eCommerce Paradise academy Review

eCommerce Paradise Review Trevor Fenner Course

eCommerce Paradise Academy Review (Trevor Fenner Course)

eCommerce is very popular nowadays, being a great way to make money on the internet and place your business on the top. There is an influx of a lot of gurus creating courses online,

But, is eCommerce Paradise worth it? Find out in this eCommerce Paradise Academy Review whether it’s worth it or not!

eCommerce Paradise Academy Pros & Cons


What is eCommerce Paradise Academy?

eCommerce Paradise is a digital course that is hosted on the Teachable platform, like many other courses, and it is available to purchase for $997.

With the course, you can also choose a lot of different upsells and additional coaching.

The course offers 220 videos divided inside 27 modules. Those are a lot of videos, and those numbers make this course one of the biggest. Some modules online contain a few videos while others are packs with lots and lots of them.

If you are located outside the US, like Europe or Australia, you will likely have to pay 10-25% VAT on top of the purchase.

eCommerce Paradise is a high ticket drop shipping course that declares to show you how to start, launch and grow your store by selling expensive items with more significant margins. The platform used in the class is Shopify.

The dropshipping material inside of it is impressive; you can get access to a wide range of modules and video lessons. You can also pay some more to get the done-for-you custom Shopify store theme setup offer that Trevor, the creator, has for you. You can also get done-for-you conversion optimization, done-for-you email marketing and done-for-you Google Shopping Ads offers.

Make sure you read the entire review to make an informed decision if eCommerce Paradise Academy by Trevor Fenner is right for you or not!

Who is eCommerce Paradise Academy for?

The course is mainly targeted for people and business inside the US.

There are significant disadvantages to using local suppliers, and one of them is that they won’t work with random suppliers from foreign countries. The majority of them will ask a reseller for his or her ID or social security number to make sure of his identity. If you are from the USA or countries like UK, Canada, Australia or Ireland, it will be easy for you to find local suppliers to work with.

If you are from a different foreign country, then you will probably encounter one big problem: taxes. You need to make sure that you understand international and off-shore tax law, especially how the USA tax is going to impact your tax in your home country.

This is why so many international students are starting with low ticket items they get from local suppliers in their own country or even platforms like Aliexpress.

You need to have around $500 – $1000 to use as your startup capital in addition to the course fee for eCommerce Paradise. Trevor Fenner will also recommend that you have a full-time income behind you to help you in case you have to deal with unexpected costs.

Who is Trevor Fenner, The Founder of eCommerce Paradise Academy?

Trevor is a digital nomad who has started his own successful eCommerce business. Beside his stores, he has created a blog called eCommerce Paradise, where he has begun to document his business experiences and his life.

He is known for starting with low priced products and later on found more significant profits selling high ticket items.

Over the years he has bought and sold eCommerce stores and declares to have made many six and seven figure stores.

He is also a Youtuber when he isn’t blogging. He shares videos about eCommerce to a relatively small subscriber base.

What is Included in eCommerce Paradise Academy?

Getting started: the first three modules

The first three modules in the course include a few videos on how to access the mastermind group. How to create your new email address and what you need to own and operate an internet-based business on your own.

Inside module 2, you will find the millionaires mindset, which consists of 5 videos on achieving the right mindset. This content is not very interesting, and for a lot of people, it might seem boring. The bright side is that it does teach you about the law of attraction and how to use it, how to manifest your dreams, setting goals, planning for success and business ethics.

One of the man-god things inside these modules is that you already see how interested Trevor himself is on the topics. He lets himself look passionate about everything he does.

Module 3 continues on what is high ticket dropshipping and what the best products to use are.

You will find additional videos on why you are going to be using Shopify to build your store along with the tools and software you need to prepare for your dropshipping business.

Choosing your niche (module 4)

When you get to module 4, you get to learn the importance of niche selection. Trevor does spend a lot of time explaining this subject when a lot of other courses struggle with the concepts. You get nine lessons in this module covering the entire process. It starts with a well-detailed video on what product niche and category research are. Then you get a video on pricing for profitability and how to choose the best market for you. The videos follow on looking at search volumes, trends and seasonality for a successful business.

At the end of this module, you learn the best ways to find dropship friendly suppliers and how to always brainstorm new ideas with them.

Market research for the best products (module 5)

This is one of the most significant modules out there when it comes to market research. Trevor is in love with his job and with helping you find the best products and niches to target inside eCommerce Paradise.

With this module, you can learn how to research niches using Niche Research, and you can also get access to a bonus spreadsheet which has been included for you.

You can also find videos on using a future competitor for your gain.

You will learn how to extract categories, determine average product prices and check out keyword search volumes in Google for specific keywords.

It will show you how to work with tending and seasonal categories which you may wish to avoid.

The best about this module is when it teaches you how to reverse engineer your competitor’s to find out who their suppliers are and how you can work with them instead. There are videos on using MAP policies and how to check reviews to find the good and bad suppliers out there.

The module goes on teaching about how to use tools like Facebook and how to understand its audience insights and target markets.

The module also covers the understanding of shipping, products, industries and competitiveness.

There is content on business to business and business to consumer models, so you can decide which one you would like to target.

In the end, there is a video on how to understand the difficulties behind a product and which products to avoid. You can also use the done-for-you bonus, which will include a supplier database with premium drop shippers you can use immediately.

Researching your niche (modules 6 and 7)

Module 6 goes on with our niche reports or products that Trevor has successfully sell. The modules include pitching machines, bathroom products, wine coolers and even electric fireplaces. Each video inside this module is 15 to 10 minutes long and goes into great detail to show you why the niches inside are good to use and how to pick the right one for you.

It is great to watch him work and understand how he does it with his over the shoulder training.

The modules seven goes on with six lessons on how to do in-depth niche research. The first videos show how to find the best selling products and what is additional upsells and cross-sells and how you can market them by finding accessories.

You can also learn how to find all your competitors offers and products and how to do useful keyword research for content marketing, which is not very easy. It teaches you how to find influencers, blogs and forums where to get backlinks for your content.

Structuring your business (module 8)

Keep in mind that this module looks from a USA perspective, and if you are from a foreign country, it won’t be helpful for you. Some of the content will be irrelevant to you.

However, your country is likely to have a similar business structure around limited liability or sole traders companies. You will learn about the best business bank account to set up as well as how to get a credit card.

There are some videos on how to set up a business PayPal account and to get yourself an accountant too. You will find a final video on needing a virtual office which offers a telephone answering service or not.

Setting up your Shopify store (modules 9 and 10)

You will find 40 videos inside module 9 and 10 and here is where eCommerce Paradise takes a deep dive inside how to create your Shopify store. The first lessons are essential videos on Shopify, an introduction and the best apps you should install, how to create a product, a collection, a page, and a blog post. Also, you get the best Shopify themes for high ticket drop shipping.

You also learn how to edit a Shopify template, installing your Google Analytics tracking codes and more. Trevor goes into detail about how to set up everything and add additional pixels and systems here too, like Facebook.

Trevor will show you how to use Shopify analytics, add discount codes and mask your domain name. Also, he will teach you how to create staff accounts and add files and setup URL redirections.

Module 10 goes deep into detail on how to find your domain name for your business and link this to your store. You will be setting your email using GSuite and adding ad incorporating your own and an 1800 phone number. These last points are only relevant if you are inside the US.

Halfway into the module, you will learn how to create homepage banners, create collections, create an about page, add menus and demo products.

eCommerce paradise shows you how to create privacy policies, terms and conditions, and financing and brand pages. All of this is vital when running a high ticket dropshipping store.

You’ll get links to purchase the Shoptimized theme.

In the end, you also get some essential SEO videos on descriptions and creating meta titles and adding Google webmaster tools.

Onboard suppliers (modules 11 and 12)

Module 11 is full of videos on how to find suppliers and which ones you should use. You get videos on how to contact those suppliers by email or calls.

You will also learn how to fill dealer applications and get all the information you need from suppliers. Again if you are in a foreign country, there are some issues with this module.

Moving on with module 12, we get inside of what onboarding suppliers are and how to upload their products. You might need to use third-party apps to integrate with stock lists to ensure you are not overselling products out of stock.

Inside module 12, you will see how to add product tags and how to integrate them with your premium Shopify theme. You will also learn how to compress images to avoid heavy and slow page load times.

The module continues with videos on creating brand collections and how to target long-tail keywords for your products.

Optimizing your conversions (module 13)

eCommerce Paradise gives you a look at conversion rate optimization. A lot of courses take this point and explain the concepts before moving on with the next thing. Trevor Fenner shows you apps you can install actually to showcase reviews to encourage buyer interactions.

He teaches you what happens when your buyers leave and return.

You will also learn how to set up a smart and instant search. At the end of this module, you will see how to install Lucky Orange, which allows you to track your live visitors.

Social media marketing (module 14)

This module is necessary, and most people already have experience with social media platforms and how to handle them. The module starts with how to create a Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram page. Trevor shows how to set up a buffer for automated social media posts; this way; you save time and money.

You will learn how to set up IFTTT too. IFTTT is a social media syndication process for getting backlinks to your website.

Email marketing (module 15)

Inside this module, there is a 2-hour video that includes training on setting up and using Klaviyo. Klaviyo is an eCommerce email marketing platform that can be used for sending out automated emails for promotional, abandoned carts and to people who have already purchased.

You don’t even have to start blind and create your email templates, Fenner includes a lot of downloadable ones for you to use. You can edit them to make them more unique.

Paid ads (modules 16 and 17)

Module 16 starts with a short video on using a retargeting app to get dynamic retargeting ads.

You can learn with eleven video lessons on how to set up paid ads with Google Shopping and even Bing Ads.

When talking about dropshipping with high ticket items, it can be ineffective to target platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Using Google Ads is the best option.

Inside these modules, you will also learn how to install the Google Shopping app into your store and how to set up your very first ad for free.

Trevor continues with adding Google Ads conversion and tracking pixels to your store and optimize your ads.

Optimizing conversion: advanced notions (module 18)

Inside this module, Trevor goes further into the details of conversion optimization and takes a look at additional apps that you use within your store. If we start judging by some of the videos, we can see that Trevor Fenner knows precisely what he’s talking about.

The module starts with adding products reviews with an app followed by Clearsale for detecting fraud. It also shows Klarna for financing and the Norton shopping guarantee, which can be added to insert trust to your store.

Trevor also includes Trust Guard and Clyde.

The module is over with some videos on optimizing sales pages and upsell pages.

Youtube marketing (module 19)

Trevor Fenner is a Youtuber, so of course, we were going to get a Youtube marketing module inside this course. We get only five videos, but they cover all the basics, like setting and optimizing your channel, creating an introduction and even creating sales videos.

At the end of the module, you learn how to create review-type videos which may work for your niche.

If you are selling $50,000 products, this might not work.

Store management (modules 20 and 21)

Module 20 focus on creating an eBay store and listing products. This module tends to feel a little out of place but is there anyway.

Module 21, on the other hand, is a good look at managing your store from order fulfilment all the way to dealing with fraud and bad debt.

With this module, you learn how to use Aftership and integrating this with Klaviyo to ensure your customers get the correct shipment tracking notifications. It helps reduce customers opening disputes with PayPal or Stripe.

You also learn how to create a blog and processing orders, including dealing with returns and refunds.

One of the significant issues with this type of drop shipping model is dealing with returns, but Trevor explains it very well.

You also get videos on how to handle out of stock orders and customers who received a damaged, defective or stolen items.

This module is perfect to learn how to use follow up emails, dealing with payments from Shopify stuck on hold and creating professional quotes for business customers.

Fulfilling orders (order 22)

This is one of the shortest modules with only three videos on order fulfilment. They involve setting up accounts with freight brokers to get the best costs when we talk about shipping. This information can also be irrelevant to people outside the US. You learn about how to educate customers to choose the right shipping options too, and the last video shows you how to create a bill of lading.

Scaling your store (modules 23 and 24)

Module 23 is all about how to find and hire a virtual assistant through various platforms such as, where you can find Filipinos who speak English working as VA for a few dollars per hour.

You learn how to interview staff, onboard them, manage them and pay them.

You learn how to use Patlive to set up a virtual receptionist and call answering service to make your business presents as a customer-focused company. Module 24 is all about a seven figure scaling process.

Buying and selling dropshipping stores (modules 25 and 26)

These modules are focused on marketing your business and how to prepare for sale. You also see what value to place on your business and asset transfer details.

It shows you how to buy a high ticket dropshipping store finding the best and worst deals, paying deposits and questions to ask.

Trevor recommends using EmpireFlippers in this module; this is a viral platform for buying and selling websites.

Bonus content (module 27)

Module 27 is a bonus module, and it is very different from the other seven bonuses you get through the course. Module 27 has three rewards about niche research, coaching calls, an advanced email marketing strategy sessions with Fenner and sale straining with Ryan Garrido.

You also get access to Mastermind, the Facebook group. But it is a tiny group with only 93 people. Trevor says this is worth $1997, but that is a crazy amount when you think about how small the group is.

Discount coupons for eCommerce Paradise Academy

If you do proper research, you will find out there is nothing related to a discount coupon when it comes to eCommerce Paradise. If you find discounts such as 50% or even 90% off, they are scammers trying to get your money. The best price for this course is available on the official website. Please, don’t trust any coupon site.

Nowadays, there is a free mini-course offered by Trevor, and it gives you a sound bite of the full course.

Personal Experience With eCommerce Paradise Academy

The content is great; you can’t deny it. It’s sufficient for almost everyone, and even I learned a couple of new things from it. However, you cannot forget about the location issue.

Most of the content focuses on local suppliers and tips, so people outside the US will miss out on a lot of recommendations. Luckily, that wasn’t my case, but a couple of acquaintances felt like their money wasted away thanks to this issue.

The content makes the price tag not feel overly expensive, but it’s still a considerable investment with cheaper programmes out there. Again, if you’re not from the US, that gap will increase exponentially, so be mindful of that.

eCommerce Paradise Academy Scam?

Nope, eCommerce Paradise Academy Course is not a scam however, there are definitely better courses out there you can get like eCom Elites.

Is there a Discount Code?

There is no discount/coupon for Trevor Fenner’s eCommerce Paradise Academy.

There are other sites claiming they either have eCommerce Paradise Academy Coupon or eCommerce Paradise Academy Discount but, this is definitely not true. Also, eCommerce Paradise Academy Nulled or eCommerce Paradise Academy Free is not a thing.

Ecommerce Paradise Academy Final Verdict

The course isn’t bad, and the content is varied and enough for many entrepreneurs. However, a lot of the information inside

The only con about this course is that it is primarily aimed towards US based customers.

The price ($997) is an excellent price for the amount of content you are getting, and it is a very affordable and complete drop shipping training course.

Now that we have been through all the modules inside this course, we can say that the price is very fair. There are a lot of other classes charging the same for less content. Fifty videos for $997 is way too much, but Trevor offers you over 200 for the same price.

There are many bonuses included, Trevor says they are worth $15,000, but they are self-rated.

Trevor has a very successful blog and brand, and when compared with other courses, he offers better content. I personally like Franklin’s Course eCom Elites much more since it’s way cheaper so, you can use the remainder of the money into ads.

eCommerce Paradise Academy Alternative

Now I have personally bought a ton of dropshipping courses out there. I even review a lot of them on my blog. Generally, these gurus try to sell you a lifestyle of getting rich and successful that’s why they charge a ridiculous amount for the information they sell.

Their courses typically aren’t even comprehensive at all. They focus all their efforts trying to market their course so, they can make more money from course sales.

I do however think that dropshipping courses are worth it if they are good. They will save you a ton of time and hassle that’s why I highly recommend a solid dropshipping course.

I have been dropshipping for a long time and I have built profitable stores (I currently do affiliate marketing though) and I highly recommend you check out this course called eCom Elites. (I did a review on this, make sure you read it!)

It’s by Franklin Hatchett who has been doing dropshipping WAY before it was famous. 

This course definitely has helped me increase my eCommerce income before. However, I don’t do dropshipping anymore because I am focused on affiliate marketing.

Now, this is not another expensive garbage guru course. It’s one of the best & most affordable dropshipping / eCommerce course out there.

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