eCom Babes Review

Is eCom Babes Course worth the money or not? Find out as you scroll below!

eCom Babes is a 6-week training program seemingly aimed specifically towards women. Of course, that doesn’t mean only women can take it, but it’s still interesting.

Today, we’ll go through this program to see whether or not it succeeds at what it sells: turning you into a successful eCom entrepreneur.

What is eCom Babes?

It’s a course that teaches you how to build an online boutique and advertise it. It doesn’t cover much more, but it offers enough information to be a complete course on the subject.

It has 6 weeks (modules), but as long as you get the membership, you can finish it at your own pace. Each week comes with different videos and resources necessary to build your store.

Finally, it’s a course focused on dropshipping with Shopify.

Make sure you read the entire review to make an informed decision if eCom Babes is right for you or not!

Who is eCom Babes for?

From the name, marketing, and content, it’s obvious the course markets to women, but that doesn’t mean much in the end.

What matters is that you want to venture in an online boutique and beauty products. Another requirement is being able to market towards your audience, and that’s another reason why many assume it’s just for women.

All in all, the course is for someone who doesn’t know how to start a boutique but wants to do it. Likewise, it’s for people with enough funds to invest in marketing and building their stores.

Who is the author of eCom Babes?

There seems not to be a name behind this course, but it’s safe to assume that it’s been developed by a team of entrepreneurs and marketers – at least judging from the mentoring calls and webinars.

Therefore, I can’t assess whether or not it really comes from experts, so take that into account.

What is Included in eCom Babes?

This course covers a lot, so let’s go through the most important aspects for the sake of simplicity.

Firstly, the course focuses a lot on preparing you for entrepreneurship. It makes sense since the bulk of the student base should be housewives.

Unfortunately, that means a lot of mindset and introduction videos to the business. I guess it makes sense, given the target audience, but for people who want to jump straight into work, it can be annoying.

Then, it explains how to build your website. As I stated earlier, the process is quite specific, so you can’t really stray much from what it teaches. Luckily, once the main website is ready, you can branch however you want.

After learning how to get your website running, you’ll learn how to find your products, source them, and automate the entire process.

Lastly, the course talks about advertising, and it focuses mainly on FB and IG, with a bit of content on Google Ads. Keep this in mind since it’ll probably be a few hundreds for your first month, additional to the membership.

Luckily, the course keeps risk as low as possible.


The bonuses start with the standard private group on Facebook, which can help anyone solve any doubts they have after finishing the body of the program. Additionally, there are mentoring sessions and webinars fairly often.

eCom Babes Pros & Cons


Quite complete

You have lots of features to cover for the membership price. The 6 weeks offer the main course material, and you also get additional tools and bonuses.

Covers all the steps

You learn how to build an online boutique from start to finish. This means building your website as well as marketing and scaling it.

Additional tools

The course offers enough additions to make sure as many students are successful as possible.


Too specific

It focuses solely on building an online boutique. You can apply the concepts to different businesses, but you can't expect the same results without researching on your own.

Narrow target audience

Therefore, this course is really only for people who want to build that business model. However, don't think it's only for women, but it's definitely not for everyone.

Paid ads only

While the course does a fairly good work at explaining how you can market your products, it focuses on paid ads, so take the extra investment into account.



The video and audio quality is great, and the content useful. It covers mindset, building, and marketing, but it delves a bit too much on the first one.

Ease of use

The program isn't particularly difficult to understand, but the store building process is a bit uptight, so you need to follow it strictly.


It offers 6 weeks with video content, tools, and worksheets. Membership also offers access to webinars, mentoring, and the private Facebook group.


Students can find help on the student group and mentoring sections which occur regularly.

Personal Experience with eCom Babes

To be honest, I liked the course. I’m not really interested in online boutiques, but the content is good, and it doesn’t get boring like it happens with overly-basic programs and gurus repeating the same over and over.

However, this is still a very focused course, so I definitely wouldn’t have taken it if I my objective wasn’t just to review the content.

Lastly, the content is fairly good, but I can’t say that there’s a reputable name behind the program since I couldn’t find the main developers. It just feels like it’s been put together by a group of entrepreneurs based on their own success.

eCom Babes Scam?

Nope, eCom Babes is not a scam however, there are definitely better courses out there you can get like eCom Elites.

Is there a Discount Code?

There is no discount/coupon for eCom Babes course.

There are other sites claiming they either have eCom Babes Coupon or eCom Babes Discount but, this is definitely not true. Also, eCom Babes Nulled or eCom Babes Free is not a thing.

eCom Babes Final Verdict

Don’t expect mind-blowing insight and tips; it’s just a course to learn how to set up your business and pay for advertising. It works, but it’s not a game-changer.

If you want a game-changer (or build anything other than a boutique), then eCom Babes won’t cut it.

Get eCom Elites instead if that’s the case. You’ll learn how to build any business since it focuses on the foundations instead of the specifics, and then you’ll see hundreds of lessons on how to market your business with dozens of channels.

Even if your objective is a boutique, you’re likely to find more success with eCom Elites anyways.

eCom Babes Alternative

One of the best and most affordable drop shipping / eCommerce courses out there that I love is eCom Elites. It’s by Franklin Hatchett, who is one of the first people to actually get drop shipping popular, he makes 7 figures online from various businesses, not just e-commerce. Franklin constantly updates his courses so, they aren’t out of date.

I have been dropshipping for a long time and I have built profitable stores (I currently do affiliate marketing though) and this course is for someone whos a complete beginner all the way UP to Advanced dropshippers like me, it has definately helped me increase my eCommerce income before. I don’t dropshipping anymore because I am focused on affiliate marketing.

1 thought on “eCom Babes Review”

  1. I just took the course, and it’s good to an extent. Courtney is a great speaker and explains things well. However, The main issue i had was that for the price we pay ($900), threre are a few sections that are obsolete or suggest an app that is no longer in use or is having issues. If you’re charging people that much money, you need to know your stuff through and through. There were at least 3 sections where:
    1. The instagram follower growth app they recommended was no longer in use, so they reneged on their advice to use it and just said to hold off
    2. Same thing happened with the Chat bot app. I was looking forward to this part of the course because it was new material. But then (after i went through the entire section) they said that the section is incomplete because the chat bot app doesnt work anymore.

    Also, they dont always follow up with you on your questions in the Facebook group. Or if they do, it’s very generic feedback that you could get on youtube.

    Honestly, I found other books, websites and courses that are giving me improved results. I’ m asking for a refund on ecom Babes.


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