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Drop Shipping Australia Best Courses

Dropshipping is starting to become a standard online business even in Australia; more people have started to take additional income sources to complement their jobs. Living in big cities like Melbourne and Sydney gets more expensive every day, and up to 25% of their citizens take side jobs to reach the end of the month.

There are many options: Uber and freelancing are some of the most popular, but you can also stay at home and have a 24/7 online store. That’s what dropshipping allows you.

It’s easy to come across this term: there’s even been a popular story about someone named “Mr. X”. Claims are that he made over $200,000 by selling products he didn’t even own; he just had an external supplier shipping to customers under his name and package.

How did he do it? That’s what you’re going to learn.

Dropshipping: what is it and why is so profitable?

Traditional online stores work by keeping a physical stock and listing it online for people to locate and buy from it. If it doesn’t work, they usually remove the entire inventory from their earnings. They’d then try again, hoping for better luck; if it doesn’t occur again, more money goes to waste.

Dropshipping let you sell any product without having to own it; you’ll probably never see or use it, either! You can list products from any supplier on your website and sell it to your customers. You only need to drive the traffic and get the sale; then, you just head to the supplier’s website and fill the order, keeping the difference.

You can list a product for $50 on your website, when it actually costs $25 on the supplier’s website. You’d be making $25 each sale, leaving packaging, shipping, and tracking to your supplier.

Once the customer gets their product, you won’t have to mess with package data or invoices; they’ll think you just fulfilled the order as they requested.

All refunds and similar issues go to the supplier as well. You can make money online just by having a website, internet, and a bank account. The initial (and sometimes only) investment can be just a few hundred Dollars.

Is it legal for Australians?

In short, yes. It’s a legal business in Australia. You can find several Australian companies offering this opportunity, and even if some suppliers won’t specify they provide the service, you only need to call.

You just need to research properly and get a trustworthy network of suppliers.

There are also international suppliers, like Aliexpress. This way is often the most straightforward, and you can save up quite a bit on starting capital.

Downunder: how to avoid this dropshipping scam

Klint Parker is a popular name when looking for dropshipping courses and training. He and his team have a “course” called Dropship Downunder, and it’s basically reselling the same online store to everyone, changing colours here and there.

If you don’t consider a scam, you can at least see how it’s a dishonest deal. At best, you can lose the money you spent on the course, ending up with a similar website to every Australian that took their training.

On a brighter outcome, you could try to get a refund, but that’s an annoyance at best.

It’s not hard to find comments from customers who realized they wasted their money, and you should avoid that, too.

The best dropshipping courses for Australia:

eCom Elites

This is one of the best dropshipping courses available and one of the most accessible as well. It comes from Franklin Hatchett, and he offers you more than 200 videos adding up to around 40 hours filled with dropshipping content. You’ll learn about product selection, Facebook marketing and Instagram influencer marketing, SEO, and anything between them.

eCom Elites costs only $297 for access to all of the content, or you can get a “lite” version for $197. It also comes with a Facebook group and live videos every week.

It’s a bank of information that anyone wishing to start dropshipping doesn’t want to miss, and it’s better than courses priced 10 times higher.

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