Essential Tools For Affiliate Marketers

Essential Tools For Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make a living on the internet, and it’s actually quite fun. However, like all business ventures, it takes work and dedication, and it can be quite difficult.

You need to find the right keywords, create your blog, keep track of your finances, and make everything look pretty and inviting so that people want to read it.

Luckily, the internet is filled with tools designed to make your life easier, and they’ll sometimes do your work for you entirely!


Creating content and keeping tabs on your blog can be a daunting task, and creating video content turns that up all the way to eleven!

I know there are a lot of people out there like me: they hate standing in front of a camera and talking. Vidnami eases all of those qualms.

With it, you can take your articles into video format.

Content Samurai takes the posts or scripts you’ve already written and turns them into a video. It takes your scripts and match it with visuals (videos/images) that fit the text (make sure to know your keywords). You’re then free to fit with what’s showing on the screen.

It’s also focused on video ranking, so it’s a great way to boost your website’s SEO. It’s also a neat incentive to start working on your backlinks.

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SEO is the lifeblood of virtually all affiliate marketers, or at least those running blogs and content on their own sites. Most bloggers and courses (at least those worth any money) will tell you that SEO hould me your main focus.

Some even recommend you get tools like Ahrefs to research your keywords. However, unless your entire business focuses around SEO (say you’re a consultant), there’s no reason to spend lots of money on it.

Enter KeySearch, which is a platform sporting all the features an affiliate marketing would need to keep healthy SEO going. It’ll help you track the keywords and their ranking, and it also comes with additional info, like ranking difficulty, which competition you might encounter, and variations you might want to use for your keywords.

As for the cost? It’s about 10% what you would pay for Ahrefs each motnh, so it’s a great tool for people on a budget.

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This is usually everyone’s favorite. Canva is a great tool that you can use for creating any design: from logos to posts and banners for your social media. You can even stretch it all the way to eBooks if you want.

You have hundreds of different templates and an image and icons stock that feels like it has no end. You can create designs that look professional in mere minutes without having to shell out a significant portion of your budget.

Oh right, I haven’t mentioned: all of that comes without any costs. The platform is fully functional without having to pay anything. If you want to get fancy with templates that look a bit more professional, you can get the paid subscription, but there’s no practical reason to do so since the free version works perfectly.

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It’d be strange to find someone who at least hasn’t heard about ClickFunnels, especially if you’re used to reading and learning about online entrepreneurship. They’ve run an excellent marketing since its release, and the features that this platform offers let anyone edit and set up excellent sales funnels without breaking a sweat.

If you’re taking your affiliate business seriously and want to employ all the strategies available for you, then you should definitely take a look at ClickFunnels.

You get templates already done for you to edit and suit them to your own style with ease, and you can even set up an entire membership website with this platform. You can set everything up with a seamless builder that lets you drag the elements and drop them wherever you feel they should go.

Depending on the subscription you get, you’ll also have access to even more options, like running your own affiliate program and getting affiliates for your offerings, autoresponders built right into the platform, and a lot more.

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There’s no precise way to find out if what you’re doing is working or not unless you keep track of your affiliate links and their overall performance and traffic. If you’re investing money on things like solo ads or marketing tools like some of the ones we’ve gone through, then you definitely want to know if you’re actually making money from those investments.

PrettyLink lets you integrate different extensions for your domain, and it then takes care of tracking your links and provide reports on how many clicks it got, from where they’re coming, which IP’s are really unique, and which browser your visitors are using.

If you promote affiliate links on YouTube or websites like Quora, then it’s a great way to keep tabs on everything and spot what you might want to improve.

Even better, it’s completely free, so if you have a WordPress website, then you have no reason not to get it.

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This platform focuses on the same primary goal as PrettyLinks, but it has several key differences.

First off, it isn’t tied to any domain since ClickMagick works from its own platform. Additionally, it provides a lot more detail thank PrettyLink.

For instance, PrettyLink doesn’t have a way to tell you if it’s a legitimate user instead of a bot or traffic exchange, which could actually damage your website’s performance and ranking.

On the other hand, ClickMagick focuses on giving you that information.

Therefore, it’s also excellent when you’re using email list providers. That’s because you always want to know you’re not wasting your money on someone who doesn’t live up to their promises or even someone who’s just sending a lot of fake traffic to your site.

ClickMagick’s basic plan is $17 monthly, so it’s definitely not going to ruin your budget. Furthermore, if you can pay a full year, then you’d be paying $12 each month.

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Experienced affiliate marketers will always tell you that the key to scaling your business is to build you email list. That’s a motto that even entrepreneurs in other areas should adopt. Any guide or course you get should tell you that.

If someone took the time for finding your website or anywhere you’re posting your content, it’s because they’re interested in what you’re talking about. Building an email list lets you build relationships with your readers for the long-term.

You can then use that list keep them posted on new offers, new content, or interact with your readers.

GetResponse is the go-to service for thousands of entrepreneurs looking to take advantage of email marketing, and it has a plethora of great features, including building funnels. However, they really shine when it comes to the workflows you can use to automate your emails in ways you’re probably not even considering right now.

You can even create huge email sequence that can last all the way to several years, and you can use these emails in any way you want.

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Thrive Architect

Most people use WordPress for blogging today, and it’s for good reason; it’s an intuitive platform that lets anyone build great blogs in mere minutes, and it’s recently added a drag and drop builder to make everything even easier.

That’s what takes us to our next tool, the one that probably gave the idea to WordPress: Thrive Architect.

You can create visually attractive lead pages, building landing pages or even import existing ones, creating sections for generating leads seamlessly, and building articles with an appealing design.

You can pick 10 blogs WordPress blogs from a Google search, and I can bet you that several of them have been built with Thrive architect. This one is one of them.

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With that, this article can be considered finished. You should take a look at all the platforms mentioned and spot out which ones can help you with your business. I can assure you that you’ll want to integrate at least a couple of the mentions if you want to see significant improvements for your affiliate marketing venture.

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