Easy1Up Review

Easy1Up Review

Easy1Up Review: Is It Worth It? (2021)

Find out if Easy1Up is worth it or not Below!


Our topic for today is one of the most interesting ones in a while, and it has a lot to do with the controversy around it. Easy1Up has been making the news around the affiliate marketing community for a while, now—not for any good reason.

If you’ve run into that name, it was probably next to a word like “scam” or “pyramid scheme.”

Needless to say, I was more than curious after reading these kinds of comments, so I had to check out the platform for myself. Let’s find out whether or not it’s a scam together.

Let’s take a look at Easy1Up first

The Easy1Up website was founded by Peter Wolfing, and it’s been around since about 2016. The training itself is divided into 6 tiers, and each one covers an increasingly complex topic: from the fundamentals of affiliate marketing to social media advertising.

At first glance, Easy1Up isn’t anything special. You can find countless courses and platforms looking to help you become a successful affiliate marketer, and Easy1Up does the same.

It’s basically training and an affiliate program in a single package. It comes with the lessons necessary for you to build a business, and you can also become an affiliate for it and promote it to score some commissions.

I know how it might sound special, but it’s far from the only course to take this approach. After learning this, I began to suspect why people think it’s a scam, but it does provide good content, which caught me off-guard.

Peter does have a history with MLM ventures, so I still wasn’t 100% convinced this was a good product just yet.

What’s ReversePassUp?

So, let’s address the main reason why People don’t like Easy1Up.

You see, the name comes form a system known as 1Up affiliate, which is the structure for the course. This 1Up system is also known as ReversePassUp, and it’s quite simple: your second affiliate commission goes to the marketer who referred you to the program instead of you.

You can see why this can be a turn-off for a lot of people: why join if you have to pay the ones referring you? I can understand that, but it’s not like you’ll be tied to that structure eternally. Only your second commission goes to the individual who referred you; other than that, your first, third, and all other commissions are yours.

This approach isn’t exclusive to Easy1Up, either, but it seems to attract most of the attention anyways. You could refer anything between 2 and 100 people and still pay a single commission.

What about pricing?

Each tier for Easy1Up has its own price tag and content, which can be as cheap as $25 and as expensive as $2,000. Admin fees are also included for each tier, but I’ll get to them with each tier.

All tiers are single payment, so don’t worry about monthly subscriptions. Naturally, each tier comes with all the content from all the tiers below it. However, I really need to point out a problem I have with the pricing structure.

All higher tiers unlock the content from previous tiers, yes—but buying a lower tier doesn’t net you a discount for the next package. For instance, if you get Elevation Elite for $100, you don’t have to pay $25 for the content in Elevation; sadly, upgrading from Elevation to Elevation Elite is still $100, even if you already paid $25 for the previous tier.

It definitely sounds unfair, specially given how it “kills” any reason you might have to start from the basic package and upgrade as you finish each tier’s content.


The first level is Elevation for $25 and $5 for the admin fee, so $30. It’s essentially just an introduction to the business model. There’s a lot of content here: over 20 lessons ranging from a few minutes to about an hour depending on the subject.

You’ll learn a few things, from basic mindset all the way to finding your own affiliate programs. More actionable lessons include how to create bonuses for your affiliate offers, so it’s not the regular introduction content you’ll find in other courses.

Elevation Elite

The second tier is Elevation Elite for $110 after adding the $10 admin fee. This training starts to dive into how you can generate traffic as an affiliate marketer.

You get about 20 lessons in this package, so it’s just a bit smaller than the Elevation tier. The content revolves around solo ads, using Facebook for network marketing, content marketing on YouTube, and less popular methods like forums and Udemy to collect leads.

However, it’s a more complete package than its predecessor, and some lessons are well over an hour or even two. Some of the longest lessons I’ve ever seen in a course are from this Easy1Up tier.

Sadly, it’s a bit outdated, specially when it touches on Google+.


The Vertex tier is $250 with a $25 admin fee, and those who’ve also taken a look at the Easy1Up package tend to agree that the content really starts becoming unique when entering this group.

Vertex feels like the exact moment where Easy1Up differentiates itself from similar products, and it focuses on changing the common mindset that affiliate marketing is a quick buck.

Interestingly, you’ll learn an approach to creating enticing affiliate offers that’s quite similar to what ClickFunnels’ Russel Brunson recommends himself. This method is how you can craft complementing offers for your main affiliate product.

It’s the largest tier until this point, with almost 30 videos. By this point, you’re getting a fairly extensive course, with over 30 hours spread among over 60 videos.

Vertex Elite

This tier will set you back a total of $550, and it’s one of the most common tiers you’ll see offered by other affiliates.

The new content in this package is all about using sales funnels for your offers and building authority. These 2 approaches are among the most popular affiliate marketing strategies, and they’re great ways to build credibility.

Other interesting lessons include how you can create products for yourself, which can also go a long way to boost your income. You’ll learn how to leverage live events, like webinars, and even other people’s products.

Just like other lessons in this course, the videos in Vertex Elite are quite lengthy, with the shortest ones still reaching the 20 minutes mark.

Vertex Pro Connect

With the admin fee, this tier costs $1,100 in total, and its main focus is to build on the concepts you’ve learned so far and add more insight and depth to them. In fact, you’ll feel  some of the segments in several lessons feel like a refreshment before heading into more complicated topics.

Some of the improved lessons here include webinars and email marketing as well as some funnel marketing content. However, there’s still unique content to this tier outside of the improved tips.

For instance, you’ll learn about SEO and even more obscure marketing methods like WhatsApp and Snapchat. This is easily the largest package with unique content, just over 40 videos in total; some subjects even require several videos to explain the entire approach.

Some of the content can feel confusing if you’re watching it for the first time and you’re fairly inexperienced in affiliate marketing, but the content is still really good and well-presented.

Furthermore, all the lessons added in this package are stuff you’ll want to use at one point in your career. From Facebook Ads to ClickFunnels, you’ll have a hard time finding a lesson here that you wouldn’t mind skipping while building your business.

Even if some of the methods detailed in this tier aren’t ideal for beginners, they can help you take your business to the next level.

Vertex Pro Live

The last tier is a huge jump from the last price, sitting at $2,500 with the admin fee. It gets its name from its main addition: live events for members. According to the official website, you get a couple of tickets for a live event, but it doesn’t say anything else—just that these events somehow accelerate attendees’ businesses.

While that’s definitely the focus of this tier, most of the content added in this tier comes in the form of blueprints. These are basically step guides to specific methods and strategies to reach a specific goal.

As you might have noticed by now, I didn’t pay for this package. I’ll be honest with you: I don’t think the price is justified by the content, and the live event tickets feel like a very underwhelming offer.

How does the affiliate program work?

Well, you probably already know how affiliate marketing works: promote someone else’s product and get paid for generating sales for them. Likewise, I already explained how the ReversePassUp system works here, but let’s take a deeper look at how Easy1Up’s affiliate offer works.

You might be wondering why does the admin fee exist. After all, there has to be a good reason to inflate the course’s price by 10% on almost all tiers except the first one, right?

Well, that plays into a very interesting affiliate program.

For every sale you generate for Easy1Up, you get to keep the entire price for the tier you sold except for the admin fee. In other words, if you sell the Vertex Elite package for $550, you receive $500 since the admin fee is $50. For the $30 Elevation package, you keep $25, and so on.

Then, there’s the ReversePassUp system, I can understand how this feels as a double-edged sword. However, you only need to pay a single fee to the people who referred you. If you refer 10 people, you have to pay 1 commission, but those 10 referrals still have to pay 1 commission to you, so you’re making several times that amount anyways.

Obviously, this is where the MLM allegations come from, and it’s understandable since it’s very similar. That said, I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily a bad thing, but that’s up to each individual.

What I can tell you is that people have been making money legitimately with similar models, and Easy1Up is still not strictly MLM since there aren’t any repeated commission payouts neither to you or the people who referred you.

Does it have bonuses?

I don’t know if you can count this as a bonus, but Easy1Up integrates with other affiliate systems. You can use the ProfitPassport funnel by adding your own affiliate ID to Easy1Up and leverage its traffic.

Another integration is Amplified Profits, whose latest funnel uses landing pages and even email automation to help you promote your affiliate ID.

Therefore, you have 2 well-established traffic sources for your own Easy1Up offer, and they’d basically take care of your marketing. However, I wouldn’t recommend you only stick to these channels since other people might be doing the same, and you should still implement the knowledge you paid for in Easy1Up.

What should you keep in mind?

Now, I actually liked the content and the affiliate program, but it’s far from the perfect product, so let me go through some of my personal qualms with Easy1Up.

As I mentioned, some of the content feels quite outdated, and while several lessons have been renewed to current market trends, some—like the Google+ lesson—still feels dated. There also seems to be some confusion when Peter structured the course; some videos are tagged erroneously, and you might run into a few titles that don’t match the content in the lesson.

Speaking of structure, that can be confusing, too. Some of the more complex topics are made up by several lessons, but these aren’t always bundled together, and it feels “too random” sometimes.

Other than that, I already mentioned the most expensive Live package doesn’t really provide enough value to warrant its price tag being well over $2,000.


After taking a look at the platform, the content, the affiliate program, and its creator, I definitely understand the MLM accusations. On the other hand, this is far from even looking like a scam once you actually start going through the content and figuring out how the affiliate offer works.

The content itself is surprisingly good, even if some might find it a bit overpriced when compared with courses like Savage Affiliate. However, it’s still a lot more affordable than what other affiliate gurus are offering right now.

I can recommend this course if you have enough money to invest in it, specially if you’re a beginner who wants a good affiliate marketing course as well as an attractive affiliate program to join.

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