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eCom Uni Review Jack Bloomfield

eCom Uni Review (Jack Bloomfield Course)

If you’re someone seeking to be an online entrepreneur, then there’s a high chance you’ve come across Jack Bloomfield. Jack is a self-acclaimed Australian “Teenage Serial Entrepreneur” who’s been featured on a bunch of publications for his successes in the eCommerce business. And you’re probably also here because you’re deciding whether or not this Jack Bloomfield course is the one for you.

What is eCom Uni?

With so many similar courses being offered by equally notable entrepreneurs, it’s hard to determine which one is most suitable for your type of business. That’s what this review aims to do! Here we will explore whether or not you should sign up for the course, and whether it’s the course for you. You will also get to know more about Jack Bloomfield to help you make a well-informed decision.

eCom Uni is a course on starting an eCommerce business from scratch. The material is accessible via the trusted Teachables platform, so you can rest assured that they are good quality. Jack Bloomfield, curator of the course aims to teach you to start, grow, and scale a Shopify store, following his success in the industry. He also points to inform you about effective Facebook Ads, and even helping you get the mindset for success. There is a five day free trial on the course; however, it will automatically convert to a paid subscription once the five days is up. So, be sure to keep track and cancel on time.

Make sure you read the entire review to make an informed decision if eCom Uni by Jack Bloomfield is right for you or not!

Who is eCom Uni for?

eCom Uni is for anyone who is searching to learn how to build an eCommerce store, specifically Shopify, from scratch. Jack shares his successes in running his stores and building viable incomes.

Who is Jack Bloomfield, The Founder of eCom Uni?

Jack Bloomfield is the founder of Bloom Group, and he calls himself a “Teenage Serial Entrepreneur.” He has found success in the Shopify dropshipping model and has been very vocal about it, regularly speaking at entrepreneurial events. He’s been interviewed several times on platforms such as Studio 10, ABC News, Today Show, and Success Resources Australia. Jack has also been featured in several publications such as and Forbes. Ultimately, Jack aims to help other people achieve the same success using his tried and tested method. The young entrepreneur is most popular on Instagram with the handle @jackbloomfield. He has over 65,000 followers where he posts about events and famous people that he’s met.

What is Included in eCom Uni?

You get 35 videos with the eCom Uni by Jack Bloomfield, and each video spans 7 to 15 minutes long.

The core objectives that you will learn are:

  • How to start, grow, and scale a Shopify store
  • How to run effective Facebook Ads
  • Mindset requirements for success

Now let’s take a look at the contents in each video. The videos aren’t numbered or alphabetized, instead, they come with a title of their own.


Get a brief overview of the program so that you know what to expect as you go along.


Learn all the fundamentals of the dropshipping business model. Jack highlights the success and failures that you might face during your journey.

Mindset requirements

Starting an eCommerce business isn’t easy, and it comes with a lot of obstacles, and therefore, a healthy mindset is required. Being experienced with this in the field, Jack talks about having the right mindset, including managing risk, setting limits, and knowing when to cut your losses.

Goal Setting

Setting goals is also essential, and you will learn about setting a spending budget as well as self-investment limits.

Risk Minimization

As with other business ventures, there will be risks. Learn how to realistically set objectives and get used to short term pain for long term gain. He highlights that mistakes are inevitable, but learning from it is essential and how to dedicate yourself to success.

The End Goal

Jack stresses on the ultimate goal and having an exit strategy in case something inevitable happens, as with the most type of business. He shows you what you can do to obtain good results.

Legal Protection

There are quite a few legal aspects to consider when setting up an eCommerce business, such as taxes, liabilities, and setting up a bank account. Jack shares his recommended structure for success.

Winning Products

This topic consists of two separate videos. Here, you will learn about product research. He talks about the crucial aspects to look for when choosing products to sell in your store. Jack also shows you free ways to test your products and also using AliExpress.


The next video talks about logos and branding as a whole. He shows you the tools to create the ideal logo. He even breaks down the perfect logo in terms of style, theme, and color. Jack also touches a little bit about setting up a Facebook page.

Shopify Store

This section covers three videos that center around building your Shopify store. These three videos include everything from a step by step guide to make your store, to using PayPal for payments.

Upsells and Cross-sells

Jack discusses the best apps to increase your profit.

Differences between FB Ads and Influencers

Here begins the marketing side of things. Jack has found great success in using Instagram Influencers as a marketing strategy. He explains why they are practical and goes on to provide some recommendations that you can use. He also covers how you can reach out to them.

Facebook Ads

You get a whopping nine videos on Facebook Ads as it is a key marketing strategy. What’s included in these videos range from the types of Ads that you can create on Facebook to Facebook Ad tracking, scaling, and Facebook Messenger Marketing.

Fulfilling Customer Orders

You learn about the best processes for getting products to customers.


You will come to a stage where you will need to outsource some tasks. He talks about when you need to start outsourcing and what jobs can be outsourced.

Taking Advantage of Holidays

Holidays are the best time to drive sales. Jack talks about the importance of getting into seasonal holiday niches and finding out what customers are looking for during different festive seasons.


Lastly, it’s all about branding. He stresses the importance of branding and offers some suggestions for successful branding.


You get exclusive access to a Facebook group that has less than 300 members. There is also a live video group call once a month, where he answers your questions and concerns and talk about the latest trends and suggestions.


Refunds are only available up to 24 hours from payment.

eCom Uni Pros & Cons


eCom Uni Scam?

Nope, eCom Uni is not a scam however, there are definitely better courses out there you can get like eCom Elites.

Is there a Discount Code?

There is no discount/coupon for Jack Bloomfield’s eCom Uni course.

There are other sites claiming they either have eCom Uni Coupon or eCom Uni Discount but, this is definitely not true. Also, eCom Uni Nulled or eCom Uni Free is not a thing.

Ecom Uni Academy Final Verdict

In a nutshell, the eCom Uni gives an overview of setting up a Shopify store from scratch. However, it’s just that, an overview. It covers researching and identifying successful products, establishing a store, and Facebook and Instagram marketing strategies.

Nonetheless, for each topic, he only briefly goes through them and provides quite general information that you probably have already heard of in YouTube channels or other courses. With his immense success, I would have expected unique information, such as his secrets and tips for success.

I want to highlight that Jack only discusses two types of marketing strategies: Facebook Ads and using Instagram Influencers. Granted, Jack has found success via these two strategies; there are other strategies out there that you should be familiar with. These are such as Search Engine Optimization, Google Ads, Email Marketing, Sales Funnels, etc. The more strategies you’re familiar with, the more people you will be able to reach out to.

Also, although there is a free trial, five days is hardly enough time for you to decide on 35 videos. So be sure to skim fast within those five days and cancel on time; otherwise, you’d be a subscriber in no time!

On a positive note, access to any exclusive Facebook group is always a big plus. Primarily this group where there are up to 300 followers. Jack also gives further support via the monthly video call.

eCom Uni Alternative

Now I have personally bought a ton of dropshipping courses out there. I even review a lot of them on my blog. Generally, these gurus try to sell you a lifestyle of getting rich and successful that’s why they charge a ridiculous amount for the information they sell.

Their courses typically aren’t even comprehensive at all. They focus all their efforts trying to market their course so, they can make more money from course sales.

I do however think that dropshipping courses are worth it if they are good. They will save you a ton of time and hassle that’s why I highly recommend a solid dropshipping course.

I have been dropshipping for a long time and I have built profitable stores (I currently do affiliate marketing though) and I highly recommend you check out this course called eCom Elites. (I did a review on this, make sure you read it!)

It’s by Franklin Hatchett who has been doing dropshipping WAY before it was famous. 

This course definitely has helped me increase my eCommerce income before. However, I don’t do dropshipping anymore because I am focused on affiliate marketing.

Now, this is not another expensive garbage guru course. It’s one of the best & most affordable dropshipping / eCommerce course out there.

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