DropShip Spy Vs eCom Hunt

DropShip Spy Vs eCom Hunt

DropShip Spy Vs eCom Hunt: Which is Better? (2021)

Find out whether DropShip Spy is better than eCom Hunt or not Below!


We understand how difficult it can be to choose a premium theme for your WordPress website – especially if it’s your first time. Today, we’ll try to make that choice a lot easier by taking a look at 2 of the most popular themes today.

We’ll analyze their features, design, pricing, and even customer support to help you decide between the two.

Comparing their features

When it comes to features, both platforms are a bit different, but there’s no particular advantage to either. It mostly depends on what’s your focus.

Thrive Themes is easier to use, and it’s great for people looking to set up their websites quickly. Optimize press offers more advanced features, but it’s mostly for marketers; it’s also more intricate to use.

Thrive Themes

First off, it loads really fast. It’s kind off an extension of its focus around conversion rates. Within the same vein, it’s also optimized for both desktop and mobile devices.

It’s also really easy to use. It comes with several plugins already installed, and you can customize templates, so there’s no need to start from scratch. The interface itself is really intuitive, and the customer support team is available for any queries.

It offers 10 themes for your website, and you can also create custom pages from scratch if you desire.

Instead of a single payment, you have to pay a monthly subscription for full access to the features and all themes.


It’s also focused around conversions. Therefore, it works perfectly on mobiles, and you can even create launch funnels for your products. Another interesting features is that you can create registration pages for webinars quite easily as well as sales pages or marketing sites.

As you can read, it’s quite easy to use, and it offers several features. You also get 30 templates for your landing pages, and the elements can be customized as you wish. However, it’s not as easy as Thrive themes, but the customer support is good.

The different plans are single payments, unlike Thrive themes.

Looking at the themes themselves

As you already read, Thrive Themes offers 10 themes plus the ability to create one for yourself. Using either option is very intuitive, so even beginners shouldn’t struggle.

Besides, you don’t have to pace between editing and live versions since the result will always look just like it does while editing. You can also go for a predetermined theme if you need to finish quickly.

OptimizePress has 3 times the amount of themes as well as the option to create your own. However, it’s more complicated than using Thrive Themes. You have to create rows where you can add the elements you need. You can save the draft and continue whenever you want as well.

Like with Thrive Themes, you can also go for a preset theme from the main website. You can find templates for landing pages, sales pages, sites, and more.

Therefore, this round goes to OptimizePress if you care more about the variety and customization. Thrive Themes is better if you prefer intuitiveness.


Thrive Themes is a faster theme, so it gets a significant edge.

Unfortunately, the extensive amount of features and customization options in OptimizePress take a small toll on its loading time. It’s not much, but every second counts when you want to boost your conversions and SEO ranking.


As mentioned already, pricing is different for the two options.

Thrive Themes charges a monthly fee, either annually or quarterly; the former comes at a discount for every month. The basic package lets you use it on 25 websites maximum; it also includes all the features and free updates for as long as you’re a member.

OptimizePress is a single fee. Its basic package gives you a license for 3 websites, but it does limit how many features you have available. Additional templates are also available to buy.

At first glance, the single fee might seem enticing, but you only get updates and support for a year. These 2 benefits must be renewed by paying licensing fees.

It’s still less expensive down the road, but the savings aren’t as significant as you’d think. You also need the premium package to get all the features, and that’s quite more expensive.

Customer support

Thrive wins fairly easily in this category. You can find help through email and a list of resources like tutorials and demonstrations. However, you also have access to a user forum.

The latter is a big advantage, as it sometimes work a lot faster and more efficiently than email. Besides, chances are someone already asked the same questions you have, so you can find the answers without having to wait for a reply.

OptimizePress is more traditional in this regard, unfortunately. You only get email support and educational resources. The support team is actually very good and quick, but then you remember you only get a year with your initial purchase, so it can’t beat Thrive Themes.

Who’s the winner?

Both platforms are really good, and as I said earlier, each one caters to a somewhat different audience. Not everyone has the same taste and needs, so it’s hard to tell you exactly which one you should get.

However, I have to give my own verdict to Thrive Themes. It’s faster, has better customer support, and it takes a lot less time to learn completely. Sure, OptimizePress is a bit more powerful – and price isn’t really a factor here – but Thrive Themes is a much safer bet.

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