Ecom Turbo Theme Review

eCom Turbo Review

Today we are going to review yet another product from Franklin Hatchett. It is mainly a Shopify store theme that has been designed to improve your conversion, performance and user interactivity of any dropshipping website.

What is eCom Turbo Theme?

eCom Turbo Shopify Theme

ECom Turbo is a Shopify theme designed and marketed Franklin Hatchett who is also the founder and coach at eCom elites training.

You landed this page probably while searching for eCom theme and so I am guessing that you already know what Shopify is.

If you’re looking for a conversion optimized, easy to customize, powerful yet easy to use Shopify theme, then you should take a look at this eCom turbo review.

An important reason why most dropshippers can’t even make a single sale even after having hundreds and thousands of visitors every day is that their store looks terrible.

Shopify offers its customers with starter templates. These pre-built styles are not intended for real companies. If you want to succeed and strengthen your brand’s presence, then your brand image is very important. You need to customize the design of your site so that it matches your branding.

Now, not all Shopify users are programmers or designers, so it’s about giving users the ability to customize or better say personalize their site according to their needs. And to do this, the theme must offer appropriate customizable options.

ECom Turbo is a premium theme for Shopify which lets users customize their store as per their need without writing a single line of code. This template is known to be optimized for conversion and comes with various integrated features to further boost your sales rate.

Make sure to check out the pricing on the official website since sometimes prices tend to change!

Make sure you read the entire review to make an informed decision if eCom Turbo Theme by Franklin Hatchett is right for you or not!

Who is Franklin Hatchett, The Founder of eCom Turbo Theme?

Franklin Hatchett is a professional blogger, YouTuber, entrepreneur and Internet marketer with years of experience.

eCom Turbo Franklin Hatchett

Unlike most gurus who claim to help you generate money with Internet marketing, direct deliveries, etc. by following their step-by-step guide, or whatever, this guy tells you that drop shipping is not easy but also not unachievable.

With good advice and planning, anyone can be successful, and this is also true with Drop Shipping.

Franklin Hatchett is the founder and main author of OnlineDimes. He is also the creator and coach of eCom’s elite, which is his own professional course to help others interested in the Drop Shipping niche to succeed. He is also the founder of the eCom Turbo theme which is one of the best theme for Shopify.

If you are in the drop-shipping niche, you may already know of him. He is famous among Internet marketers as a strong believer in Drop Shipping, and he is also famous for one of his online courses called eCom elites.

eCom Elites is the BEST and most AFFORDABLE dropshipping courses out there. I have reviewed over 30+ different courses and NONE come even close.

Who is eCom Turbo For?

You may question when you already have a theme installed on your Shopify store, why do you need a new template. Well, if I understood correctly, you must have a free template installed on your shop. The problem is that these templates are not designed for conversion or speed.

They are designed to provide you with the basic layout of your site, to be more precise, a layout for your “starter site”.

If you want to start a business and strengthen your brand presence, it is necessary that you have a unique design for your site because it is the first thing your visitors will see.

Your ultimate goal is to improve user interactivity so that they feel comfortable with your brand and can make purchases without hesitation.

It doesn’t matter if you’re starting with Shopify dropshipping or you are an expert with years of success in it, this theme is meant for everyone. Having a better-looking store isn’t going to hurt anyone’s business but will only do good.

Essential features of eCom Turbo theme

Below I’ll be discussing some of the important features of this Shopify theme.

Upsell and cross-sell

eCom Turbo Upsell

Showing products that compliment or goes well with the items that your customer has added to their cart is probably the best way to increase your customer’s total checkout count and your sales.

Upsell and cross-sell is a technique which, according to many experts, is understanding the needs of the customers. Let’s say you walk into a restaurant and were offered with a burger and then the waiter asks you if you are interested in having French fries or would like to supersize your ordered item for just a few extra bucks.

They are not just randomly offering all these options to you. With years of experience, they know what their customer wants after ordering a specific item.

So, if you can implement this technique into your online store then not only you are going to make extra sales without spending even a single dollar on the advertisement, but it shows your customers that you have got all types of products and they can come back to order more.

The only downside of this feature in eCom theme is that you cannot customize the style of the upsell products. Furthermore, your customers will have to add the product into their shopping cart manually.

But because this feature is available for free of cost in this template its bang for the buck.

Faster load time

eCom Turbo Store Speed

Website your time is one of those factors that play a significant role in page search engine optimization. Website for speed is one among 250+ algorithms which Google utilizes to analyze and rank any website for any specific keyword on its search result pages.

According to any statistic by Amazon, for every second delay, their website made $10 million loss annually. That’s a significant amount, but again that’s an important business. But it’s always a good idea to present your customers with a fast and useful website, and for that, you need an optimized template.

ECom Turbo is one among the handful Shopify themes optimized for faster page load time and conversion.

One of the main reasons why most of the Shopify stores are so slow is that they utilize external add-ons. All these external add-ons are hosted on third-party servers, and so whenever anyone visits your site their browser has to load in all these resources (like JavaScript, CSS styles, icons, etc.) from all different servers, and that takes time.

But because eCom Turbo comes included with the of the most important add-ons, no external connections are required to be made to render your site fully. This not only helps to improve your site’s speed, but you also don’t have to spend extra money on all sorts of external add-ons.

Scarcity timer

eCom Turbo Scarcity Timer

It’s one among the most important feature of eCom Turbo which empowers you to shows a timer below the add to cart button. This timer shows the number of stocks left in the inventory and also shows the time left before the whole stock will be over.

Now, this timer isn’t real. It’s a fake timer and is mainly used to create a scenario of scarcity. It’s one of the commonly used business tactics, and it seems to always works.

The timer, along with every other graphics is hundred percent customizable. You can change the color, the size of the font, the color of the slider, etc.

The best part is, this functionality comes integrated with eCom Turbo whereas there is an add-on available for Shopify which will cost you an additional $5 to $10 per month.

Sales pop-up notification

eCom Turbo Urgency Sales Ticker

Now, this is one another feature to improve your site’s interactivity, but the notifications it shows isn’t real. If you enable this option, then you will have to choose the product you want to show in the notification, and then you will get options to customize the color and size of the font.

Remember that this notification isn’t connected with your order. It works independently and will pop up after your visitor has spent a specific time on your site.

Coupon code upsell

Want to hold your customers who are trying to leave your site without making any purchase?

Well, one of the best ways to get them on your site is by offering them a serious discount on their first purchase. This is where the coupon code upsell feature comes into action.

As soon as eCom Turbo feels that your customer is trying to move back or trying to close the tab, it will instantly show a message with the discount code. To receive this discount, your visitor will have to enter their email address.

So basically, this feature serves two different purposes. First, you get to hold your client on your site for a more extended period and second you get their email address which helps in building up your mailing list.

Custom footer

eCom Turbo Footer

Most of the Shopify themes available on the Internet don’t give you any option to customize the footer area. But that’s not an issue with eCom Turbo. It’s a premium template, and the developers wants you to have complete control over your site’s design, and so you have the freedom to customize every single element of your website including your site’s footer.

You can change the icons, the text, the colors, and everything.

Trust Badges

eCom Turbo Trust Badges

You need to build trust with trust badges on your product pages. It significantly improves sales. Luckily eCom Turbo offers many trust badges.

Customizable Checkout Buttons

In this theme, you actually have the ability to customize checkout buttons. This is really cool because checkout buttons play a huge role in boosting conversion rates. It’s all about increasing your conversions especially if you are running ads to your store.

Customizable Home Page

eCom Turbo Custom Homepage

eCom Turbo also contains customizable homepages. I believe it’s pretty crucial that you create a homepage that flows well with your store. You can move thing’s around and change colors of everything.

GEO-IP Currency Recognition

eCom Turbo Geo IP Currency Recognition

Basically, it will auto-detect the customer’s currency based on their IP. eCom Turbo has a built-in currency switcher. Many themes don’t include this, they require you to pay separately for this feature along.

Related products

eCom Turbo Related Products

One another way to improve your sales is to show products related to the one which your customer has added into their shopping cart. Not only this shows your site’s authority (that your site has all sorts of products), but it also shows your customers how much you care for them and in any business gaining customers trust is essential.

This related product feature comes included with eCom Turbo theme, but it’s something for which you will have to pay $5 to $10 per month if you choose to go with any other theme.


Well, because then you will have to purchase this add-on from third-party service.

Customer support

eCom Turbo Support

You get exceptional support once you subscribe to this premium theme. Not only do you have access to the private community on Facebook, but you also have the option to view each video tutorial available in your customer dashboard. Furthermore, if you have problems, you can type your question there, and someone from the team or community will help you.

eCom Turbo Pros & Cons


eCom Turbo Pricing

eCom Turbo Pricing

There’s 3 different versions.

  • Standard – $97 One time
  • Pro – $127 One time
  • Unlimited – $147 One time

Personally, I’d just go with the unlimited since it’s a one-time payment in case you ever branch out and build multiple different stores.

Does eCom Turbo Have A Demo?

Nope, but you can view this video which goes over a demo.

Personal Experience With eCom Turbo

When I started my second drop shipping store, and this time, I wanted to have a theme that would be optimized for speed and usability. The thing is, my first drop shipping site used to take 3 to 4 seconds to load completely, and I knew that from SEO perspective that’s a disaster.

So, I started looking for a premium template that would be optimized for conversion as well as performance and finally landed at eCom Turbo’s website. Then I started looking for its review all over the Internet and finally decided that it would be a sound investment.

But the thing is, I didn’t want to install it directly on the main site. So I created a test site on Shopify and loaded it with products and tested it on GT metrics and tools. Pingdom. To my surprise, it was around 35% to 50% faster than my first site which had only 14 products on its homepage.

So, for me looking at such a surprising performance boost was a massive relief because, by no means, I could have achieved it on my own.

eCom Turbo Theme Final Verdict

If you are an Internet marketer who has zero programming experience but still wants to have a store optimized for performance and conversion, then you must give a try to eCom Turbo theme.

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