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eCom Jumpstart Cameron Wallace

eCom Jumpstart Review (Cameron Wallace Course)

Launched in 2018 and revised in early 2019, this course calls itself a training program with a plug-and-play model that covers “EVERY” aspect of building an e-commerce business.

So, does the program live up to its promises? Or is it just another online course that bundles all the generic information on the internet and charges you an exorbitant price for it.

eCom Jumpstart Pros & Cons


What is eCom Jumpstart Work?

By now, you would have probably figured that eCom Jumpstart is an online Shopify drop shipping course that aims to help you with the nitty-gritties of setting up your own e-commerce store and using the right digital marketing techniques to generate sales and have the cash flow to you. It comprises over 50 videos covering topics like creating a high converting store, finding 6 figure generating products, using Influencer ads etc. You get to see the names and durations of all these videos on the sales page itself, so you can decide if the course serves your purpose or not. Honestly, the content does hold some value but there are numerous loopholes in it as well. You will get to know about the concepts in great detail but there will be no mention of applying those concepts to generate revenue.
Apparently, the course offers you benefits worth $4593 in $237 only. Let’s take a look at the components that together take the price to “$4593”.

Step-By-Step Training – $599

Wallace claims that his course is a step-by-step guide for setting up your e-commerce store. Just by following what you learn from his videos you can have your sales hitting the moon.

Weekly Live Q&A Call with Cameron Wallace – $2997

Wallace, a supposed 18-year-old Shopify drop shipping “guru” apparently charges $2000-$3000 for one-on-one help and personal coaching. But, if you enroll for eCom Jumpstart, he will be kind enough to interact with you and other students in his private group over a Facebook call to clear your doubts.

Private Facebook Group – $997

The sales page of this course mentions that post-enrollment, you get to be a part of a private Facebook group with over 200 like-minded individuals who are determined to succeed in this space. You can brainstorm with them regarding your ideas or simply have them solve your doubts. Wallace calls it like having “200+ mentors in your pocket”
One thing to note here is that none of the offerings above is available individually, without the package. So, the numbers quoted have just been created out of thin air and have then been slashed to make you feel “special”

Make sure you read the entire review to make an informed decision if eCom Jumpstart by Cameron Wallace is right for you or not!


Who is eCom Jumpstart for?

e-Com Jumpstart being a guide to set-up and online store is relevant for anyone who wants to start in the e-commerce space but does not have a background at all. It will definitely lay the foundation for newbies.
Anyone who wants to learn the basics of Shopify drop shipping can also sign-up for it.

Who is Cameron Wallace, The Founder of eCom Jumpstart?

Cameron Wallace is just an 18-year-old, self-proclaimed Shopify expert who runs a YouTube channel with the same name. He has about 6500 subscribers.

His channel is all about using Shopify to make thousands of dollars and most of his videos are designed in the click-bait style. The fact that he is just 18 and not mature enough is reflected in his ‘whacky’ videos. They are not well designed and look like fake ads on the internet which you usually suspect to be scams. Like a typical teenager, you will see him talk loud, fast and with a lot of slang.

He has just started to get a following so we don’t have much information on him. Even a simple Google search on his name does not immediately point to him.

What is Included in eCom Jumpstart?

The course has over 50 videos with an average duration of 3 minutes bundled in 19 modules. The number of modules could have easily been reduced if Wallace dedicated one module to each theme.
The last module is a compilation of 5 cheat-sheets, Facebook group access and free store themes.

Introductory videos

The Welcome section is the standard of every online course. However, Wallace does realize that not many people know him. Therefore, he also gives you a minute-long introduction of himself in the beginning of the course so that you know whom you’re learning from. Here, you also get the necessary logistical help for accessing the course’s Facebook group and an invite to join the live calls.

Also, like every other online course, Wallace gives you a little pep-talk and tries to convince you that Drop shipping is meant for you.

Dropshipping in A Nutshell

This section has a minute-long video that serves as Dropshipping-101. Feel free to skip if you already know about the concept.

Niche or General Store

Conceptual talk here. This module has three videos with the first one helping you understand the differences between general and niche stores, the second one covering the same between quality and quantity products and a finally, a small 30-second video on how to decide the kind of store you should create.

Product Research Method

In this module, you get to learn how you can find the products that sell using Instagram. It has one five- minute long video which is helpful. However, the con here is that you are only taught about using Instagram for product research and there is no mention of other useful platforms at all.

Influencer Marketing

After talking about Instagram, Wallace introduces us to Influencer Marketing (Most of the popular influencers endorse products on Instagram) and explains what it is all about. He even tries to demonstrate its potential through a few case studies.

You also get tips and tricks on how to approach influencers to get a reply, when to approach them and how you can make thousands of dollars in no time if you follow his methods.


Here comes the “guru’s” area of expertise – Shopify, something he’s crazy about. This section gives you the pre-requisites of setting up a good Shopify store and even talks about installing your Facebook pixel and creating your brand logo. He then proceeds to emphasize the importance of a sound backend. Post this, you get a demo of how you can add products to your store and stay ahead of your competitors.

He also gives you a glimpse of his own store, but I don’t believe that someone would give away the secrets of his own store so easily. It’s probably created for demonstration purposes only.

Free Target Marketing

This 3-video long module is a 101 on Free Traffic Marketing that tells you what it is and how and when it can help. A pretty basic section.

Facebook Marketing

After helping you set-up your Shopify store, Wallace sifts his focus to marketing techniques. He gives step-by-step training to use Facebook Ads. You get to learn about customer identification, product testing, re-targeting and much more in this section which spans over 4 modules.

Business Automation

In this 2.5-minute long video, you are just told that hiring VAs can save you a lot of time and money.

Potential Issues

This is a useless section that just mentions the kind of issues you could run into without talking about any of it in detail

Personal Experience With eCom Jumpstart

I enrolled in this course and think that even though it was made to help beginners out, it doesn’t do a good job at it. The videos are super short and fail to explain the content in detail. You just get to see Wallace bragging about his getting rich stories. The question though was how useful was it for me as a beginner? The answer -not much. It’s the same old stuff – just packaged differently.

What would you expect from a teenager anyway?

eCom Jumpstart Work Scam?

Nope, eCom Jumpstart is not a scam however, there are definitely better courses out there you can get like eCom Elites.

Is there a Discount Code?

There is no discount/coupon for Cameron Wallace’s eCom Jumpstart course.

There are other sites claiming they either have eCom Jumpstart Coupon or eCom Jumpstart Discount but, this is definitely not true. Also, eCom Jumpstart Nulled or eCom Jumpstart Free is not a thing.

Ecom Jumpstart Final Verdict

While the course is reasonably priced and offers some value, the fact that Wallace is a teenage amateur is evident throughout the series.

The course lacks coherence and professionalism and will appeal only to immature entrepreneurs who fancy Wallace’s chase for unrealistic money making without having to toil.

If you are seriously in it to learn and not to appear “cool”, I advise you to stay away from this course.

eCom Jumpstart Alternative

Now I have personally bought a ton of dropshipping courses out there. I even review a lot of them on my blog. Generally, these gurus try to sell you a lifestyle of getting rich and successful that’s why they charge a ridiculous amount for the information they sell.

Their courses typically aren’t even comprehensive at all. They focus all their efforts trying to market their course so, they can make more money from course sales.

I do however think that dropshipping courses are worth it if they are good. They will save you a ton of time and hassle that’s why I highly recommend a solid dropshipping course.

I have been dropshipping for a long time and I have built profitable stores (I currently do affiliate marketing though) and I highly recommend you check out this course called eCom Elites. (I did a review on this, make sure you read it!)

It’s by Franklin Hatchett who has been doing dropshipping WAY before it was famous. 

This course definitely has helped me increase my eCommerce income before. However, I don’t do dropshipping anymore because I am focused on affiliate marketing.

Now, this is not another expensive garbage guru course. It’s one of the best & most affordable dropshipping / eCommerce course out there.

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