Email Auto-Responding – An Automizy Review

Email marketing has been and still is a top marketing strategy used by businesses today. Even with the advent of technology, email is still one of the best strategies around and boasts a high conversion rate even when compared against the newer, technologically driven strategies available today.

Therefore, any new business or business existing in the marketing right now should always consider using an email marketing strategy when running the business. Due to this demand, there are so many email software companies out there for you to choose from as well. Trying to find good ones among them can be difficult and time-consuming as you need to choose one that can be used well with your business.

This is where Automizy comes in. This is a popular email marketing software that is used by many businesses. It allows you to capture leads, run campaigns, and all the other features that email software has. Below, I have gone through all the details about the software along with its pros and cons. If you are looking for email automation software, then continue reading below and check if this software is worthwhile for you.

Automizy – A Summary

You would have heard of other more popular software such as Aweber and MailChimp. Just like these, Automizy is another software with very similar features. You can integrate this on to your website which will then allow you to capture and store email addresses from those website visitors who give you their details. You can then use this data to start building your mailing lists and email automation campaigns. 

The way you capture this data is by requesting the visitor to submit their name and email address to you. This is done in the form of requesting it via a pop-up, offering some relevant content that is gated behind a submission form, and so on. I am sure you have come across websites that do this, and if you submit your data, you are allowing them to send marketing emails across to you. 

Usually, when a visitor submits their details, this shows that they are interested in your website or at least the content you were offering them. This is a warm lead and can be nurtured over time to create a sale. Therefore, this sort of strategy will be great for bloggers or those who write regular content, because once you have the email lists, you can create an email content strategy to keep them invested and guide them through the process to make a sale.

Automizy – What can you do with it?

Just like any email automation software, this one comes with a few similar features. However, they also have something that makes them stand out from the rest:

  • Importing of contacts – You may have an email list that you have collected previously and want to use in your upcoming campaigns. You can use the CSV option on the software to upload all your contacts. Once uploaded, you can then segment them and even create a full profile for each of your contacts.
  • Building forms – Since email marketing is a popular system, visitors are always aware of the forms and notifications that pop-up on websites asking for their information. Therefore, for the most part, people will tend to immediately click on the ‘close’ button. Using this software, you can build out-of-the-box form designs and use features to capture their attention better. These forms will look more modern, optimized for mobile, and you can even prompt the form to appear based on a particular interaction with the site (for example, clicking on a selected button).
  • The builder – You can set up the email automation processes that you need for the business. By doing this, you eliminate all need for you to be involved in the email sending process. You can set up a sequence of emails that go out to new subscribers, one-time purchases, cart abandonments, and more. You only need to set these sequences of emails once and then you are good to go for as long as the email software is active. 
  • The ability to integrate – Most email software needs to be able to integrate with other software in order to use its full functionality. For example, if you were a blogger, then having it integrate with WordPress would mean that you are able to capture leads through a WordPress website. If it didn’t integrate, you would have to do this manually or use another service which is just additional work for you to do. Automizy is able to integrate with a lot of software and even has the use of API to help with this.
  • Create tags for your contacts – Once you have started sending out email campaigns to people, you can add tags to their contacts based on the interaction they had with the email (opens, clicks, did not read). This allows you to segment your lists based on interest, which will help you, for example, to push better content to the people actually reading the emails, or send offers to those who are not clicking on any links. This can be done via Automizy too.
  • Automate everything  – If you were to use almost any other email automation software, then you would notice that they will send an email but if the contact doesn’t open it, the software will not do anything else about it. However, with Automizy, you can set the software up to resend the email to the people who don’t open emails after a short period of time (depending on your timeline). 
  • A/B test your emails – Not all emails are going to work or convert. You will need to send multiple emails with different content to find the type of content and structure that your readers are interested in. Therefore, the best way to test this out is to segment your lists and then send out variations of your emails to identify which ones performed better. For example, you can send out the same content but have different subject lines for the emails. This way you can see which subject makes people click on the email and read it. You can then use this for future campaigns.
  • Use the available templates – Back in the days, you would need to learn a bit of HTML coding to know how to create a structure for your emails. Now, with the advent of technology comes a new way of creating structures, drag and drop builders. They are as simple as selecting what you want and placing them somewhere on a blank template to create the structure that you need. Most email builders, Automizy included, go one step more and pre-build some custom email structures for you. All you need to do is select one from their many templates, customize it according to your business, and your emails will be ready to send out!
  • Check all your analytics – It is important that you are able to see all your statistics when you send out your campaigns. Without this information, you won’t know what is working and what isn’t. The last thing you need is to keep sending out emails that are not being read or people are just not interested in. You will be wasting your time, and those people will just block your emails. With Automizy, you will get a custom dashboard with all the information you would need such as how many opens, clicks per campaign, the unsubscribed numbers, how many people clicked on your links in the email, and more.

Automizy – What do they charge?

In my experience of using email automation software, most of them tend to charge users based on the features that they have on offer at the time. Therefore, for more and better features, they would have tiers of payment that unlocks these features for you. For the most part, these features tend to be basic things that are dressed up to look better and so cost more money. For example, you may need to go for their premium version to unlock the form builder option or see advanced analytics. This is not a great tactic and does not provide the best value to you for your money spent. 

With Automizy however, you will get all of their features for the same price. There are no tiers of pricing based on features. Every user will get access to everything once they make the first payment. This is really great, especially for new businesses, because you can use the software to its maximum efficiency without having to pay more for the additional features. 

The way they charge their prices is set based upon the number of email contacts you have instead. This means that the more contacts you have and the more emails you send out every month, you will be charged a higher price. The lowest price that you could go for with this software is $9 and this will be for a total of 200 contacts. When you compare this to the other options that charge based on features, this is quite cheap, especially for new businesses that don’t already have a massive email contact base.

Most other email software also has a base of around 1000 contacts for their prices. You may not need this high number because you don’t have that many contacts, but if you were to use that software, you would be paying for additional contacts without the need for them. 

Automizy’s pricing will increase as the number of contacts increase as follows:

  • 500 contacts will cost $18
  • 1000 contacts will cost $29
  • 3000 contacts will cost $49
  • 5000 contacts will cost $69
  • 8000 contacts will cost $99
  • 10000 contacts will cost $119

If you want a custom number of contacts or want to have more than 10,000, then you can use their pricing tool which is available on their website to get your custom pricing. You only need to enter the number that you need and you will be able to get your price.

Do you get a free trial?

As with most software, you are able to get a 14-day free trial to test out the software before you purchase it. It is as simple as creating an account by inputting some of your basic details and you will then have access to the tool. You don’t even need to input your card details which is something that other software tends to do. This way you are safe from being charged by accident.

Should you buy Automizy?

Automize has a lot to offer, especially for a new business because their pricing is fair and convenient for them. They also have all the features to offer for a successful email marketing software.

Rather than paying for software that would cost you close to $50 for a number of contacts you won’t be using, you can pay as little as $10 for the few contacts that you have now, and then upgrade to more once your list grows. Try out the free account and give it a try if you are still on the fence!