Does GrooveFunnels Provide Free Hosting? Let’s Find Out

Did you hear somewhere that GrooveFunnels has free hosting? And could not almost believe it?

Let me clear all your doubts here. You heard just right. GrooveFunnels is offering FREE hosting!

And it does not stop there yet. They even provide 3 custom domains with their hosting and that too in the free base plan.

Okay let me walk you through this. 

What Is Web Hosting And Domain Name 

Just in case you are not completely clear on the idea of what web hosting and domain is and why free hosting is such a big deal, let me give you a basic idea. 

Web hosting providers mainly store/host the data and files of your website. 

Domain name is a URL that acts like an address of your website. 

So when someone types the domain name of your website, the web hosting server leads him to your website page. 

Web hosting server can be said to be the house of your website where all the files are stored. And the domain name is the address that points to the house. 

Instead of using the IP address (string of numbers 54.876.98.1) which is humanly impossible to remember, a domain name is registered for every website. 

A domain name has two parts : Second-level domain and Top-level domain (TLD).

In, Amazon is the second-level domain and .com is the TLD.

Hosting and domain name is like a starter pack to start a website. A domain name does not do anything on its own until it is registered.

Average Cost Of Hosting And Domain Name 

When you buy a domain, it can cost you somewhere between $0.99 to $23.99. Web Hosting covers a varied range.

Different types of Hostings

  • Shared Hosting –  $0.99-$3.99/month (It is the cheapest option available)
  • VPS Hosting – $3.95-$29.50/ month
  • Cloud Hosting – $7.45-$37.50/ month
  • WordPress Hosting – $2.15-$14.95/ month

Different types of Domain extensions 

  • .online – $0.99 
  • .store – $0.99
  • .info – $3.79
  • .org – $11.49
  • .co – $23.99

You can buy them from the same provider or separately. 

Some Domain name providers are

  • NameCheap – $8.88 – $12.98/year
  • GoDaddy – $1.95 – $23.95/year
  • Google – Starts at $12/year 

Some Hosting providers are

  • Bluehost – $3.95 – $79.99/ month 
  • SiteGround – $6.99 – $14.99/ month
  • InMotion Hosting – $23.99 – $99.99/ month

In other all-in-one marketing websites for sales tools, you have to subscribe for their monthly plans to get hosting and domain, like in Builderall the Premium plan is $69.90/ month (offer price), in Kartra the Starter plan $99/month. 

See What GrooveFunnels Provides

Now that you know how much hosting and a domain can cost you, do you get it why you should not miss the opportunity to grab this free deal?

Any all-in-one marketing funnel builder platforms like Builderall, Kartra, ClickFunnels only offer custom domains to their paid customers. 

As far as hosting quality is concerned, let me assure you, it is top notch. Amazon servers are their hosting hub for all the websites. 

Normally websites can take up to 5 seconds to load. But in GrooveFunnels it is super fast, 1.5 seconds to fully load a page, even when not optimized properly. How cool is that?

How To Get Started With A Free Account 

It is absolutely hassle free to avail this amazing offer. All you need is to register for GrooveFunnels free base account.

With the free account you get access to GroovePages Lite with these major features :

  • Wire frame blocks
  • Premium blocks starter pack
  • Free hosting 
  • One funnel temple
  • Three funnels
  • Three project sites
  • Three custom domains

Once you have reached the official website of GrooveFunnels you will see a red sign popping out several times as you scroll down the page. The sign reads:

Get Started Right Now For Free!

Click on any one of them.

Now you will have to put some basic information for registration and that is basically it. 

You do not even have to update any credit card information during check out. 

You can upgrade anytime later to the Lifetime Platinum Account. Get your free account here. 


So as it turns out after all the discussions, GrooveFunnels hosting is highly competent, saves you a bunch of money every year. And as I said you get three custom domains completely free. This offer is insane!

If you have already purchased your domain name elsewhere, you can start hosting with GrooveFunnels today.  

But it is not for long you can get this base account. GrooveFunnels is in the second phase of their beta version as we speak. Once fully launched you have to pay for their monthly Silver, Gold and Platinum pricing plans.  

Now give me one good reason why you should not get a free account today and stop flushing your money down the drain?