DropShip Spy Review

DropShip Spy Review

DropShip Spy Review (2020 Edition)

Is DropShip Spy worth the money or not? Find out as you scroll below!


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Finding good products for your store is one of the main hurdles of starting a dropshipping business and taking advantages of current market trends to make more money. It’s a lengthy process that requires a lot of study and knowledge.

Luckily, there are many tools that take care of that hassle for you, and DropShip Spy is one of those tools. Additionally, it’s also the focus of our review today.

Starts at 20$

DropShip Spy has received 2 complete overhauls in the last 2 years. Starting in 2018, DropShip Spy received a big update with tons of new tools. A year later, another update came in, and it was an even larger one; it included a full rework of the pricing options and several new tools to play with.

Did those updates make the best tool available? Let’s find out.


  • A huge list of trending and intriguing products that keeps increasing.
  • You have access to video ads for free as a member.
  • Ability to spy your competitors to spot what products are bringing them success.
  • An excellent tool for finding influencers which helps amazingly with your marketing.
  • You can integrate it with your store on Shopify.


  • Some products might be more random regarding how much success they can bring.
  • It’s a better tool for general stores than for niche ventures.
  • You shouldn’t use it as your own tool for research.
  • Targeting requires extra research since the one provided might be a bit off.

About the course

DropShip Spy is basically a marketing firm which is always looking and researching products that show significant profits or starting to become more popular in social media.

Once they’ve conducted their research, they provide a list for members with the hot products through the platform’s website. Dropshippers also have access to several other tools to help them find success with their ventures.

The name also comes from how you can spy on other competitors to spot the products making them profits.

Hot products: what are they?

Hot products are the core of DropShip Spy, and they’re the reason why people acquire a membership with the platform.

These are also known as “winning products”, and they’re products that are currently selling well and have a large potential to make you good money.

Information available

With its most recent upgrades, the membership plans have received updated prices and benefits. Users used to have full access to all of the platform’s benefits and features by paying for the full membership.

However, since the updates changed the pricing structure and features for each plan, I currently can only access the premium membership, which is a little less featured than the 2 more expensive packages.

However, I’ll make sure to clarify the membership types you need for each feature, and we’ll start with the free basic membership.

Social media engagement

The first main advantage of using DropShip Spy is that you have access to the statistics of how the product is doing on Facebook. You can see the amount of shares, likes, and comments on posts including the products. It shows you how viral it has gone.

It’s also a great way if you’re trying to find ideas for your own marketing.

With the current DropShip Spy version, this tool is called “engagement score”. It offers an overview of the product’s performance. If you want access to this feature, it’s available from the Basic subscription onwards.

Marketing ideas

The tool also comes with some ad text that you can use as inspiration for your own ads, but they could certainly be a bit over the top. While they’re a great addition to your membership, you certainly want to edit them a bit to your own style. They can be a little hit and miss now and then.

You’ll also receive a video ad for you to employ into your strategy. You probably know that videos on Facebook generate more engagement than regular posts, which increases the chances of people spotting and seeing your ad.

This feature is hugely useful. It means you don’t have to source this task to someone else, making you spend more money than necessary.

Sales reports

DropShip Spy also includes detailed reports from both Amazon and eBay. This feature has been part of the tool since the 2018 update.

With this tool, you get to see the numbers and details showing you how the products sell on the bigger sites. It’s also a great way to see which products are profitable and how much you should be charging.

Single-click import

This is an extension for Chrome that lets you import your products with a single click into your store. All you need to do is find the product with DropShip Spy, move it to Oberlo, and then send it over to your Shopify catalogue. It’s all done with a single click, and it saves up a lot of time.

Just make sure to install the Chrome extension.

Supplier info

Basically, this feature grants you access to different links taking you to the stores that are selling the products right now. There’s a large number of stores, and you can see how many are being sold right now, what’s the average price, how much shipping costs for each store, and the potential profits if you decide to sell the product.

These profits are built on the prices currently being listed at each store for each item. Keep in mind it means there’s a lot of speculation involved in this section since you’re likely to receive a different price for the same product depending on your location and supplier.

You want to be at least a premium member on the platform if you want to access this information.

Social media advice

The huge amount of info provided by DropShip Spy is actually a great help for you to think beyond just the product you had on your mind when you fired up the platform.

For each product, you can see targeting niches that will help you form an idea of which audience you want to target and expose to your product so that you can increase the chances of getting sales from your marketing.

This is an amazing feature if you can’t come up with new ideas; it’s algo great if you run a general store but have never tried to sell certain types of products. That’s a tough situation since you might not know how to market your product, which channels to use, or which audiences are more likely to be interested in your offer. With this tool, you can fish out ideas if you don’t know where to start.

Also, with the latest DropShip Spy update, you also have a lot more information available on Instagram, which lets you research your products on one of the most important marketing channels today.

The update also brought a small improvement for the audience builder, which now lets you see recommended audiences besides useful variations for this base audience.

If you want to access this functionality, you want to get the professional plan.


To close the main features, you also have access to reviews on both Amazon and AliExpress.

However, there’s another tool called AliReviews that work perfectly for, not just seeing, but importing the same reviews into your site to increase trust in your product. You just need to drop the link.

This feature also requires you to pay for the professional membership, but I can’t recommend you buy this plan just for this feature.

Extra features

Luckily, all that product information isn’t the only value you’re getting from DropShip Spy. There’s a number of different tools and information available through the platform.

Keep in mind that accessing almost all of these tools requires you to opt for more than just the free plan. The Basic plan grants you access to some of the tools, but as with the core information, your membership level will dictate how many tools you get.

Engagement score

This is a tool that works for calculating the how viral a product gets and spot possible income boosts. Again, this tool is available from the free membership.

The calculator uses several data points to calculate the popularity of specific adverts and how much engagement they’re generating.

Of course, you want to check the data with more care to spot whether the interaction is actually good or not. There’s no reason to go for a product with 1,000 comments when 900 of them are complaining about it.

FB Audience Builder

We already mentioned how the audience builder works with great synergy when coupled with the niche tips for social media, but keep in mind that you need at least a premium membership if you want to use this tool.

This tool was included with the 2018 update, and it’s basically a way for you to get ideas within specific niches. If you want to start with a niche that you don’t really understand enough, this tool will provide you with things related to that niche, like different brands, audiences you want to target, or similar pages.

It helps you build different target areas for your marketing.

Promising items

This is another inclusion from the 2018 upgrade, so you can see they’re really dedicated to keeping this platform as useful as possible. It works more like a database than a tool per se.

It’s basically a list of curated products that the DropShip Spy team believes are about to go viral or perform greatly within their niches. Products included in this list might have a big order rate in AliExpress; they might also be products that haven’t become viral with an ad, but the people selling them are seeing good profits.

It’s a great way to start with an advantage over your competitors.

Instagram research tool

Yet another new tool is the influencer research functionality, and it gives you an interesting amount of statistics related to different accounts on Instagram, focused on engagement scores. It’s a great way to spot useful partnerships with influencers.

Looking at this score lets you get a good idea on how many of the followers are fake accounts or simply don’t generate meaningful interactions that might be profitable for you. A good engagement score starts off near the 10% mark, but you also want to look towards the actual amount of comments instead of just the proportion.

Instagram influencers

Influencers are one of the main marketing approaches being used in recent times, and they’ve become the main traffic source for a lot of businesses. It’s reasonable: people prefer to buy from someone they can feel they trust.

DropShip Spy offers a database filled with influencers that you can use to reach out to them.


The last extra feature is the ability to ask the site owners to research for you information about any products, FB audiences and influencers that you might be planning on using, but you haven’t found on the existing database just yet.

This is a great way to get focused information from people who already have lots of experience in the industry, and it’s been a great help so far.


Free membership

Unfortunately, DropShip Spy has stopped offering free full membership plans, and if you want to access the other tools and product catalogue, you need to pay. You can still opt for a decent amount of features, but you’ll definitely have to pay if you want to enjoy the real DropShip Spy experience.

Regarding paid memberships, you can find them below.

Basic membership

It costs $17, and it comes with all the benefits from the free membership. Besides, you also have access to post and video ad templates for Facebook, the supplier/profits data, engagement scores, eBay and Amazon sales reports, and the single-click import extension for Chrome.}

It’s a great deal; you’re getting enough value to make up for what you’re paying. You have full access to all videos, and being able to import products quickly is really useful.

Premium membership

The second paid tier will net you $27 each month and includes all the previous benefits. It also brings the promising products list, your audience builder, niche social media advice, the Instagram research feature, and information on the best FB audiences for each product.

This is a bit more expensive, and it starts to find itself among the prices of most products on the market. I’d suggest you wait before having a solid foundation for your store before paying for this plan.

In other words, you want your sales to pay for this plan, not your own personal funds. Consider it part of scaling instead of starting out.

Professional membership

This could be considered “expensive” when compared to the cheaper side of the market, yet it’s still very affordable when compared to other tools near the top of the pricing spectrum.

Like with the other plans, you have access to all the features from the previous tiers. The additional functionality includes the database of Instagram influencers, the ability to send request to the development team for them to do the research for you, and the downloader for your reviews on Amazon.

Now, I can’t really recommend you get this plan unless using influencers is a huge part of your marketing approach and always need to find new faces to increase your reach. Sure, there are more expensive influencer finders, but I doubt you need to find new influencers every month.

Finally, the ability to make requests might be a great addition. However, the products catalogue, promising products, and the rest of the tools and databases are more than enough to contain the same information you need if you can take your time to look through it.

The request feature is definitely more useful if you’re running a really specific niche, but in that case, you probably already know what your audience needs (or at least you really should).

DropShip Spy discounts

There aren’t any official coupons or discounts coming from the company. However, the monthly membership prices tend to get updates now and then, so if you can check the website periodically, you might be able to spot a better deal than what’s currently available.


This is definitely not a perfect tool.

You can do the same research yourself, and the professional plan is too expensive for what it offers. However, a bigger problem is how some of the listed products are actually trademarked; think brand products like Disney.

That’s something that could kill your business, and even your freedom if it’s a particularly bad case.

That’s why I consider it a good tool, but definitely not better than others like Salehoo.

Is it a scam?

No, it’s definitely not a scam. In fact, it’s actually a very good deal if you need help to find products or find ways to market your products if you find yourself lost.

If you fit that description, then you should consider paying for at least a couple of months to understand how everything works and make your first money.

Click here to try out Dropship Spy Today!


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