eCom Profit Sniper Review

eCom Profit Sniper Review

eCom Profit Sniper Review: Scam or Legit? (2021)

Find out if eCom Profit Sniper is worth it or not Below!


After reviewing and exposing numerous illegitimate sites or ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes, I’ve learned to identify red flags from miles away. This was also evident when I came across this eCom Profit Sniper website. I could spot the red flags right away! eCom Profit Sniper is a product that is trying to mimic the dropshipping business. Since I am a dropshipper myself, I know whatever they are marketing is a sham. Therefore, in this review, we will go through the course and talk about the pros and cons to help you make a well-informed decision of whether you should sign up. I will share some REAL alternative courses from actual dropshippers whom I have learned from.

What is eCom Profit Sniper

Most of the legitimate dropshipping courses begin with the word ‘eCom’ so I can see why this site has chosen it for the name. It’s easier to trick people into signing up, thinking it is a legitimate dropshipping course! And unfortunately, for most victims, it works! Priced at $37, eCom Profit Sniper is an overhyped dropshipping course that will not benefit anyone, not even beginners. It might even confuse beginners even more! On the sales page, Tom, the narrator who also seems to look like the founder, talks about big claims like being able to make $40k a month via this ‘secret system,’ and all you need is 20 minutes a day. He also claims you can start earning immediately on your first day! While this all might sound good to you, it was indeed a big red flag for me. This marketing strategy is used by all the other scam sites I’ve exposed! It aims to trap greedy or naïve users who want to make big money. When you sign up, all you get is low quality information on how you can use Shopify dropshipping to make money.

Shopify Dropshipping

Yes, it is possible to earn big bucks with Shopify dropshipping. If you don’t know what it is, this section aims to give you some elaboration. According to Wikipedia: “Dropshipping is a supply chain management method in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock but instead transfers the customer orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer, another retailer or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer.”

This means that as a dropshipper, you are marketing someone else’s product without having any stocks on you. You are dependent on your supplier for product and logistics. You are essentially the middleman as you promote these products on your Shopify store. Each time someone purchases from your site, your supplier will then ship the item to your customer. Your profit margin depends entirely on yourself as you calculate the costs and set your price. Overall, you are running your own business without your products. Now, let’s look into a few dropshipping platforms below.


Shopify is the largest and most extensive dropshipping platform. Here, you can quickly build your very own dropshipping store to promote products and wait for customers to buy them.


AliExpress is more catered towards wholesale suppliers and not so much for retailers. You can get lower price products on AliExpress and sell them for your dropshipping business.


Oberlo makes automation for dropshipping smooth and seamless. You can even find products here to sell on Shopify.

Inside eCom Profit Sniper

After signing up for eCom Profit Sniper, you will get access to the member’s page where you can access the modules. I have to say it looks pretty empty compared to the usual dropshipping modules that come with extra tools and community areas. Here are the modules:

Module 1: Introduction

Module 1 is where you get the basics of dropshipping, like setting up your Shopify account and Shopify store.

Shopify Setup> Image Hunting> Setting Notes Slides> Shopify Settings in Action> Theme Note Slides> Theme Settings in Action

Out of all the modules, I find Module 1 most helpful and complete.

Module 2: Categories and Products

The next module is about choosing the right niche and looking for relevant products to sell in your store. This includes the category selection side and product finding methods.

Niche and product selection are very crucial as it can make or break your dropshipping business. This usually takes a lot of research and testing to find out the best products to sell. These two ‘modules’ from eCom Profit Sniper is not enough to help you make succeed.

Module 3: Adding Collections and Products

Module 3 is about importing products to your store with either AliExpress or Oberlo.

Adding Oberlo Extension> Alipay and Oberlo> Collection Creation> Adding Products

Module 4: Facebook

After you’ve added products to your store, you will need to drive traffic to promote sales. eCom Profit Sniper teaches you to use Facebook for this method, and it includes:

Facebook page> Facebook post> Facebook pixel

There are many marketing strategies to drive traffic to your business, and Facebook is one of the favorites because it’s free. Nonetheless, this method alone will not help you make $44k per month, and it certainly doesn’t happen overnight. Although free advertisements do work, the paid ads that will bring more traffic to more significant sales. This means running Facebook Ads, which eCom Profit Sniper doesn’t include.


Besides the modules, you will also get some quite useful templates, in my opinion. For example, you get downloadable PDFs for discount code, image ideas, and text templates. All these will not help you make money overnight. This is just what’s usually included in regular dropshipping courses, so I guess the creators also added it to increase legitimacy.

Pros and Cons


  1. Decent beginner material

Although this is an understatement, Module 1 of eCom Profit Sniper can be quite useful for beginners as it includes clear instructions for setting up a Shopify store. However, this information can also usually be found online for free. Also, a complete course will be better as you will be stuck after this step, and you will have to continue looking for information yourself. You definitely won’t make money just right after this step.

  1. 60 Day Money-back Guarantee

Since eCom Profit Sniper is sold on ClickBank, they do give a refund if you have a strong reason. But make sure you do not exceed the 60-day mark; otherwise, you will not get your money back.


  1. Many Unknowns

There is not much information regarding the background of eCom Profit Sniper that you can find online. Tom Parker, the narrator for most of the videos, might look like the owner, but he is just a hired actor hiding behind a fake name. This is very common for scam sites as they use this actor who looks professional to trick you into thinking it is legitimate. I also tried to find the year that eCom Profit Sniper was established, but there was also no information. Other than that, there is also not much information you can find on the internet.

  1. Fake Profit

Tom Parker claims that he made $44k in profits in a month, and he even includes a screenshot. There are two problems with this statement. If you’re familiar with dropshipping, you will know that not all of this $44K is profits as you haven’t considered the costs! As an experienced drop shipper, I understand that this cost can be very high. You need to consider advertisement cost, product costs, logistics and fulfillment costs, etc. So, your profits will be much less. Another thing I’m wary about is that the screenshot is bogus. Tom supposedly made $44k with only 46 orders. For this large amount, this would mean each customer had a sale of at least $1,000. Unless he sells extremely high ticket products, this wouldn’t be possible. It just seems far fetched to me.

  1. Incomplete information

The modules given in the eCom Profit Sniper course looks like it’s been put together at the last minute. This is because the info hangs after a certain point. It seems like the course creators don’t want people to learn anything from this course. As a dropshipper, I know that what drives a dropshipping business is traffic. I spend a lot of money on running ads and driving traffic to get where I am today. Free ads are great, but they definitely won’t get you far. And with the eCom Profit Sniper claiming you can make big bucks, the fact that they didn’t include a module for paid advertisements means its bogus. Also, as a drop shipper, I think its best you equip yourself with numerous marketing strategies so that you can find the one which works best for you.

  1. Hidden Costs

You might think $37 is a small price to pay, but you are essentially paying this for nothing. You will end up paying even more, too, as you will need to equip yourself with more information. This means signing up and paying for more legitimate courses to get you started. The course also doesn’t tell you that Shopify subscription is a recurring thing. This means that you will pay a monthly subscription fee if you want to continue using it. On top of this, you will have website domain costs, advertisement costs, and other costs that you might need for a successful business.

  1. No Special Information

What grinds my gears the most about the course is that all this information can be found online for FREE! This is because most of this information is very basic, and you can usually find them on YouTube or other dropshipping bloggers. There is certainly no need to spend $37 on free and readily accessible information.

Is eCom Profit Sniper a Scam?

I’m a little torn with this decision as technically, eCom Profit Sniper isn’t a scam. I say this because, for $37, you do get some necessary information. However, this information isn’t enough to make you $44k in profits, and it certainly doesn’t happen overnight! It actually wouldn’t help you make any money at all! All you learn is to set up a basic Shopify account and Shopify store, and this isn’t enough to help you make money. To make real money, you need to run ads and get traffic, both of which aren’t included in the modules. So, although eCom Profit Sniper isn’t considered a scam, it does trick people into thinking it is something else.

eCom Profit Sniper Alternative

One of the best and most affordable drop shipping / eCommerce courses out there that I love is eCom Elites. It’s by Franklin Hatchett, who is one of the first people to actually get drop shipping popular, he makes 7 figures online from various businesses, not just e-commerce. Franklin constantly updates his courses so, they aren’t out of date.

I have been dropshipping for a long time and I have built profitable stores (I currently do affiliate marketing though) and this course is for someone whos a complete beginner all the way UP to Advanced dropshippers like me, it has definitely helped me increase my eCommerce income before. I don’t dropshipping anymore because I am focused on affiliate marketing.

What type of Results Are eCom Elites Students Getting?

Not all but, quite a few students are getting amazing results. I check Franklin’s youtube comments and facebook group and I always see people showing their results. Here are results some of his students provided:

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