Dont Spend Thousands on a Dropshipping Course

Don't Spend Thousands On Dropshipping Courses

Don’t Spend Thousands On Dropshipping Courses: Do this instead! (2021)

Find out why you shouldn’t spend thousands on dropshipping courses and how to save money instead Below!


If you’ve spent any amount of time on the internet, you’ve probably seen those self-proclaimed experts telling you they have all the knowledge necessary to make millions on the internet.

You don’t even need to be interested in eCommerce – or actively search for related content – to run into these adverts.

They all follow the same method as well. Authors focus around building online stores with Shopify. They offer their “expertise” on how to do that, manage it, and grow your business to 6 and 7 figures every month. They then slap a price around the $2,000 mark.

Of course, it looks like nothing compared to what you can make with the knowledge contained within these classes, right? Well, that’s not quite the case, especially for the courses closer to the $10,000 mark.

If you’ve actually take your time to research more offers, you’ll quickly find courses for a few hundreds, even less than $100. There are actually several courses from $197 to around $500. The only difference between these cheaper courses and the more expensive ones is usually how the author is a lot less famous.

More often than not, you can find exactly the same content from a $2,000 course in a $197 one – even a lot more value. However, not all authors have the same marketing budget, and others manage to flood social media and outshine those with a more modest approach.

People love to buy with their eyes, and those who can show a Lamborghini or helicopter on their video ads will definitely look more genuine. The problem is that you don’t really get to know whether or not those luxuries are actually theirs; even if they are, what’s the real proof that their money comes from the knowledge they want to teach you.

A lot of people think that quality and value can be determined by the price tag. This is often a good guideline; I’m pretty sure a $500 cellphone will last longer and be better overall than a $60 one. That’s not always true, though; when we speak about online courses, it’s usually the opposite.

Of course, everyone advertising a $2,000 course will tell you they became millionaires thanks to their businesses – the same ones they want to teach you how to build. They then explain how that justifies the price; some even say the price is a crazy discount from the “original” price or that it should simply be a lot more expensive.

Let’s run some math, shall we?

If you want to make $1 million in a month, you basically need to make over $33,000 every day. We’re talking about pure profits, by the way. That amount should remain after taxes and any investment necessary for your business.

Do you really believe someone who makes more than $30,000 every single day would tell you how to do the same for just $2,000? Why would they create competition for such a small amount?

Even worse, why would they spend any time making a $2,000 product instead of growing their millionaire ventures?

As you can see, once you start analyzing their claims realistically, the idea that they actually make the money they tell you becomes a lot less believable. Then, why would you trust they can teach you how to do it?

Then, we have mentorship. Many courses explain how the real value comes from their personal mentorship to guide you through every step. We have to go back to the same problem: there’s no reason someone would invest their precious time in something that won’t make at least as much as their millionaire business.

If they wanted to make as much money from mentoring as they do from their “main” ventures, they’d have to charge over $1,300 per hour – and that’s only if they work 24 hours per day!

Again, there’s no reason to spend that time in anything other than growing their stores. That’s what makes you think: do they really have a store?

Well, not really.

Many of the gurus you’ll find online have never run a store on Shopify. They can simply edit the screenshots to make it seem like their revenue is huge; others might use developer stores and fake sales to inflate their dashboards.

Now, there’s also a reason why courses from people with little to none experience actually offer useful information similar to other programs. The key lies in that “similar” word we used. Most courses are simple recreations from others.

If you were around when the Warrior forum became an eBook goldmine, you might be familiar with this approach. Lots of people paraphrased other authors and sold the same content with a different name. This becomes several times easier if you’re relatively well-known around the internet.

It’s the same with eCommerce. Shopify is a huge platform, and lots of people are making good money from the model. It just takes a solid brand and content to make money from people who want to do the same.

There are many internet “experts” who simply make money by making courses on current business trends. Their big names make it easy to sell a $2,000 (or more) course by selling dreams and hype instead of unique value.

That’s why it’s important to research every course before handing out a single penny – most importantly, research the authors. You have courses like Shopify Ninja Masterclass and eCom Elites for just a few hundred while still offering more value than your $2,000 equivalent.

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