Does AliExpress Dropshipping Work?

Does AliExpress Dropshipping Work

Does AliExpress Dropshipping Work? Is it even Safe & profitable?


There are various marketplaces to source your products for dropshipping. But every dropshippers know that AliExpress is the most popular marketplace. However, if you are new to this field, having doubts about whether it is a trusted platform or whether you will have healthy profits selling their products is justifiable.

 Moreover, the fact that you cannot physically see the products you are selling to your customers also results in uncertainty. Though to answer the underlying question, AliExpress dropshipping does work, but you have to choose from a reputable and trusted supplier. Make sure the products have high ratings and are in demand.

What is AliExpress?

AliExpress is a china based online marketplace. With their affordable price products and frequent deals and offers, it has become popular in many countries. For instance, in Russia, it is the most visited e-commerce website. It is also the 10th most popular website in Brazil. The reason behind its cost-effective price rates is due to the Chinese economy. In this way, buyers gain a lot of profits. You can easily find products in demand and the high selling ones in their ‘Top Selection’ and ‘Flash Deals’ web pages.

 Due to its global usage, a lot of suppliers and sellers list their products in this marketplace to reach a worldwide audience. It gives us the benefit of choosing from thousands of products from hundreds of categories. Starting from women’s beauty products, clothing, electronic appliances to health supplements, they cover every niche available.

 AliExpress gives you complete buyer protection and secured payment methods. And it also gives you the flexibility to choose your payment method from their wide range options. You can use visa debit or credit cards, MasterCard credit cards, Maestro debit cards, or American Express. However, if you are not comfortable giving out your card information, you can purchase prepaid cards or use virtual cards. It allows you to buy from AliExpress directly. Through this method, you can utilize the money you deposited before.

The feature that helps them to be at the top of the game is AliExpress lets you buy products individually instead of bulk or wholesome. Each product has a fixed price though they fluctuate on times of offers and deals. After selecting your product, choose from the list of shipping methods available. Each method has a different time of delivery and hence cost different amounts. But their shipping charges are also cost-effective.

How does dropshipping work with AliExpress?

For anyone new to this field, dropshipping is selling products to your customers through an online store. You don’t own any inventory and source products from marketplaces. These products are packed and shipped directly by the supplier you will choose from the marketplace on your behalf. Place an order from there only after your customers have ordered and paid for the product. You will list the products with a markup to earn profits. In this way, dropshipping lets you use the profits you earn from the customers for ordering from a supplier.

AliExpress is one of these marketplaces to sell your products. In fact, it is the most used platform for dropshippers due to selling good-quality products at a much cheaper rate. Before advertising the products, know the suppliers you will choose when a customer orders a specific product.

Follow these steps to know the process if you want to dropship from AliExpress

  • Research and find out the niche you want to opt for and the products to sell
  • Build an online store from platforms like Shopify
  • Go to AliExpress and look for the products. Choose them from a reputable supplier who has the highest positive feedbacks.
  • Communicate with the supplier and negotiate the product prices. Also, know about their product delivery times with other details
  • Optional but imperative- Ask the supplier to send you a product sample to see and review.
  • Start building product pages and include the images and description sent by the suppliers. You can also use your own photos using the sample products.
  • Promote your products through free and paid campaigns
  • Sell products and collect the customer payment
  • Visit AliExpress and place the order of that specific product from your chosen supplier. Make sure to mention not to include invoice or price in the package.
  • In the shipping section, give your customer’s address so they can directly deliver the product to them.

Repeat the process after receiving orders from your store.

It is only the necessary steps for using AliExpress, and it’s not mandatory to follow the steps in the exact order. Also, you can incorporate your own steps considering they will help to grow the business.

Considering their suppliers are from worldwide, it generally takes between two weeks to deliver the item to its respective address. To have an excellent customer relationship, let your customers know about the delivery time with updated tracking records.

If in any case, your customers don’t receive the orders though it is rare, follow these steps-

  • Contact your customer and know if they have checked their neighborhood so that no one else collected the product on their behalf.
  • Ask your supplier the date of shipping of the product and get the tracking details and information as well.
  • Solve the problem by yourself or give the information to the customer
  • In extreme cases, contact AliExpress support and make them aware of the situation

However, you will find customers claiming such problems and untrustworthy suppliers from time to time. But it is one of the challenges that come with the perks of dropshipping. Hence, do your research beforehand and only use the best suppliers with the most positive feedback.

Does anyone make money dropshipping with AliExpress?

Now that you know AliExpress is genuine and how to source products from there, the main question is whether it is worth your time effort. Can you make profits from dropshipping with AliExpress?

Some dropshippers make 6-7 figures using AliExpress as their marketplace. But you must have also heard stories of people failing in this business and not earning any profits to get back the investment money.

Similar to any other business, not everyone can ace in this field. For dropshipping, you need to gain a lot of knowledge, careful setup, and research in this field. Creating a store and making paid advertising without any planning and consideration is the result of many unsuccessful stories. You cannot run the store based on luck and hoping your unproven strategies will work out in the end. Know what you are getting into and the chances of the store earning profits. Understand what your customers want and what will make them satisfied.

The best thing to do before starting this business is to consult an expert. Or else, someone you know who is already in this field for years and has experience. Try purchasing a good dropshipping course like eCom Elites. They tell you everything about what you should and shouldn’t do on dropshipping. It will teach you how to work with AliExpress and all the methods and strategies you should use for sourcing products. Also, it has thirty hours of materials at a reasonable price consisting of modules on advertising strategies as well. It covers topics like Facebook Ads, SEO, Google Ads, and Email marketing.

You will start to see results if you follow this course correctly. But for your peace of mind, read the experiences of people who have already purchased the course.


To conclude, AliExpress is a legitimate marketplace, and you can source your products from there and earn profits. It is because their products are cheaper than any other marketplaces. They also provide protection and security to make sure you don’t face any problems using AliExpress. However, you need the right strategy that goes well with your store and the correct approach to run a successful store.

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