Does GrooveFunnels Really Work? Find Out The Truth Here

In the market of sales tools competition is quite high. The whole scenario is pretty crowded with digital marketing tools like ClickFunnels, Kartra, Builderall, Leadpages.

Yet there are so many people shifting to GrooveFunnels every day. By early July this year, GrooveFunnels had outnumbered ClickFunnels in users. Now aren’t you a teensy bit interested to know why?

Is it just because of the hype about their lifetime Platinum deal? Or does it actually meet all your sales needs?

Why do not we discuss all the positives and negatives in an extensive way and see if GrooveFunnels actually justifies all the hype?

The What And For Whom Factors

In layman terms it is a platform with every possible marketing tool required to build a successful business.

Basically GrooveFunnels is a marketer’s one-stop destination, from building a website landing page to selling products online to email providers and the list goes on. You name it and GrooveFunnels got it covered.

It is one of the many software brands [GrooveKart, GrooveAds] launched by the parent company GrooveDigital, Inc.

If you are a budding business or new start up or already established, you can benefit from GrooveFunnels. For a budding business, with everything at hand, organized, it will make the road much smoother. And an already established business can see definite, steady growth through this.

Brains Behind The Groove

Before making a large scale investment, a quite natural and probably a smart thing to do is to look out for the masterminds of the brand. Know about their visions.

Mike Filsaime

Mike Filsaime, the name speaks for itself. He is the big daddy of the digital marketing world, co-founder of Kartra and now CEO and co-founder of GrooveDigital. Just once his two years non-competing contract with Kartra ended, GrooveDigital took its flight, never looking back.

He is also behind other flagship marketer tools like WebinarJam, EverWebinar, PayDotCom. His sales revenue is over $125 million.

His name and brand value works like a trust quotient with the users.

John Cornetta

With over 20 years of business experience in e-commerce Corentta, the President of GrooveDigital, brings another level of sophistication to Groove tools. Around two years back, he created GrooveKart in association with Filsaime.

Matt serralta

Matt is the COO in GrooveDigital, with a seniority level of 10 years in management, sales and e-commerce.

So as you see, when these visionaries brainstormed all their ideas and experiences in a venture that has to be top notch. The main idea behind GrooveDigital was to provide an easy to use, budget friendly platform with fine UI.

Does GrooveFunnel Work

You have been waiting for this, so let me give it straight to you. Yes, it does.

GrooveFunnels is now in the second phase of its Beta version. In this phase GrooveMail, GrooveMember, GrooveVideo and the all new GrooveKart has been released. There are still some features missing in the software. The last phase will release GrooveWebinars for Live webinars, GrooveBlog, GrooveQuiz, when the software is finally fully launched.

The company is generating millions dollar worth of revenue which is largely being reinvested in developing and customer care services.

If the beta version is doing so well imagine what the fully launched version will do for you.

Some Major Groove Features


  • It is basically the classic drag-and-drop system to build websites, landing pages and sales funnels.
  • User friendliness is another major plus point. Very fast loading time helps to drag more traffic.
  • It has a clean UI with pre customised templates.
  • You can pick your template that is also filtered as different industries.
  • Re-customising the template does not take much effort, also it is very much optimized for mobile use.


  • GrooveSell is a digital sellers’ platform. Here you can sell your products may it be digital or physical like courses, ebooks etc.
  • Best part is GrooveSell will not charge you any service/transaction fee, with Platinum membership.
  • Here you can create order bumps, upsell, downsell, helping both you and your customer.
  • Unlike ThriveCart and SamCart, you get GrooveSell for free.
  • Users can download invoices and change their credit card info.
  • GrooveFunnels support so many payment gateways like Merchant Account, Authnet, NMI.
  • Easy to cancel the subscription.


  • In digital sales or business you need a good CRM to keep track of your email analytics and GrooveMail does the job finely.
  • Unlike MailChimp or GetResponse, the similar email marketing system, GrooveMail excels in both automation tools and marketing features.
  • With GrooveMail you do not have to pay for any external plug-ins.
  • Here you can send automated and voice based behavioral emails.
  • Definitely cheaper than other email marketing systems.

Something About Bugs

There have been some minor interface issues faced by the users. In some cases few features are not working properly.

But hey this is still the beta version. And GrooveFunnels has already one lakh plus happy users. They are developing the software fast. You got to wait to see how it turns out eventually.

It’s Pros And Cons Time


  • All-in-one marketing tools.
  • Saves tons of money and time from using multiple platforms.
  • Comes with an affiliate program where you can promote and earn commission.
  • Good funnel builder for business.
  • Attractive subscription packages like: limited time free lifetime account, one-time payment Platinum deal.
  • Helps to organize all your sales needs at one stop.


  • Initially GrooveFunnels can be a bit overwhelming with all the apps and options.
  • It should come with a learning curve especially for beginners.
  • Once the limited time subscription offers are over monthly Gold and Silver plans can be a bit steep for some people.
  • Some features are still not available.
  • Some bugs related issues are still there.

How GrooveFunnel Is Better Than Its Competitors

GrooveFunnel vs ClickFunnel

ClickFunnel charges more and still not exactly a one-stop solution. GrooveFunnel uses the Vue:JS from Javascript that helps to run pages smoothly.

GrooveFunnel vs Kartra

Filsaime is from Kartra itself. So there are chances both will have more or less similar features. GrooveFunnel has better SEO and indexing support in mobile version than Kartra. This definitely helps in traffic.

GrooveFunnel vs Builderall

Builderall might give you a $20/month subscription fee, but its user interface works just accordingly, not up to the mark to be clear.


So I guess that was a fairly clear analysis to know about the performance level of GrooveFunnels. You can tally all the positives and negatives.

It definitely works! Works well. People are already making thousands of dollars using Groove tools.

But are you still in two minds?

Cannot decide to-wait-or-not-to-wait for the final bug free launch?

If you are perfectionist and got a fat purse, you certainly wait until it is one hundred percent ready.

But if you are a new business or content creator, a little under budget, then go for it. What harm can it do to get a free or platinum membership? You will go through all the ups and downs and come out with a better understanding of how the whole thing works.