Does Groove funnel have 30 days free trial?

Before we go into this question let us first find out what groove funnel is all about. The groove funnel is a high-quality electronic Advertising and Marketing System that can be used by online business owners and by entrepreneurs who want to start an online business.  This system allows access to all the apps and devices that are required for the business to be consolidated under one group. 

We can say that it is the master in electronic advertising that works independently and can also be consolidated with other systems to provide an overall complete experience.  

The groove funnel runs on the online platform of SAAS and has subscription websites, webinar contractors, product channel production, video hosting systems, autoresponders all under one panel. 

Different components of groove funnel

Groove funnel Comprises different components like Groove pages,  Groove mail, Groove sell, Groove Affiliate, and so on. This is a complete online business tool that allows the integration of several tools to make the online business successful and create sales funnels. 

Not only does it allow the integration of different rules but also conducts surveys, quizzes, webinars, and publishes different content on how to use the platform. 

Groove Pages

Group pages of software that can be used for building sales funnel,  and also create computer websites with all the features and functionalities. The software is based on the latest version of JavaScript and is enabled to publish the sites on HTML,  which helps in the Search Engine Optimization of the website. 

Groove sell

This is a sales system that allows sellers to advertise their products online respective of physical products,  subscriptions,  coaching, training, and more. 

 The groove sell allows the seller to produce their items,  create separate web pages for checkout,  upsells,  down sells,  affiliate programs, and many other features without payment of any additional cost.

 Groove affiliate

This is an affiliate system,  which enables people to sign up as an affiliate to promote high-quality and high converting products that easily sell online.  This app has been formulated to enable tracking,  refunds,  completion of payments,  and delivery of the products.

Groove mail

This is a CRM automation tool meant for email auto-responding coupled with some additional features. Groove mail allows sellers to send auto-programed emails to prospective customers. This platform also can add messages as well as voice broadcasting.

Additional features of Groove funnel

Apart from these tools Groove funnel also has the facility of availing subscriptions that allows access to different functionalities of Groove funnel. 

Availing different subscription allows you to create free accounts that can be upgraded to Silver, Gold, and Platinum.  every subscription comes with a different set of added features that allows you to modify and enhance the look of your website as well as make videos that can be downloaded as well. 

The groove video allows to upload video clips,  see analytics, and manage the player controls including tags and changing the thumbnails.  

 The groove funnel also has a blogging platform known as the Groovblog,  which allows the creating of blog sites and WordPress designs. 

Groove funnel subscription plans

The Groove funnel has different subscription plans like Groove funnels silver, Groove funnels gold, and Groove funnels Platinum.  Apart from the paid plans, the Groove funnel also has a free base plan which gives access to Groove sell, Groove affiliate, and Groove pages. 

This plan also allows you to produce cost-free products, and become an affiliate for a high converting and high-grade item as well as create up to three free internet sites promotion of these products utilizing Groove pages modern technology. 

However, this plan only allows access to certain base features and functionalities of the Groove funnel that allows you to use the basic tools. This is the best platform to start your online business. Once you get a hang of the entire set of features and how to use them, you have the option to upgrade your free subscription to an advanced subscription plan. 

The best feature of the free plan is that you can use up to 3 custom domains which means that you do not have to make any payment for hosting your free site. This reduces the stakes of the expense when you are starting your business where your cash flow is limited and you might not be in a position to spend a lot of money on advanced plans.


To conclude I can say that the Groove funnel does not have a 30-day free trial plan,  however, the base or the free plan,  allows you to venture into the platform and understand the features and functionalities completely. 

The best subscription plan is the Groove funnel Platinum lifetime strategy plan that gives access to complete the application and all the tools,  coupled with future upgrades.  The payment to this plan can be made with a single installment or can be divided into regular monthly supplements.