Does GrooveFunnels Have An Autoresponder? Let’s Find Out

Have you decided to give GroveFunnels a try? 

As a digital marketer you are probably wondering if GrooveFunnels has an autoresponder. Does it cover email marketing, email automation and all of that? 

Just to make sure in a word, yes, it does. 

See as you know GrooveFunnels is a SaaS that is integrated with all possible marketing tools at one platform, all available in one subscription plan, to help you to organize and optimize your business outputs. 

So it goes beyond saying that email marketing is an essential app in this suite. 

It’s called GrooveMail. 

Let’s dig a little deeper to see what GrooveMail exactly does, how much it will cost you and how it is better than other email providers.

What is GrooveMail

GrooveMail is a powerful CRM software, one of the major 20 Groove apps that are available now. 

If you have already been used to other common autoresponders like MailChimp, GetResponse, ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign etc., GrooveMail user interface will seem more easy going to you. 

GrooveMail does everything an autoresponder should do including some advanced features. And what makes it stand out even more is it’s a lot cheaper than the other similar softwares in the market. 

What GrooveMail Helps You to Do 

What you essentially do with GrooveMail is starting your own email campaign. You create your own list of customers, organize an automated email sequence and just start broadcasting. 

  • GrooveMail has a simple and crisp dashboard design with a user friendly interface. 
  • A/B testing option is available to check the database to decide which one of your different emails has a higher performance rate. This process is also known as split testing. In this you create two versions of your broadcast message and send them to two different groups from your mailing list. The one that gets more opens and clicks is definitely the better version. 
  • It allows you to create sequencing automation. In this way you can send a series/list of emails at a certain interval of time that is already predetermined. .
  • GrooveMail enables behavioral targeting which means sending automated emails to your target customers depending on their requirements, judged by your earlier interactions with them. 
  • You can create extremely professional and flawless newsletters with grammar and spelling checks. Now suppose you tag a person to your daily mailing list and add as many tags as you know about that customer. More tags will help in more correct behavioral targeting. It’s like segmenting your customers in different targeted groups.
  • You can use the highly effective pre-customized HTML email template. Or you can create your own templates which can be easily done by even an amateur with their ‘drag-and-drop’ designing tools. 
  • Other than newsletters, you can send simple HTML text messages or voice based broadcast messages to your target customer lists that will eventually increase your conversion rate. 
  • You can create colored emails with many available designs and themes.
  • You can segment your mailing list in different categories like which customer just walked the store and left and who actually bought the product.
  • With monthly newsletters and automated emails you can achieve high deliverability and inboxing rate. That means you can track how many of your emails have been actually delivered and landed in your customers’ inbox and from there you can calculate the percentage of your inboxing rate. So it’s pretty easy to check your analytics with GrooveMail. 
  • You can access all your current contacts, import more contact from other sources. As a matter of fact, in a paid membership GrooveMail lets you add up to 25,000 email contacts. 

There are still some cool actions that you can take with GrooveMail in the upcoming days like :

  • Email personalization : To touch more audience with your broadcasts and newsletters, the more your emails are personalized the better. For example, address the email with your customer’s first name. This will eventually create a big difference in conversion rate. 
  • SMS funnels : SMS funnels and sequences can be created to send follow up messages through SMS. 

Integration with Other Groove Apps

One most interesting and actually very helpful thing to notice is how GrooveMail is kind of interlinked with all the other GrooveFunnels apps. So it makes the whole user experience a lot easier. 

For example : 

  • You can track through GrooveVideos what people are watching and you can send them a customized suggestion list through GrooveMail. 
  • With GroovePages, another essential tool available in the free version, you can create landing pages and opt-in pages for your newsletter. 
  • You can schedule calls and meetings with GrooveCalender and notify people with GrooveMail. 
  • Suppose you are setting your business through GrooveSell. You are selling a tutorial course or may be a membership offer. You can deliver that to the customer via GrooveMail.

Just because all the apps are so integrated does not mean you have to necessarily use GrooveMail as your autoresponder. In case you are already using any other email marketing provider, you can keep using that and other Groove services all at once.  

Who Should Get GrooveMail

  • If you run a business to sell either a physical or digital product.
  • If you want to become a GrooveFunnels affiliate to earn money or as such any other affiliates. 
  • If you are a content creator, consultant, digital marketer and so on.


As of now, you cannot get GrooveMail individually as a separate tool. Initially it was not even available in the free subscription. Although it might seem back then that you are paying a one-time cost for just a CRM tool, it’s just a part of a lot of other tools you get along with it. 

Anyway now it is included in the 20 apps list that is accessible with GrooveFunnels Free Base Account.

As they say, some things are worth the wait. 

Now to get access to GrooveMail all you need to do is to subscribe for their free account. You can head to this link 

It is a lifetime membership and credit card details are required. 

You can easily upgrade later to their Lifetime Platinum Deal paying a one-time price of $1397 to become a GrooveFunnels pioneer or backer member. 

Upgrade here 

As Mike Filsaime, the CEO of GrooveDigital assures, GrooveMail will cost you at least one third of the price you were already paying to any other autoresponders.


So if you want to experience how a world class email marketing software works, get access to GrooveFunnels. It is great for a beginner’s first-hand experience as well because of its simple UI.

Even being a part of a marketing suite, its advanced features can compete with other established softwares available in the market.

If not, in a way you are wasting your money in multiple other platforms. You can easily look around the market to check what any other provider will monthly charge you for 25k contacts. Even if one email is sent per day that will be 750,000 of total emails you can send per month. 

And now it’s even more exciting because with the free version it’s like a free trial. You can use the apps for as long as you want and then decide if you want to invest in the one-time pricing plan.