Does Airbnb have an affiliate program? (2021)

Find out if Airbnb has an affiliate program or not Below!

Does Airbnb have an affiliate program?

Affiliate marketing is among the most lucrative business opportunities right now, so it’s only natural for people to be on the lookout for the best programs available. This takes us to Airbnb: a huge platform with lots of doubts about their affiliate program.

Let’s get things clear: their traditional affiliate program got shut down in 2015, and only selected partners stayed with them. However, they released a new program 2 years later.

Today, Airbnb has Guest and Host: two affiliate programs. Guest lets you list offers on your website and make a commission from bookings. The Host program lets you make commissions from new sign-ups.

Today, we’ll take a look at the different programs and what they offer. You’ll get a good idea of what are the requirements and what you can expect from them. Just keep in mind that being accepted as an affiliate marketer can be difficult.

Luckily, we’ve also included a few alternatives you can pursue if you don’t make it into Airbnb’s affiliate programs.

Requirements to qualify for their program

Airbnb actively looks for qualified partners, including established brands. You need  to receive more than a million visits every month if you want to become part any of the 2 affiliate programs. This is the same for websites and mobile apps.

Airbnb offers millions of properties in hundreds of countries, so it’s only natural for them to set high standards. Besides traffic, your site/app also needs to be creative and popular, and your audience must present good chances of booking/hosting through the platform.

Leveraging your website/app with a blog and social media is also important. You can take a look at The Amateur Traveler for a great example.

Airbnb’s programs: affiliate vs referral options

These are 2 different programs; the referrals program lets people receive credits when referred family and friends books through their referral link. This program lets you make $20 for every new user, capped at $5,000. Credits expire after a year.

The affiliate program is just like you’d expect: you generate traffic for the website and make commissions from bookings from your traffic.

The affiliate program isn’t targeted at users, unlike the referral program.

Does the guest program belong to affiliates or referrals?

The Guest program belongs to the affiliate program. You can promote Airbnb listings from your website/app to possible guests to book through the platform.

It can be quite similar to the referral program in how it functions; both pay out for new bookings. However, the guest program itself is for affiliates.

What about commissions?

You can make money in 2 ways. The Guest program pays you whenever a user coming from you books through the platform. The Host program pays you every time someone from your traffic becomes a host on the platform.

Simplified: one program pays for new guests and the other pays for new hosts. They’re self-explanatory.

However, there’s really no information about how they structure their commissions. We looked thoroughly around the internet and couldn’t find anything. Airbnb is quite close about their network, and only members have access to this info.

Are there similar alternatives?

If your website focuses around traveling, becoming an Airbnb affiliate should look like an easy choice to make. The problem is how exclusive they are when accepting new affiliates.

Luckily, you’re not out of luck if they don’t accept you into their program. There are several other programs around the same industry that you can enter. Even better, you can even promote several offers.

Here are some alternatives in case you don’t make it as an Airbnb affiliate marketer. Even if you do, these could add more chances to make good money if you implement them into your website.

This is one of the world-wide leaders when it comes to online booking. Joining their affiliate program lets you promote over 20 million rooms available in more than 2 million properties.

Signing up is also really easy. You can join a network with over 12,500 affiliate marketers around the world in barely a few clicks. Both large and small sites can join, and the tiered commission structure lets you make more money the more sales you make. It starts off at 25% and caps at 40%, so the rates are good.


The name sums it up quite nicely; it’s a cruise traveling company with very competitive deals for people looking to book cruise vacations around the world. The affiliate program commission is 3%; it’s surely small when compared with other programs, but the cost to book a cruise is quite larger than booking a room from sites like Airbnb.

In the end, you might even be making more than with most traveling platforms.

Another great feature from CruiseDirect is their 45-day cookies, which mean that you have one and a half months for your traffic to book while still making a commission. You don’t have to meet any minimum traffic requirements to qualify, so it’s a great chance if you’re starting out.

This platform has nearly 300,000 hotels in over 60 countries available for booking. The affiliate program is managed through third-party services such as Affiliate Window and Commission Junction.

Their commission structure is also tiered like with You start out making 5.5% for all bookings resulting in hotel stays. Monthly sales that make $8,000 or more make 5.75%, and those making $12,000 or more get a 6% commission.

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