eComHunt Review (Honest Review)

eCom Hunt Review

Dropshipping has hurdles, and perhaps one of the most problematic is finding products that can turn your business into a profitable venture and worthwhile income stream. Luckily, there are services and tools that take care of this process for you.

eCom Hunt is one of those solutions, and we’ll go through its features today. You’ll learn what it offers and how it works so that you can decide if it’s for you.

Starts at Free

About the tool

According to the creators, eCom Hunt is a curated list of the best actual products delivered daily, and while that’s quite a bold statement, it isn’t too far from the truth.

eCom Hunt researches different products to find what’s currently selling well, and it works by investigating different social media advertisements as well as trends on AliExpress. You’re then provided the results of this research through a simple interface.

Pros And Cons About eComHunt


  • There are countless products in the database.
  • You can review lots of data and information for each listing.
  • It’s amazing for dropshippers and eCommerce owners looking for products to offer on their store.
  • The tool always gets updates with information and even new tools are added to it.
  • You can access some of the features entirely free.


  • You may receive recommendations for branded or trademark products, so watch out for that.
  • The targeting feature can be a bit off sometimes.
  • The free membership has several limitations, and there’s a single paid plan, so you can’t really unlock features depending on what you need.

Core features

The main function of eCom Hunt is finding and presenting you trending products that you can use on your business to boost your sales significantly.

The newest items are provided for the paid memberships, and free members get the products a few days after. That means paying means a significant advantage. Each product also offers several data points, which you can find below.

The amount of information given is more than enough to help you find ideas for products.

Images and description

You can see several images of the products besides the standard listing one, and you can employ them for your own listings and ads if you decide to go with the product.

You also get to see the standard description, which you can use for your ads and even product description on your store.

Shopify importing

This is a relatively new feature implemented into eCom Hunt, and it really improved the platform’s flexibility. You can use this tool to move your product from AliExpress into your store, similarly to how Oberlo works with Shopify.

You just need to leave your store’s URL on the box and sign in to get your products.

Price and analytics

You also get a lot of numbers to study the products, and it goes through the costs, engagement, and general analytics to determine your product’s effectiveness.

You can see the possible profits compared to the costs. This feature works by studying the average sales price and a recommended price for you. The tool finally looks up the price from the supplier and gives you the possible profit margins.

Of course, this feature doesn’t really consider the marketing costs, but it does give you a good foundation to start.

If you make about $16 for each product sold, that means you can spend up to $10 on marketing if you want to keep a healthy profit. You can also get an estimate regarding CPA, which also means you can have a good target.

There’s additional data, including where do the products come from, the amount of orders currently being processed, how many reviews it gets, and average rating. If you see a product with little orders or low ratings, it’s probably a product you want to skip.

Finally, you can see Facebook engagement. It might be better for the section on Facebook Ads, but it’s also a good measure for its demand. You can see how many likes, comments, shares, and reactions the product gets. You can also use it to check if your product is going viral.


This is another new feature added to eCom Hunt. You can use it to take a quick look on how many businesses are selling the product. What I don’t quite understand is whether this data comes from the entire market or just members of eCom Hunt.

Reference links

This section is rather small, but it’s still really useful. You get a box with links towards all the suppliers and different ads on social media and video ads. If there are several suppliers offering the same product, you can access all of them.

FB Ads

eCom Hunt also gives you data about the Facebook Ads currently running for the products on the listings. It shows the videos used on the ads, the copywriting, titles, and even images they’re using. Not only you can see the ad, but you can also access the stores running the marketing.

This is a great feature if you don’t have any ideas for your ad copy or videos.


You can also get ideas for your targeting strategies. There are several broad targeting ideas, and they usually include countries, ages, and general interests towards the audiences that might react properly to your ads.

It’s a hugely useful guide, and if you’re not experienced with Facebook Ads, then it’s a lifesaver.

Ideas for copy and video links

The listings also come with the product copy you can use on your own site. Using this can be a lot more effective than just copying the content provided by the manufacturers since they aren’t really marketing experts.

Besides, finding a description in good English is even harder, so good English copy is a godsend for many,

Finally, you have 2 different Facebook video ads on the product page that seem to be performing great. However, this feature is a bit of a let down if you’re actually planning on using the videos since you need to find out how to download it yourself.

Still, your objective should always be to use your own content, so this isn’t really that big of an issue.


The last data piece offered on the listings is a look into the reviews for the products on AliExpress. However, I’d recommend you get something like AliReviews to import the reviews from the website directly to your own store.

Additional features

Now, this is what sets eCom Hunt apart from similar platforms since it offers more than just product research. All plugins are completely free, but you do have to purchase the paid membership, which should be your goal anyways.


This is an extension for Chrome, and a lifesaver. You can use it to find the Facebook Ads run by your competitors, and while you can do it with Facebook as is, this hunter also gives you the amount of traffic it generates, the time the ad has spent running, which countries have interacted the most with the ad, and more.

Recommended apps

The people behind eCom Hunt have also developed different apps for Shopify, and one of the extra features is a list of Shopify extensions and apps that you “must have”.

First off, if you get a premium theme like eCom Turbo, then you probably already have all these functions at your disposal. However, if you run other more standard themes, then you might want to take a look at these apps.

Hopify is an app that seems to come from the same author, and it’s actually a good app. If anything, you should definitely take a look in case you’re not interested in an optimized theme.


Many people seem to overlook how the people using it might not have enough knowledge. After all, they’re skipping having to do product research, and while that can definitely save time, there’s nothing guaranteeing that they didn’t skip any other learning steps

In fact, a lot of people using eCom Hunt are just starting out their businesses, or they still haven’t developed their methods for researching products.

That means that an educational section with webinars and guides is a great addition. Now, most of the lessons taught here are mostly saved for paying members, but you have a lot of people and “gurus” selling similar webinars even for over a hundred dollars, so having one for a membership that’s under $30 is a great deal.

eCom Hunt University

As if that wasn’t enough, eCom Hunt also has an entire course, and it’s free if you want to sign up. It’s called eCom Hunt.

The training itself is filled with information explaining how you can start your own dropshipping business from scratch. It also has a few lessons on how to use eCom Funnels into your own store, and funnels are always a nice addition for your website.

You can have a funnel already prebuilt that you can download and implement for your store.

Now, I must admit that a lot of this section is mostly focused on eBay, but the content is very good, and you can definitely apply the same knowledge if you want to build your own store. You’ll have to research a bit by yourself, but you’re still getting a lot of training and an entire course for your membership, which is a lot less than what most courses (mostly lousy ones) cost right now.

Overall cost

eCom Hunt has 2 different membership plans for you to choose.

There’s a free membership, and it lets you see older products (a few days after they’re published for paid members, as I already told you before). You can also choose a couple of products each day to see more information about it, including the costs, analytic, profit, and engagement.

You can also save 5 products, and the new product showcase delay is 3 days. Finally, you can’t access the community to interact with other students.

However, if you want to access al the content, data, and the educational resources, you have to pay for the pro membership.

The pro membership is $29, and you can see the unlimited product list and save unlimited products. You can also access the entire information for all the products without any delays on the new trending items. Finally, the community’s doors are completely open for paid members, so you can solve any questions, help others, or just take place in the different discussions and conversations.


Overall, eCom Hunt is an amazing too even though it’s not entirely perfect. It does have a few issues, like pretty much everything in life. However, the downsides I find in this platform are mostly personal and not off-putting.

My main qualm about eCom Hunt is that you don’t really get all the information you need all the time; it’s lacking sometimes. For example, the marketing ideas only give you a few basic ranges for age and interests, and it’s still stuff that you might be able to figure out on your own.

It’s the same as with DropShip Spy: if you have enough patience and time, you can run your own research and get similar results. The problem is actually having the time available to run that research.

Finally, some of the products provided aren’t really optimal: they’re either generic or branded, which can be bad or horrible depending on which of the two you go for. It’s on you to filter the products depending on what you can handle.

However, all in all, it’s still an amazing platform that can save you tons of time, and that means more availability to run your own business, which means more money.

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