later use after you send them the replay link.

Engagement features

Naturally, Demio comes with several engagement-oriented features that you can use to keep your attendees invested in your Webinar. Live chats, CTAs, download handouts, and even featuring attendees as guests during your webinar are excellent ways to keep your events interesting. You’re free to display polls to your audience to gather their opinion and even assess the results after your event has finished.


Speaking of assessing results, you can also study your webinars’ performance via Demio’s in-depth analytics and event reports.

You’ll be able to analyze how engaged your attendees were during the event as well as the effectiveness of the webinars themselves. You can evaluate if there are any changes necessary regarding how you promote your webinar, how many registrants you gathered, how people accessed your webinars, and more.

All reports can be exported if you want to keep your logs stored elsewhere or share them with your business team and partners.

Easy to join

Your attendees don’t need to download anything if they want to access your webinars like they would with competitors like Zoom. They only need to open up their web browser and click on your webinar link to join.

Customer support

Demio has full-time customer support in case you run into any issue or have any doubts. You can reach out to the support team via live chat, and they’ll usually answer in a few minutes at most.

If you want to solve your problems by yourself, you can also check out their resources base. It’s filled with guides, tips, and tutorials to help you solve the most common issues that you might encounter while using Demio.

Event safety

Finally, Demio also takes the security of your events quite seriously. All data from your account and activity is encrypted, and their privacy measures are fully GDPR compliant.

Payment expectations: how much does Demio cost?

Demio sticks to the standard: 3 pricing plans with each account upgrade adding more features and room for the previous tier.

Before you pay for anything, make sure to check out the free trial available for 14 days. You can check out all features from the mid-tier plan as long as you keep your webinars under an hour and 20 attendees.

Once you’re done testing the platform, and you think it’s the right one for you, you should also keep in mind its available discount. You get a 30% discount on all plans if you pay for the entire year instead of one month at a time—which is little over 3 free months every year.

Starter account

The starter plan is the basic Demio experience, and it’s aimed towards individual entrepreneurs and smaller businesses, especially on a budget. It’s priced at $49 monthly, and it offers all the features you need for smaller webinars.

Basic users have access to all the core Demio features I already covered in the previous section. Your webinars can have a single host and up to 50 attendees for up to 3 hours. You can host live events and contact the standard customer support.

Minor features you get starting from the basic plan also include unlimited registrants and events. You also have unlimited storage for your events and files. During your webinars, you’re free to share various media files, use slides during your webinars, and use the event localization features.

Growth account

The Growth plan offers a solid balance between the Starter and Business plans, so it’s better for businesses who have outgrown the Starter plan but still don’t need the features from the Business option.

It costs $99 monthly, and offers all the previous plan’s features plus a few extra additions for more advanced users.

The Growth plan is also much better for entrepreneurs who want to host automated webinars. Likewise, it’s the first account to offer custom branding features for both your webinar rooms and email communications.

You still have access to standard customer support and can only have a single host per webinar. However, this plan increases your webinar room to 150 attendees and up to 5 hours per event.

Business account

The last fixed plan for Demio is better for larger businesses and users who need more room or hosts than the previous plan. It costs $234 monthly, and it includes all features from the previous plans.

With this plan, you’ll be prioritized by the customer support team. Furthermore, you’re assigned a dedicated representative; they basically act as your personal support agent, and they can offer both technical and creative support depending on what you need.

Your events are also larger. You can have up to 500 attendees in events for as long as 8 hours. The most prominent addition for Business users is that you can now have 4 co-hosts in all events.

Custom plans

If you need room for more attendees or hosts than what these 3 plans offer, then you can contact the Demio customer support team. You have the option to negotiate a custom plan that accommodates your needs, and the price will be agreed between you and the Demio team.

How does Demio stack up to the competition?

A platform can only be the best option in comparison to similar solutions. In other words, there’s no way to tell if Demio is really a good deal if you don’t compare its offer and pricing with its competition.

That’s why I’ll compare Demio with some of the most popular webinar solutions these days, and you’ll be able to assess whether it’s actually good for you or you should just keep looking.

Keep in mind I’m just comparing platforms which I know have similar feature packages. There might be better deals for different sets of features, and you should also take a look at these options by yourself before you make a choice.


WebinarJam comes from the same people behind Kartra: one of the largest marketing suites available right now. It excels in offering some of the largest webinar sizes in the market for the price it charges.

Its plans are also yearly instead of monthly. While you might save money down the line, you must consider how the upfront investment is larger than its competitors. All plans have access to the same features except for the ones I’ll point out.

The Basic plan for WebinarJam costs $499 every year, and you can host webinars for up to 500 attendees for 2 hours and with 2 hosts.

The Professional plan has room for 2,000 attendees and 4 hosts for 3 hours. It costs $699 per year. It includes a reserved webinar room that you can use for all your events and the option to migrate your webinar to a different room with a single click.

Lastly, the Enterprise plan costs $999 yearly. It has room for 5,000 attendees, 6 hosts, and 4 hours. You can also keep your webinar staff in a separate control room to manage your webinar without distracting you.

As you can see, Demio’s Starter account is more affordable if you pay for the entire year. Therefore, if you don’t need a large webinar room, you can save some money. However, WebinarJam is among the most cost-efficient platforms in the market.


ClickMeeting is actually a conference platform that has adapted to the current demand for webinars, adding more features for this purpose. It also offers 3 pricing options depending on how many attendees you need.

ClickMeeting also offers a free trial for 30 days, with which you can host meetings with 5 participants and even webinars for 25 attendees. You can also fetch a 20% discount by paying for the full year.

Its Live and Automated plans are actually quite similar to Demio’s Starter and Growth alternatives. For $45 and $179 respectively, you can host webinars for up to 50 and 150 attendees.

ClickMeeting offers an Enterprise account for businesses requiring custom room sizes and features. You’ll need to contact customer support, and there’s no fixed price.

While the Live plan is quite similar to Demio’s Starter offer, the Automated account is almost twice as expensive for the same amount of attendees. Therefore, Demio is the best deal between the two.


Finally, EasyWebinar is another famous platform, with millions of attendees throughout all webinars hosted within it. Just like its competitors, it has 3 pricing plans with different room sizes.

Also like the competition, you can get a discount on all plans by paying for the entire year. This time, it’s 25%.

The Standard account is $78 monthly, and it’s the standard EasyWebinar experience with room for 100 attendees in live events.

The Pro plan is $129 monthly, and it adds several features to the previous plan while upping the attendee capacity to 500.

The last plan is the Enterprise option for $499 monthly, and it unlocks all features as well as room for 2,000 attendees.

This one is difficult because EasyWebinar is noticeably more expensive than Demio, but it offers at least twice the amount of attendees as Demio’s equivalent package. On the other hand, Demio is less restrictive with the amount of features you get depending on the account tier you pay for.


Demio is easily one of my top recommendations when it comes to webinar hosting solutions. It offers all the features you need to host engaging webinars while keeping your UI simple and easy to understand.

While it might not offer the same size as WebinarJam, it’s still a very competitive solution with plenty of features for a great price.

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